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  • ME 1310 Series - Multi Load Cell Simulators Simulates all types of bridge transducers. Indispensable time saving tool for weighing System professionals. Six selectable mV/V ranges [0.5 m V/V- 3 m V/V]. Rugged hand held unit- ideal for onsite testing and preliminary calibration. Calibrates any strain gauge transmitter / indicator / controller.
    Micro Edge Electronics
  • PTE111 - Programmable Load Simulator The model PTE111 programmable resistive, inductive, capacitive load simulator simulates various loads to support testing.
    Phillips Aerospace
  • 63110A - LED Load Simulator Power rating: 100W×2(Dual), 300W For LED power driver test Simulate LED I-V curve Fast response for PWM dimming test
    Combinova Marketing
  • Inspector II - Line Load Simulator The Inspector II  is a rugged test unit designed specifically for electricians and maintenance personnel.  It will find poor splices and connections, incorrect wiring, undersized wiring, faulty GFCI's, incorrect line voltage and poor ground lines.  With the Inspector II you can safely test power line ability to handle loads and be sure code standards are met.  
  • Load Cell Simulator Strainstall's load cell simulators are used for the testing and calibration of weighing systems. The units employ a number of precision resistors inter-connected in a specially designed mesh network, simulating the input and output characteristics of a bridge circuit.
    Strainstall Marine
  • ALCS-350-V2 - Load Cell Simulator The ALCS350-V2 is the second generation of acam's high-precision load cell simulators. The system provides twice the precision of its predecessor and is ideally suited for accurate testing, qualifying and batching of weighing instruments. Thanks to the special interconnection of its 350 Ohm resistor network the ALCS350-V2 simulates a bridge circuit without introducing their typical drift problems. In particular it can generate a very high precision analysis of converter electronics linearity.
  • PVS-11 - Load Cell Simulator The PVS-11 load cell simulator from Load Cell Central is ideal for calibrating scale indicators, troubleshooting, and verifying proper indicator setup. It can also be used for simulating pressure and torque strain gauge based transducers.
    Load Cell Central
  • PVS-10 - Load Cell Simulator Load Cell Central's PVS-10 load cell simulator is encased in a rugged ABS enclosure for use in the field and is designed with the scale technician in mind. This load cell simulator is ideal for troubleshooting scale indicators and verifying proper indicator setup; it can also be used for simulating pressure and torque strain gauge based transducers.
    Load Cell Central
  • MVV Load Cell Simulator Most accurate load cell simulator. Instrument substitution testing
  • XY1 - Load Cell Simulator Able to simulate standard output signal from strain gauge load cell of weighing, pressing
    Ningjin County Zhongxin
  • Load Cell Simulator Simulates a 350 Ohm load cell. 0,1,and 2mV/V settings. Heavy Duty construction. Compact sized
    Richards Scale Company
  • WIM-LCS - Load Cell Simulator Portable load cell simulator ideal for weighing systems checking and calibration through its precise and accurate numerical adjusted output signal.
    WIM Systems
  • SIM 1000 - Load Cell Simulator A handy instrument to simulate the electrical function of a load cell in steps from 0% to 100% of a 2mV/V load cell.
    Technopark Automation
  • Load Cell Simulator The load cell simulator is used for testing and simulated calibration of weighing indicators and controllers. The unit is powered from the indicators excitation voltage, and the mV output is adjusted by a mulit-turn potentiometer.
    Applied Weighing
  • SIM-IV - Deluxe Load Cell Simulator Deluxe load cell simulator. Can simulate 1,2,3,4,or 8 350 Ohm load cells. 0.25mV/V or 0.50mV/V vernier adjustment. Selectable 0.25mV Dead Load Offset. 0-3.00mV/V range, step selectable by 0.25mV/V.
    Up to 15VDC Applied Excitation Voltage.
    Richards Scale Company
  • SIM - Load Cell Simulator enables weighing instruments to be calibrated by means of a multimeter with scale in mV VDC
    LAUMAS Elettronica
  • Load Cell Simulator A High-Stability adjustable Load Cell Simulator.
    It is specifically designed for Load Cell Fault and System Fault Diagnosis. It also provides a useful Development Tool for any System which relies upon Load Cells. The Output Signal is adjustable from -0.1 to +3.1 mV/V.
    The Derwent Group
  • SIM-5 30600 PRODUCT FAMILY - Load Cell Simulator 11 Step in ¼ mV/V increments from 0.00 mV/V to 3.00 mV/V.
    Richards Scale Company
  • AT Series - Load Cell Simulator AT Series calibrator is a Wheatstone bridge and generates a true change of resistance in one arms of the bridge. It simulates the actual behavior of mV/V calibrator based on the Wheatstone bridge principle that requires stable components. Applications: ● Load Cell Signal Simulator ● Load Cell Instrument Calibrator ● Load Cell Signal Conditioning Calibratior ● Bridge Sensor Signal Simulator ● Bridge Sensor Indicator Calibrator ● Strain Indicator Calibrator
    Advance Instrument
  • LCS-3 - Load Cell Simulator Load cell simulator particularly useful in a test environment for example to check a program sequence of a controller. The LCS-3 is a simulator used as a substitute for strain gage transducers to generate the precise mV/V signals required in the development , checkout and pre-calibration of signal conditioners, digital and analog readouts and data loggers.
    PENKO Engineering
  • PT100LS - Load Cell Simulator The PT100LS is a portable light weight simulator designed to supply millivolt-per-volt level signals for testing and calibrating load cells and scale indicators. Fitted with both coarse and fine tune controls this is a "must have" valuable tool for the scaleman. It can be used for diagnostic and pre-installation calibration purposes in many weighing installations and load cell applications.
    PT Limited
  • HY - SMT load cell simulator Analog strain gauge load, pressure, torque, and other standard output signal of the sensor. Input voltage :5 - 12V. Output analog signal :0 - 20mV ( other special needs can be another system). 1 - similar to the normal load cell output signal , analog gauges in order to detect good or bad; For the day-to-day instrument development or load the software development process to facilitate debugging ; 3 - the weighing industry new training tools .
    Ningbo Yaheng Electronic
  • SY040 - Load Cell Simulator The SY040 load cell simulator is a high precision instrument that generates a mV/V signal which can be used to test, calibrate or troubleshoot strain gauge applications. Multiple bridge resistances can be simulated including 350, 700, 1000, 1400 & 2000 ohm.
    Synectic Electronics
  • Model EL41 - Digital Load Cell Simulator Detection and debugging of all kinds of weighing instruments - "must have" for any scale service technician - fully RS232 controllable for testing of electronics for scale installation and manufacturing.
    Xiamen Elane Electronics

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