Solar Cell - aka PV Cell,Photovoltaic Cell

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  • C2000A - Automatic PV Cells Tester / Sorter P.ENERGY C 2000 A is a automatic system for testing and grading photovoltaic cells. QUICK SUN 120CA simulator from ENDEAS creates a source of light in class A. XENON STROBE LAMP which permits the energy pulse calibration. 10 RANGES of power with customize configuration.
    P.Energy Srl
  • PEC-EC01 - All-in-one Solar Cell Evaluation System Dye-sensitized solar cells, Organic solar cells, other next generation solar cells Maximum irradiation area 156mm x156mm (Maximum irradiance 1.5 sun).
    Peccell Technologies
  • Solar Reference Cell The Solar Reference Cells consist of a 20 mm x 20 mm monocrystalline silicon Photovoltaic Cell encased in a 92 mm x 70 mm x 16 mm metal enclosure with a protective quartz window and a temperature sensor. Designed for calibrating the irradiance of solar simulators used for testing solar cells and modules.
    VLSI Standards
  • GS-M125-2.8 - Monocrystalline solar cell Monocrystalline solar cell Power of 2.8W to 2.82W per cell Dimensions: 125mm x 125mm ± 0.5mm Thickness: 200 ± 20 microns Efficiency: up to 18.6% 25years performance warranty
    Sourcetronic GmbH
  • CS - Series Solar Cell Sorter Spectra-Nova's CS Series Solar Cell Sorter is our industrial version of the CT Series Cell Tester. It is capable of characterizing and sorting solar cell against critical parameters like conversion efficiency, Isc, Voc, Imax, Vmax, Pmax, FF, Rsh. The CS Series Solar Cell Sorter is design with industrial environment in mind. 
  • Solar RC - Calibrated Solar Reference Cell To insure repeatable testing on any solar simulator, OAI offers 2cm x 2cm calibrated reference cells. Standard reference cell calibration cycles can be set up by OAI’s calibration laboratory to insure that your reference cell maintains certification.
  • SOLAR CELL TESTER The tester is designed for terrestrial solar cell incoming/outcoming inspection with the purpose of checking and optimizing parameters and preventing manufacture defects of solar modules. Solar cells are not heated in process of inspection due to the use of xenon pulse lamp installed in the tester.
    Telecom-STV Company
  • 130CA - Cell Solar Simulator versatile manually operated single flash simulator for testing both ordinary and high capacitance crystalline silicon solar cells. The system is easily customized also up to 32 x 42 cm mini modules manufactured e.g. from any thin film material.
    Endeas Oy
  • Solar Cell Test Chuck Solar cell's key parameters, such as Efficiency, Voc, Isc are all sensitive to Temperature. It is required in standard IEC60904 that solar cell has to be tested at 25°C in order to have the most accurate & reliable test data.
    Industrial Vision
  • CT50AAA - Solar Cell Testers The CT series Cell Testers include Class AAA Solar Simulators and I-V System manufactured by PET. The system comes with an AM1.5G as a standard. Other AM filters are available. I-V Systems have a current range between 1A to 20A.Some of salient features of the Cell Testers are:
    Photo Emission Tech
  • 16S-002 - Solar Cell Testing Light Source The 16S is a turn key PV Cell testing light source. The single output of the 16S-300-002 produces full spectrum sunlight and is a class "A" simulator. The 16S-002 comes with a vertical beam adapter that redirects the light beam to point downward. The spot size is typically 2.25 inches with an 1 sun output intensity.
    Solar Light Company
  • LS1000 - Solar Cell Testing 1000 watt Light Source The LS1000-02 is a turn key PV Cell testing light source. The single output of the LS1000-02 produces full spectrum sunlight with a class "A" spectral output and +/- 5% uniformity. The LS1000-002 comes with a option of a vertical or horizontal beam output. The spot size is typically 6 inches round with an 1 sun output intensity. Custom spot sizes are available.
    Solar Light Company
  • C900A - Automatic PV Cells Tester / Sorter P.ENERGY C 900 A is a automatic system for testing and grading photovoltaic cells. QUICK SUN 120CA simulator from ENDEAS creates a source of light in class A XENON STROBE LAMP which permits the energy pulse calibration. 10 RANGES of power with customize configuration.
    P.Energy Srl
  • RPV Series - Concentrator multijunction solar cell test system The RPV series test system is designed for characterisation of concentrator tandem multi-junction solar cells. It is suitable for quick and accurate measurement of the solar cell internal Series Resistance, tunnel junction Peak and Valley current both in wafer and modules, non-destructively.
    SW Link Ltd
  • ESL-Solar 500 - Electronic Load for Test Solar modules and Cells The electronic load ESL-Solar 500 was developed particularly for the test of crystalline and thin film solar modules and solar cells. All necessary load tests of the solar modules can be accomplished with the ESL-Solar 500. The load has constant current, resistance and voltage as well as the mode MPP (Maximum Power Point) tracking and MPP scaning.
    ET Instrumente GmbH
  • CT - Series Solar Cell Tester Spectra-Nova's CT Series Solar Cell Tester is a precision instrument capable of characterizing a diverse range of solar cell parameters, including cell conversion efficiency, complete light and dark I-V curves, Isc, Voc, Imax, Vmax, Pmax, FF, Rsh and Rs. The design, modular in nature, can be easily upgraded or options added at a later time.
  • Photovoltaic QE SCS 100 - Solar Cell Scan The Solar Cell Scan 100 from Gilden Photonics allows researchers to measure Quantum Efficiency (QE) and Incident Photon to Charge Carrier Efficiency (IPCE) for Organic and Inorganic , photon-to-charge converting equipment including P-n junctions and dye-nanocrystalline solar cells.
    Gilden Photonics
  • Sol 21x21cm2 - Solar Cell Tester Measures IV characteristics of solar cells?maximum power, open circuit voltage, short circuit current?at standard test conditions (STC, IEC standard 60904-1). Simulated sunlight spectrally filtered to AM 1,5 global, using Xenon flashlamps, itensity adjustable
    Optosolar GmbH
  • 03-001-13-00 - Cell inspection system Solar cell 3D- Bow measurement The ATM 3D- Bow inspection system is a fast, non-contact technology and very small and easy to use system to detect defects in cells for solar production application.
    ATMvision AG
  • RIVSeries - Concentrator Solar Cell Module On Sun Test System RIV series Concentrator Solar Cell/Module test system is designed by SW Link Ltd for measuring light IV curve of a single CPV Module, under CW concentrated light sources, as well as with short pulse light illuminations.
    SW Link Ltd
  • PL-RC Standard Solar Cell PL-RC standard solar cell is a stable and surface uniformed monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic cell with dimension of 2x2 cm2, which has been sealed in box after aging and selection. Irradiance calibration: 1000 W m-2
    Beijing Trusttech
  • RG-100PV - Semi-auto 4 Point Probe System for Solar Cell Substrate Semi-auto 4-point probe system for solar cell, thin film on substrate samples multi-points measurement Even pitch and random pitch for Max.1,000 points 2-D/3-D square mapping software for even pitch 2-D pseude square mapping software (option)
  • PVSIM229 - Photovoltaic Cell Simulator The pv simulator behaves agains a load like a real module, can be controlled and allows the test of different pv loads in the laboratory independent from the current wheather. It is also suitable for educational purposes, for example together with a PVPM curve tracer. The PVSIM229 contains two ?artificial solar modules?, which act electrically as real solar modules for a consumer load, but take their energy from the public grid instead from the sun.
    PV-Engineering GmbH
  • PVE300 - Solar Cell Test System The PVE300 system is a monolithic, turnkey solution for photovoltaic device research in industry and academia, permitting the quick and accurate characterisation of photovoltaic devices and materials.
    Industrial Vision

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