RF Field Strength Meters

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  • RF1 - Sniff-It RF Detector Probe Very sensitive RF detector probe connects to any digital multimeter and provides a DC voltage output from weak RF signals. This allows very easy tracing of low level RF signals that a counter can not pick up. Wide frequency coverage of 100 KHz to over 1000 MHz lets you track down most any problem in transmitter chains, receiver stages, or even complex PLLs. Works great as a sensitive field strength meter, too. 
    RAMSEY Electronics
  • Smart Fieldmeter Digital - Smart Fieldmeter® Digital Isotropic 3-axis probe with meter measuring the RF field strength.
    EMC Test Design
  • FSM20 - Field Strength Meter Amitec Model FSM20 PLL synthesized Digital Field Strength Meter has been designed for experimentation and teaching of various commonly used circuits in L Band (Microwave band) in the laboratory for students of all levels. This equipment can be used as a very stable carrier receiver with internal demodulation facilities in a wide variety of applications.
    Amitec Electronics
  • FSM Series - Field Strength Meters This range consists of thirteen models covering the 20 MHz to 3 GHz frequency range. Each model covers a 100 MHz bandwidth. This meter range has the advantage of being able to operate with some digital signals such as GSM Cellular signals. Measure the strength of a RF signal appearing at its input from +20 dBm to -110 dBm for wide bandwidth models and +10 dBm to -120 dBm for narrow bandwidth models.
    Precision Test Systems
  • DIGI-FIELD - Field Strength Meter Measuring radio frequency and microwave radiation has never been easier! This unit covers the amazing range of DC - 12 GHz and will give you digital readout of the relative field strength of broadcast signals such as cellular phone, microwave oven leakage, TV station, CB radios using the (1MHz - 1GHz) telescoping antenna provided.
    I.C. Engineeering
  • 4100 Series - 3 AXIS DIGITAL ELF 50/60Hz AC GAUSSMETER, FWBELL Typical Applications include checking the 50 and 60 Hz magnetic fields (EMF) produced by equipments such as AC Power Lines, Office Equipment, Video Display Terminals, Household Appliances, home and Building Inspection, etc.. Magnetic fields are invisible radiations, the best method to measure the strength fields is to use one of the accurate gauss meters offer by Integrity Design & Research corp.
    Integrity Design

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RF Field Strength Meters - measure magnitude of electromagnetic field.

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