In-Circuit Test - aka ICT

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  • In-Circuit Fixtures In-Circuit test fixtures can be configured for dual stage, dual well and opens testing applications. Even the most complex boards can be accommodated using standard methods of actuation.
    Joule Technologies
  • MX6808 - In-Circuit Emulator Hitex offers a powerful and easy to use debug tool, especially designed for 68HC08 applications. The wealth of features offered by the MX6808 in-circuit emulator guarantees fast bug detection and enhanced software quality. The emulator is an invaluable tool for the development of real-time applications and their systems integration. In addition, using an MX6808 in a project will significantly reduce time to market.
    Hitex Development
  • ICT Fixturing Service Our engineers design and build fixtures and develop test scripts for standard ICT systems and FlyingProbe. It takes a short time for Fitech to create the ICT fixture and do its programming. We build ICT fixtures and make programming for the most popular ICT systems like: AGILENT HP3070 fixtures, CHECKSUM fixtures, SPEA fixtures, TERADYNE fixtures.
    Fitech Ltd
  • 881 - In-Circuit ESR Tester This In-circuit ESR & DC Resistance capacitor tester is specially designed to measure ESR (equivalent Series Resistance) on capacitors in the range of 0.47uF to 2200uF, in or out of circuit. The ability to trouble shoot in-circuit saves time and makes the 881 a must for anyone that tests or trouble shoots printed circuit boards. 15mVp-p Output test voltage (will not turn on any solid-state devices)
    B&K Precision
  • ICDHCS08 - 68HCS08 In-Circuit Debugger P&E's ICDHCS08 is a powerful tool for debugging code. It uses the processor's background debug mode (BDM), via the ICD cable, to give the user access to all on-chip resources.
    P&E Microcomputer
  • Series S Size 5 - In-Circuit spring probe on .187 centers and .250 travel In-Circuit spring probe on .187 centers and .250 travel
  • In-Circuit Test Fixtures The top Automated Test Equipment manufacturers count on Circuit Check. We fabricate and customize in-circuit fixtures for testers made by Agilent Technologies, GenRad, Teradyne and others.
    Circuit Check
  • MX-ST7-L - In-Circuit Emulator To guarantee rapid bug detection and a high level of software quality for ST7 applications, the MX-ST7 is available from Hitex. This in-circuit emulator offers a wealth of features and is an invaluable tool for the development and systems integration of real-time applications. Furthermore, use of the tool will significantly decrease a product's time-to-market. 
    Hitex Development
  • In-Circuit Test Programming Services Our Test Engineering division offers a comprehensive range of turn-key services that range from In-Circuit Test fixture design & fabrication, test program development to sophisticated application development on custom Functional Test Platforms. Acculogic offers turn-key In-Circuit test program development and fixture fabrication services for a variety of Automatic Test Engineering (ATE) platforms. Agilent HP 3070, GenRad 228x, TS8X, Teradyne SPECTRUM 88xx, Teradyne Z18xx, Sprint 4510, Flying Scorpion FLS9xx/8xx
  • QS-8200 - In-Circuit Tester Standard with 256 points, expandable to 1,024 (more points upon request), Use fast and stable electronic CMOS relay design, Windows XP user-friendly operation, Various languages (English/Spanish/Japanese/Chinese) available for overseas production, Ten interface available: Pneumatic press type, vacuum type, automatic in-line type, and mechanical type,
    Qualectron Systems
  • Reinhardt - ICT Fixtures The mechanical and vacuum operated Test Fixtures for the Reinhardt Test Systems consist of a base housing and either a Pressure Frame with Probe Plate Unit (by the mechanical fixture) or a Vacuum Cassette. Both the Pressure Frame with Probe Plate Unit as well as the Vacuum Cassette are hinged for easy access to the Receptacles and wiring during fixture operation and PC board contacting.
    Equip-Test Kft
  • inDART-One - In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer for Freescale HC08/S08/RS08/S12/S12X Families The inDART-One In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer is a powerful debugging and programming tool for Freescale HC08-, S08-, RS08-, S12- and S12X-based systems.
    SMH Technologies
  • Reinhardt Kits - ICT Fixtures Test Fixture Kit at a competitive price.The Test Fixture Kits we offer for Reinhardt Test Systems are equipped with high-quality and very precise mechanics to ensure very reliable contacting accuracy. Our customizing services provide all-round solutions to cover all your needs, so you can be sure to get the right Test Fixture Kit at a competitive price.
    Equip-Test Kft
  • TR5001V - Digital In-Circuit Test TR5001V includes a mix of MDA, ICT and Functional testing within one platform, allowing a complete optional testing model which provides an economical testing solution according to the needs of customers. TR5001V incorporates ICT & Functional test that cut production line staff costs, save testing time lengths and increase productivity.
    Test Research
  • Series SHE Size 4 - In-circuit high current spring probes with .156 centers and .250 travel In-circuit high current spring probes with .156 centers and .250 travel
  • DProbeXC - In-circuit Emulator The DProbeXC is the high-end module of Hitex's emulation support for the new XC166 family (list of supported derivatives). It is a fully functional in-circuit emulator of handheld size, based on the Emulation Device which ensures unlimited debugging of the complete controller functionality.
    Hitex Development
  • ICT Performs Comprehensive Testing In circuit testing (ICT) is traditionally used on mature products, especially in subcontract manufacturing. It uses a bed-of-nails test fixture to access multiple test points on the PCB’s bottom side. With sufficient access points, ICT can transmit test signals into and out of PCBs at high speed to perform evaluation of components and circuits.
  • ATS-KMFT 670 - Incircuit and Functional Test System XP/VISTA®-based menu-driven software with automatic program generation, CAD data import, statistics and autolearn for both InCircuit- and Functional test, high test accuracy and high test speed. The unit is known for low follow-up costs and extreme reliability.
    Reinhardt System-
  • Compact TK - In-circuit and functional Tester This is the smallest configuration , and is generally recommended for ICT and on-board programming applications. It is characterized by a high level of ergonomy, small footprint, easy maintenance , low power consumption and enhanced operator safety.
  • Aeroflex / Ifr / Marconi - ICT Fixtures The Interface Panel for the MC 4200/4210 test system is mounted in the base plate of the housing. The Probe Plate is made of standard 10 mm hard-paper laminate (CEM-1) material. The Top Plate is made of 8 mm epoxy hard-paper laminate and coated both sides with an anti-static coating. The vacuum sealing within the cassette of the VA 2040 fixture version is achieved using the wear-free V-profile seal. When testing PC boards with open vias and other open areas, we recommend the use of either a Vacuum-free Zone sealing method (with a pressure-frame unit and push rods) or the use of a vacuum-sealed cover (with push-rods).
    Equip-Test Kft
  • ATS-UKMFT 645, ATS-UKMFT 645-2 - InCircuit- and Functional Test System The test system is delivered with an integrated test fixture, a pneumatic fixture is optional. The desk-top unit comes with the same transparent menu-driven software as ATS-KMFT 670: based on WINDOWS XP/VISTA®, automatic program generation, CAD-data import, statistics and autolearn for InCircuit and Function test.
    Reinhardt System-
  • Series SH Size 5 - In-circuit high current spring probes with .187 centers and .250 travel In-circuit high current spring probes with .187 centers and .250 travel
  • Series S Size 075 - In-Circuit spring probe on .075 centers and .250 travel In-Circuit spring probe on .075 centers and .250 travel
  • QT-PXI-35 - In-Circuit Measurement Module The Qmax's In-Circuit Measurement Module in PXI platform can be used to measure values of Resistsance, Capacitance and Inductance using 4 / 6 wire measurement technique. Auto Balancing bridge method is used for more accurate and wide measurement ranges.
    Qmax Test Technologies

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In-Circuit Test - Testing of short circuits, open circuits, component values and operation of ICs.