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  • RDS-PLUS - Router Delay Simulator The RDS-PLUS is a modular, network link error and delay simulator that provides a realistic simulation of physical network behavior with respect to time delays and bit errors. The RDS-PLUS supports a wide range of interface types and speeds, ranging from 1200bps to over 50Mbps.
    East Coast DataCom
  • RDS-ECO - Router Delay Simulator, External Clock Option For testing network transmission delays utilizing an external clock source. The Router Delay Simulator (RDS-ECO) allows Router-to-Router connections at data rates up to 5Mbps while simulating network delays. The user selectable delays are for both data and control signals and range from 5 milliseconds(mS) to approximately 1250 mS, in 5 mS increments.
    East Coast DataCom
  • Onlineeye Pro - Router Monitor / Router Test Measure, analyze, and record the bandwidth and speed of your Internet connection. Works with DSL, Cable, Modem, SNMB enabled Router, Networkcard and any other Internet enabled device.
  • SmartBits - Trusted Industry Standard for Router and Switch Testing Spirent Communications’ SmartBits enables you to test, simulate, analyze, troubleshoot, develop, and certify network infrastructure. From initial design to ongoing testing of the final network, SmartBits offers analysis solutions for all stages of a product's life cycle.
    Spirent Communications
  • RDS - Router Delay Simulator For testing network transmission delays. The Router Delay Simulator (RDS) allows Router-to-Router connections at data rates up to 2.048Mbps while simulating network delays. The user selectable delays are for both data and control signals and range from 5 milliseconds(mS) to approximately 1250 mS, in 5 mS increments. The RDS allows users to test and pre-configure Routers (with software applications)and other critical DTE equipment for reliable network operation while simulating network delay times.
    East Coast DataCom
  • Xtramus NuStreams 2000i - Gigabit Ethernet IP Performance Test Systems NuStreams-2000i is an advanced Ethernet test system for Layer 2 to 7 and wire-speed Layer 2 and Layer 3 IP packet generation for testing of multichannel IP devices. Designed for testing in the laboratory and in manufacturing NuStreams 2000 can be easily configured for Ethernet switch, router and gateway production testing. Call for demo.
  • FSR - Flexible SpaceWire Router The Flexible SpaceWire Router (FSR) is a versatile item of test equipment. It has eight ports and can be configured (by the user) as a range of SpaceWire routing switches, for example as a single 8-port switch, as two independent four-port switches or as one three-port switch together with a five-port switch.
    4Links Ltd
  • PoEcheck - PoE Tester There is Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) like hubs and routers, and Powered Devices (PD) like IP phones, wireless access points or network cameras. But there is no way to check a data port by using a DMM for power. This is only possible with a tester who knows about the handshake protocoll between source and equipment.
    Kurth Electronic
  • IKE - Add-on Module for CDRouter CDRouter-IKE is an add-on module for CDRouter that provides IPSEC and VPN testing support to CDRouter. CDRouter-IKE is used to test IP routers that contain VPN security gateway functionality based on IKE.
    QA Cafe
  • Paessler NetFlow Tester NetFlow Tester is a small program that simply dumps the data of all NetFlow packets that a computer receives from a Cisco router. This can be useful when debugging bandwidth monitoring configurations based on Cisco's NetFlow protocol.
    Paessler AG
  • TTsuite-IPv6 The test suite for analyzing the IPv6 stack in hosts, routers and IPv6 implementations. Tests for IPv6 protocol behavior and syntax variations in IPv6 messages. Exhaustive set of context parameters for flexible adaptation of IPv6 tests to the IPv6 implementation under test.
    Testing Technologies
  • CDRouter - Automated Internet Protocol Test Solutions CDRouter is the networking industry's leading test solution for Cable, DSL and wireless routers. The product includes a test suite containing over 300 individual test cases. At its core, CDRouter contains a protocol engine with support for over 50 different protocols and applications.
    QA Cafe
  • AE5511 - TRAFFIC TESTERPRO AE5511 TrafficTesterPro is an IP traffic generation tester used to evaluate network equipment such as LAN switches, routers, and GEPON devices. TrafficTesterPro has a flexible modular design. Customers can choose the units that best suit their specific needs and to adapt to new interfaces and standards.
    Yokogawa Meters &
  • Multiport - Add-on Module to the Base Version of CDRouter CDRouter Multiport is an add-on module to the base version of CDRouter for testing multiple WAN interfaces and multiple LAN interfaces on CPE routers. wireless interfaces.
    QA Cafe
  • SPIDER-81C - VIBRATION CONTROLLER SYSTEM The Spider-81C vibration test controller is designed to connect directly to an iPad with its built-in wireless router. Combine the Spider-81C with Crystal Instruments' EDM App for iPad to run vibration tests with the flexibility of a wireless system.
    Crystal Instruments
  • WT-26 - Cable Test Finds Telephone wire target in bunch of cables in no time, find wire on switch or on patch panel Finds the target Network wire in groups of cables in second, find wire on net bar or on router Find the target Electric Wire quickly, no electric drill is required
    Starmeter Instruments
  • NuStreams-P9M - Network Switch and Residential Gateway Tester NuStreams-P9M is a standalone tester for testing residential gateway (IP sharing devices) with 8 LAN and 1 WAN at wirespeed. The compact and lightweight design and built-in tests make it an ideal solution for production test on production line and for analysis and troubleshooting at service centers or maintenance outlets as well. NuStreams-P9M provide Auto-Test for switch and router test.
    Xtramus Technologies
  • Gt-Wi - WiFI Analyzer Rugged GUISYS Android tablet with WiFI detector / Analyzer. Easy to use GUI detects WiFi channel usage, displays MAC address of each router detected, measures channel signal and aids in resolving wireless channel conflicts. Large 7" graphical display for easy result viewing. Can combine with DS0, DS1, DS3, ISDN, and/or 10/100/1000/10G Ethernet test interface.
  • DDoS Testing Platform he only way to truly know if you are prepared for a DDoS attack is to perform realistic tests of monitoring and defense systems. Testing DDoS controls is complex as DDoS defenses operate across a host of technologies and providers. RedWolf's DDoS testing suite provides a staggering variety of test cases capable of targeting web servers, load balancers, encryption providers, DNS infrastructure, routers, WAF and DDoS appliances, ISP mitigation and cloud mitigation systems.
    RedWolf Security
  • IxN2X - Infrastructure Test The Ixia IxN2X Multiservice Test Solution is your platform for testing success. IxN2X is designed to test IP forwarding devices such as routers and switches that deliver video, VoIP, data services and business VPNs. It is used in "out-of-service" lab environments to test network components at real-world scale prior to their deployment in live networks.
    BreakingPoint Systems
  • INE Compact - Network Emulator INE Compact is a small form factor (book-size) embedded Windows appliance which can be used to replicate the network conditions applications are likely to encounter when running over WAN Networks from Windows, Unix or Linux based systems or online games consoles. It can work through switches or routers too ? in fact any Ethernet based environment.
  • GAO A0050004 - E1/Ethernet Tester This integrated access tester is a comprehensive test tool for E1, V port and Gigabit Ethernet link maintenance and failure diagnosis. It conducts 50 b/s to 2048 kb/s error testing and tests over multiple V ports. Other tests including10/100/1000M Ethernet cable test, flux test, RFC2544 testing. Diagnostic tools include PING, router trace, a port location tool and a loop-back tool. It also has functions for PPPoE, FTP download and Web browsing.
    GAO Tek
  • IBTracer 4X - 4X InfiniBand Protocol Analyzer IBTracer™ 4X, The world's first 4X analyzer for the InfiniBand™ Architecture, LeCroy's new analyzer dramatically shortens engineering development cycles and reduces the costs of developing InfiniBand-based semiconductors, switches, routers, and software. The 4X InfiniBand protocol extends the existing 1X protocol by supporting up to four 2.5Gb/sec dual-simplex connections for an effective duplex transmission speed of 10Gb/sec.
    Teledyne LeCroy
  • Firewall Analyzer AFA's automatic and intelligent analysis enables organizations to achieve operational efficiency, bolster security, ensure compliance and track, monitor and report on changes. The AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer is the only comprehensive solution, with its exclusive topology-aware technology -- that will intelligently automate analysis of your firewall, router and VPN infrastructure.

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