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Aero Nav Laboratories is a full service environmental simulation lab which has served the military and industrial communities since 1974. Aero Nav Labs has developed a strong foundation of testing experience and capability and performs a wide variety of tests such as shock, vibration, highly accelerated stress, screening (HASS), highly accelerated life tests (HALT), salt spray, explosion, fire resistance, and more. The tests are conducted in accordance with numerous military, commercial, automotive, transportation, marine, aerospace and medical specifications. The laboratory offers additional services to its customers such as functional and developmental testing as well as engineering technical support. The technical support includes analyses, test program design and review of tests results. Aero Nav Labs is also capable of providing contract work services such as contract manufacturing (small quantities), prototype manufacturing, component assembly, field inspection, test witnessing and verification.

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  • Acceleration Testing

    Aero Nav Laboratories, Inc.

    The acceleration test is performed on a centrifuge to assure that material can structurally withstand the steady state inertia loads that are induced by platform acceleration, deceleration, and maneuver in the service environment, and can function without degradation during and following exposure to these forces. Acceleration tests are also used to assure that material does not become hazardous after exposure to crash loads. The acceleration test method is applicable to material that is installed in mobile platforms such as aircraft, helicopters, aerospace vehicles, air-carried stores, ground-launched missiles, trains, ships, automotive vehicles, etc.

  • Electromagnetic Interference

    Aero Nav Laboratories, Inc.

    Electromagnetic interference (also known as radio frequency interference) tests are used to determine the electromagnetic characteristics of electrical, electronic, and electro-mechanical equipment. Electromagnetic interference, both radiated or conducted, can affect the performance of equipment. Electromagnetic interference tests are specified as follows: conducted emission, radiated emission, conducted susceptibility, and radiated susceptibility.