In-Circuit Test - aka ICT

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  • AX/MX51 - In-Circuit Emulator The modular and flexible in-circuit emulator MX51, which is available in different variations, and the high-end system AX51 cover hundreds of 8051 derivatives. Various adaptation cables and adapters are available to easily switch to new derivatives or packages to be emulated.
    Hitex Development
  • Series S Size 50J - In-Circuit spring probe on .050 centers and .250 travel In-Circuit spring probe on .050 centers and .250 travel
  • Series S Size 50C - In-Circuit spring Probe In-Circuit spring probe on .050 centers and .250 travel
  • ICDCFV1 - In-Circuit Debugger for ColdFire V1 P&E's ICDCFV1 is a powerful tool for debugging code that supports Freescale's ColdFire V1 microcontrollers.
    P&E Microcomputer
  • DProbeST10 - In-circuit Emulator DProbeST10 is the base module for Hitex in-circuit emulators for the ST10 family (list of supported derivatives). It is a palm-sized fully functional in-circuit emulator. The modular concept ensures easy upgrading from a cost-effective entry-level solution right up to a high-end emulation system with an unrivalled feature set.
    Hitex Development
  • TRACE32-ICD - In-Circuit Debugger TRACE32-ICD is a cost effective debugger based on the onchip debug interface or on a ROM monitor solution. Most of the debugger can be enhanced be a trace module to provide program and data flow information. 
  • DProbeXC - In-circuit Emulator The DProbeXC is the high-end module of Hitex's emulation support for the new XC166 family (list of supported derivatives). It is a fully functional in-circuit emulator of handheld size, based on the Emulation Device which ensures unlimited debugging of the complete controller functionality.
    Hitex Development
  • MX6808-L - In-Circuit Emulator Hitex offers a powerful and easy to use debug tool, especially designed for 68HC08 applications. The wealth of features offered by the MX6808 in-circuit emulator guarantees fast bug detection and enhanced software quality. The emulator is an invaluable tool for the development of real-time applications and their systems integration.
    Hitex Development
  • Series ICT Size L100 - High Performance In-Circuit Probe High Performance In-Circuit Probe 
  • IN-CIRCUIT SCORPION iCT7000 - In-circuit fixture-based tester Whether you're choosing from our stand-alone manually loaded tester all the way through to our fully automatic In-line tester system, Acculogic has the system for you! Acculogic's Scorpion family of In-circuit fixture-based testers were created with one underlining theme in mind: Cost-effective Testing.
  • ESI-2002 - In-Circuit Tester The OKANO ESI-2002 is a sophisticated and powerful tester, yet economical in terms of its price/performance ratio. Its powerful system software, running on Windows 2000, is very user-friendly with pop-up menus and comprehensive online help system. Password protection is also incorporated to prevent unauthorized changes to test data.
  • ICT/FCT - In-Circuit / Functional Test In-Circuit / Functional Test (ICT/FCT) Probes
    INGUN Prüfmittelbau
  • In-Circuit Test Application Development & Fixture Fab Arxtron Technologies has been in the Agilent3070/HP 3070 (Medalist i3070) In-circuit test application development and fixture fabrication business since 2004 when it took over the Agilent Canadian application centre. Our engineers count more than 35 years of experience and have been serving a variety of customers focusing on high end/ high node count complex products (Telecom, Medical, Industrial computers etc.) as well as Automotive and consumer electronics customers. We are also an Agilent channel partner.
    Arxtron Technologies
  • ICT Probes Test Center: 50 - 156 mils. Current Raring: 3 - 5 amps. Contact Resistance: 30 - 50 milliohms. Spring Force: 113 - 312 gf (4-11 oz). Barrel: Bronze / Brass; Au plated. Plunger: BeCu / Steel; Au or Ni plated. Receptacles: Bronze / Brass; Au plated. Spring:  Music Wire / Stainless Steel Wire; Au plated 
    Centalic Technology
  • "EasyLoader" or "eLoader" - In-Circuit Programmer/Loader In-Circuit Programmer/Loader ("EasyLoader" or "eLoader") is standalone device designed to provide a flexible and cost effective solution for electronic device manufactures as well as for hardware design companies and their customers. It allows upgrading code on any JTAG/SPI/I2C compliant device (like FPGA/CPLD/EEprom/Flash etc) or Microcontrollers at any time of development, testing or production.
  • JTAGjet - In-Circuit Debugger The cheetah of all ARM emulators • If you are tired of waiting for the downloads or for Flash programming to finish, this emulator is for you. Our USB 2.0 JTAGjet offers download speed exceeding 1 MBytes/sec!* Say 'good-bye' to the sub-100 Kbyte/sec performance you get with the sluggish USB 1.1 emulators. Supports all ARM7, ARM9 and OMAP devices ; Real-time trace (ETM) support.
    Signum Systems
  • ICT Performs Comprehensive Testing In circuit testing (ICT) is traditionally used on mature products, especially in subcontract manufacturing. It uses a bed-of-nails test fixture to access multiple test points on the PCB’s bottom side. With sufficient access points, ICT can transmit test signals into and out of PCBs at high speed to perform evaluation of components and circuits.
  • VEC-109 - 12.0 GHz RealProbe In-circuit Test Probe The ultimate in-circuit high Impedance Probe till 12GHz. The must tool for any In circuit RF and Microwave testing and troubleshooting.
    Vectria Ltd
  • Series S Size 100 Probe - In-Circuit spring probe on .100 centers and .250 travel In-Circuit spring probe on .100 centers and .250 travel
  • AT-01 - In-Circuit Tester Windows based operation, Various graphic display functions, Network remote control capabilities, Bar code function, "Excel" data compatibility, FrameScan, DeltaScan & Boundary Scan Test etc.
  • FA-931V - In-Circuit Tester New generation OKANO FA-931V makes program generation and data analysis on PC easy. The circuit board is the foundation of virtually all electronics systems. Today's high technology has made possible the design of more complex electronic circuits on denser printed circuit boards. Repairs and reworks are time consuming, costly and can have a serious impact on productivity and profitability.
  • Series SH Size 4 - In-circuit high current spring probes with .156 centers and .250 travel In-circuit high current spring probes with .156 centers and .250 travel
  • ICD12Z - 68HC(S)12 In-Circuit Debugger P&E's ICD12Z for Windows is a powerful tool for debugging code. It uses the HC(S)12 processor's background debug mode (BDM), via one of P&E's hardware interfaces, to give the user access to all on-chip resources.
    P&E Microcomputer
  • ICT Probes ICT Probes - Test Center: 50 - 100 mils Current Rating: 3 - 5 amps Contact Resistance: 30 - 50 milliohms Spring Force: 113 - 312 gf (4-11 oz)
    Merica Technology

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In-Circuit Test - Testing of short circuits, open circuits, component values and operation of ICs.