In-Circuit Test - aka ICT

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  • TR 5001V ICT - ICT Test System The TR5001V system offers a mix of MDA, ICT and FCT Test within one platform – offering a complete testing model, which provides a cost-effective testing solution according to the needs of the customer. The TR5001V incorporates In-Circuit and Functional Test and cuts production line staff costs, saves testing time and increases productivity.
    Equip-Test Kft
  • Genrad / Teradyne - ICT Fixtures The vacuum operated Test Fixtures for the GR 2272 and GR 228x Test Systems are mounted on the base housing and enhanced with a vacuum cassette. The cassette is hinged for easy access to the receptacles and wiring during vacuum actuation and PC board contacting.
    Equip-Test Kft
  • Analyst ems - High-coverage in-circuit test The Analyst ems Low-Cost In-Circuit Test (ICT) System provides the capability to quickly and easily test assemblies for common manufacturing defects such as incorrect, missing or misoriented components, and opens and shorts.
  • TRACE32-ICD - In-Circuit Debugger TRACE32-ICD is a cost effective debugger based on the onchip debug interface or on a ROM monitor solution. Most of the debugger can be enhanced be a trace module to provide program and data flow information. 
  • TR5001V - Digital In-Circuit Test TR5001V includes a mix of MDA, ICT and Functional testing within one platform, allowing a complete optional testing model which provides an economical testing solution according to the needs of customers. TR5001V incorporates ICT & Functional test that cut production line staff costs, save testing time lengths and increase productivity.
    Test Research
  • Series ICT Size 50J - In-Circuit spring probe on .050 centers and .250 travel In-Circuit spring probe on .050 centers and .250 travel
  • i3070 - In-circuit Test The Keysight Technologies, Inc. Medalist i3070 Series 5 In‑Circuit Test (ICT) system introduces a new infrastructure with 3 new Capabilities: 1. The lexibility to incorporate external circuits to balance between ICT & functional testers and reduce investment on functional testers 2. Wider range of power handling capabilities for today’s high-powered products to reduce investment on power supply hardware 3. Improved test throughput to increase production volumes, making more tester resources available
    Keysight Technologies
  • ICDCFZ - ColdFire In-Circuit Debugger P&E's ICDCF for Windows is a powerful tool for debugging code. It uses the processor's background debug mode (BDM), via the ICD cable, to give the user access to all on-chip resources.
    P&E Microcomputer
  • ICD16Z - 68HC16 In-Circuit Debugger P&E's ICD12Z for Windows is a powerful tool for debugging code. It uses the HC(S)12 processor's background debug mode (BDM), via one of P&E's hardware interfaces, to give the user access to all on-chip resources.
    P&E Microcomputer
  • AX186 - High-End Universal In-Circuit Emulator IF You are developing software or hardware for a 186 derivative. You don?t want to waste your time learning how to use the development tools. You want to change to new derivatives at little cost. You want to get support even if the emulator is paid for then the AX186 in-circuit emulator is the best choice. Whether you test your own hardware designs or you want the processor to run the first lines of code, or you wish to increase the performance of your software, the AX186 in-circuit emulator offers all the features you need. 
    Hitex Development
  • WICE-8052 - In-Circuit Emulator The WICE-8052, In-circuit Emulator for 8052 microcontrollers, is a well-developed product by LEAP ELECTRONIC. The WICE-8052 is designed specifically for todays engineers who need an excellent tool for their projects. It combines realtime emulation up to 40 MHz with multiwindows, point-and-click, menu-driven function and on-line help. WICE-8052 assists users' designs quickly and efficiently.
    Leap Electronic Co
  • Focus-75 - In-Circuit Tester -Easy operation by Windows 2000. -Easy editing of Test result. And powerful data analysis for production process. -By connection of LAN systems, power management for your Factory and outside factory.
    Kyoritsu Testsystem
  • ATS-UKMFT 625 - InCircuit- and Functional Test System The test system is delivered with an integrated test fixture, a pneumatic fixture is optional. The desk-top unit comes with the same transparent menu-driven software as ATS-KMFT 670: based on WINDOWS XP/VISTA®, automatic program generation, CAD-data import, statistics and autolearn for InCircuit and Function test.
    Reinhardt System-
  • ICT Program Development ICT program development specializing in high end, high complexity test solutions, Teradyne and Agilent.
    Shanghai Kingtest
  • Series S Size 4 - In-Circuit spring probe on .156 centers and .250 travel In-Circuit spring probe on .156 centers and .250 travel
  • AX/MX51 - In-Circuit Emulator The modular and flexible in-circuit emulator MX51, which is available in different variations, and the high-end system AX51 cover hundreds of 8051 derivatives. Various adaptation cables and adapters are available to easily switch to new derivatives or packages to be emulated.
    Hitex Development
  • i1000 - In-circuit Test > Keysight Medalist Cover Extend Technology (CET) is now supported on the Medalist i1000D. The i1000D only requires a VTEP MUX card to enable CET. If you are already using test fixtures with VTEP MUX cards , you can now implement CET without any fixture modification. Simply add new VTEP probes to devices that were previously not testable. This greatly reduces implementation efforts.
    Keysight Technologies
  • ESI-2002 - In-Circuit Tester The OKANO ESI-2002 is a sophisticated and powerful tester, yet economical in terms of its price/performance ratio. Its powerful system software, running on Windows 2000, is very user-friendly with pop-up menus and comprehensive online help system. Password protection is also incorporated to prevent unauthorized changes to test data.
  • PFL780/760 - Digital Incircuit Test The PFL780 and 760 use IC clips as a test interface. This makes them ideal for the service and maintenance of legacy systems. If you need to work on high density surface mount PCBs you should consider the GRS500 as a more suitable alternative.
    Polar Instruments
  • 5200 Series - Analog In-Circuit Test System The 5220 is a compact Analog In-Circuit Test System that provides a high level of performance and measurement accuracy. It is equally suitable for use in low-cost bench top applications or high volume automated production lines, where its high test speed assists in maximizing production output.
  • DS-XA - In-Circuit Emulator * Emulates XA Derivatives * 2MByte Code and Data Memory * Memory With Mapping Capabilities * Real-Time Trace * Frequency Range up to 30MHz @ 5V * Source-Level Debugger For C And Assembler * MS-Windows Debugger Software for Windows NT and 95 or Later * 3.3V And 5V Emulation Support * Support for ROMless and ROM Microcontrollers * PLCC Emulation headers
  • Aeroflex / Ifr / Marconi - ICT Fixtures The Interface Panel for the MC 4200/4210 test system is mounted in the base plate of the housing. The Probe Plate is made of standard 10 mm hard-paper laminate (CEM-1) material. The Top Plate is made of 8 mm epoxy hard-paper laminate and coated both sides with an anti-static coating. The vacuum sealing within the cassette of the VA 2040 fixture version is achieved using the wear-free V-profile seal. When testing PC boards with open vias and other open areas, we recommend the use of either a Vacuum-free Zone sealing method (with a pressure-frame unit and push rods) or the use of a vacuum-sealed cover (with push-rods).
    Equip-Test Kft
  • QT-PXI-35 - In-Circuit Measurement Module The Qmax's In-Circuit Measurement Module in PXI platform can be used to measure values of Resistsance, Capacitance and Inductance using 4 / 6 wire measurement technique. Auto Balancing bridge method is used for more accurate and wide measurement ranges.
    Qmax Test Technologies
  • "EasyLoader" or "eLoader" - In-Circuit Programmer/Loader In-Circuit Programmer/Loader ("EasyLoader" or "eLoader") is standalone device designed to provide a flexible and cost effective solution for electronic device manufactures as well as for hardware design companies and their customers. It allows upgrading code on any JTAG/SPI/I2C compliant device (like FPGA/CPLD/EEprom/Flash etc) or Microcontrollers at any time of development, testing or production.

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In-Circuit Test - Testing of short circuits, open circuits, component values and operation of ICs.