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  • M910E - Low cost electromagnetic flowmeter Electromagnetic flowmeter M-910E is low-cost version of model M-910. It can measure, indicate and store flow and passed through volume data of conductive liquids. Against model M-910 flowmeter M-910E is not equipped with internal datalogger and with keyboard. Control is possible via magnetic pointer and from PC via internal RS-232 interface.
    Meatest S.r.o.
  • TFXL - Non-Invasive Small-Pipe Flow Meter Series TFXL is an ultrasonic flow meter that clamps on to the outside of a pipe.  It is designed to replace mechanical flow meters in applications where liquid conditions tend to damage or impede mechanical flow meter operation.  Installation of the TFXL is cost effective and the meter requires no maintenance.  The unit may be ordered with or without a local display.  All meters provide two flow rate outputs: 4-20 mA analog and simulated turbine meter frequency, permitting the product to be interfaced with a variety of monitoring equipment
    Badge Meter
  • OFM - Optical Flow Meter The COSA Optical Flow Meter (OFM) has been specifically developed for gas applications with highly variable flow rates and a wide range of pipe diameters. The OFM accuracy is not affected by gas composition or contamination of the sensing elements. The OFM uses laser beams to measure the gas flow by sensing the velocity of microscopic particulates naturally occurring in the gas.
  • Open Channel Flowmeters Open Channel Flowmeters is designed for continuously monitoring the flow rate and total flow in open channel. It is suitable to measure flow under open channel condition of water conservancy, hydropower, environmental protection and other industrial and agricultural environment. The meter is built in EEPROM module, ensure that total flow will not be lost when power failure.
    R&B Instrument
  • PCE-VMI - Electromagnetic Flow Meter The PCE-VMI electromagnetic flow meter can be used in the construction of machines and plants due to its compact design. The PCE-VMI electromagnetic flow meter is used where flow meters with moving parts, such as vane flow meters, cannot be used due to the dirt. The PCE-VMI electromagnetic flow meter is used for the continuous flow measurement or for the dosage of electrically conductive liquids with a minimum conductivity of 50 μS/cm. The PCE-VMI electromagnetic flow meter operates according to the electromagnetic induction principle
    PCE Instruments
  • FM59 - Electromagnetic Flow meter FM59-electromagnetic flowmeter was developed based on principle of electromagnetic induction, i.e.,when conductive liquid flows into measuring tube, the corresponding induction voltage signal, inspected from two electrodes installed on the tube, will be transmitted in transmitter and finally output digital signal.FM59 Electromagnetic flowmeter is applied to measure the volumetric flow of conductive liquids and slurry in enclosed pipes, such as tap water, polluted water, mud, pulp, various acid/alkali/salt solutions,food slurry, etc. It has a wide range of applicant ambient, including oil interests, chemical industry, power plant, mining and metallurgic plant, water supply and sewerage works, light industry, food products factory,and so on.
    Beijing Airport Beiguang
  • FD613 and FD614 - Flowmeters The FD613 Series flowmeter employs advanced trans-phase measuring technology, providing accurate and reliable flow velocity assessments in closed piping systems.
    Omega Engineering
  • FD-20 - High-function Type Electromagnetic Flow Velocity/Direction Meter This device supports the measurement of rivers, Agricultural water, Sewage systems, Other channels and facilities.
    JFE Advantech Co
  • DT-8920 - Pressure and Flow Meter 8920 is a Pressure and flow meter simultaneously with an easy-to-read, large, backlit LCD display. Measurement data is printed on site with minimum and maximum values. It can Monitor air pressure across key HVAC components and Promote good indoor air quality, which Ensure proper air flow balance and Maintain a comfortable environment.
    Shenzhen Everbest
  • M Series - Digital / Analog Mass Flow Meters The Alicat Scientific's M series digital / analog mass flow meter was designed to meet and exceed the requirements that customers place on mass flow meters: Simplicity, Accuracy, Versatility. Digital or analog mass flow meters, regardless of manufacturer, serve a single purpose...to measure the flow of gasses through a system. Mass flow meters must be accurate, versatile, dependable and cost effective.
    Alicat Scientific
  • 8800D Series - Vortex Flowmeter Rosemount Vortex Flowmeters allow you to achieve better measurement practices across your applications by eliminating potential leak points, incorporating gasket-free meter body designs that are immune to vibration, and enabling best installation practices with Reducer™ and MultiVariable™ Vortex.
  • 8600 Utility™ - Vortex Flowmeter The Rosemount 8600 Utility™ Vortex Flowmeter improves reliability and reduces installed cost by minimizing potential leak points and eliminating the need for impulse lines.
  • PSX2 - Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter Detector Series PSX2 Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter Detectors are paired with Series PUX and PUX2 converters in order to utilize the transit-time difference for measuring flow rates in pipes from the outside. It is a compact and lightweight instrument incorporating the latest electronics and digital signal processing technologies, realizing high performance and easy operation.
    Dwyer Instruments
  • Flow Meter High Accuracy Flow metering. This Flowmeters find varied applications where the flowing medium is difficult to handle. Major advantage of these flowmeters are : zero pressure drop, No moving part and highest accuracy level at most affordable cost.
    Veer Electronics
  • MB Series - Portable Flow Meters Due to the low power consumption inherent to Alicat’s M series mass flow meter Alicat has created the MB series portable mass flow meter. Drawing from a single 9VDC battery as a power source the Alicat MB series mass flow meter is routinely used a portable transfer standard or hand carry flow meter. The MB series meter is also equipped with a connectors for hard power and for analog and digital output, allowing it to be used as in fixed installations while relying on the 9VDC battery as a backup power source should hard power be lost.
    Alicat Scientific
  • 8707 - High Signal Magnetic Flowmeter System The 8707 High-Signal Sensor, used in conjunction with the 8712H High-Signal Transmitter, forms the Rosemount High-Signal Magnetic Flowmeter System. This system provides stable flow measurement in the most difficult high-noise applications while maintaining the benefits of DC technology. The increased signal strength of the Rosemount high-signal system, coupled with advanced signal processing and superior filtering techniques, provides the solution to demanding flow measurement applications.
  • DAVM+ - DIGITAL AIR FLOW/VOLUME METER Measure air flow (FPM) and volume (CFM) in the palm of your hand. Compact and easy to use, the DAVM+ also measures temperature, humidity, and light. Ideal for air balancing and other indoor air quality applications.
  • DigiFlo 1000 - Digital Gas Flow Meter DigiFlo, Digital Flow Meter is a Micro-controller based mass flow meter designed for precise and accurate measurements of gases ( Air, N2, O2, CO2, and He ). It measures true gas flow that is independent of temperature and pressure changes. The flow is displyed directly in Standard Cubic Centimeter per Minute (SCCM).
  • DFX - Flow Meter Series DFX Ultrasonic Doppler Flow Meters measure flow of liquids that contain useful sonic reflectors1 suspended within the liquid. The DFX flow meter operates by transmitting an ultrasonic sound from its transmitting transducer through the pipe wall into the flowing liquid. The sound will be reflected by the the reflectors and recorded by the receiving transducer. 
    Badge Meter
  • L Series - Laminar Water Flow Meters The Alicat Scientific L Series Volumetric Liquid Flow Meter is a laminar flow liquid meter. The L series liquid flow meter is an accurate and cost effective solution for flowing liquids.
    Alicat Scientific
  • UFX - Hand-held Flow Meter Series UFX Doppler Flow Meters provide accurate and reliable flow velocity assessments in closed pipe, liquid systems.  UFX requires that the liquid be either solids-bearing or aerated at a minimum of 100 ppm.  The product utilizes a single, hand-held transducer which is placed on the outside of metal or plastic pipe.
    Badge Meter
  • F56 - Metal Tube Float Flow meter F56 Metal Tube Float Flow meter Series are used for measure instantaneous and accumulated flow rate of liquid, gas and steam in closed pipelines. It is suitable for metering flow value on site or electronic remote. The measuring principle is based on the hydrodynamic effects,This makes float moving from bottom to top in vertical Pipe. As the displacement of float is in related to flow rate, which can be read from the indicator by means of the magnetic drive system in non-contact form . Also, flowmeters output electrical signal (4-20)mA / hart communication protocol with high / low limit Warning switches/integrating flow PCB broad can be configured.
    Beijing Airport Beiguang
  • 8750W - Magnetic Flowmeter for Utility Water Applications Performance, reliability and intelligent diagnostics make Rosemount Flowmeters the superior solution designed specifically for utility flow measurement. The easy-to-use, robust design provides the reliability and accuracy you need to keep your process running.
  • Dike-type and Partial Flume-type Flowmeter These flowmeters provide the means for flow measurement and flow control of open conduit channels in water supply facilities and sewage facilities.
    JFE Advantech Co

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Flow Meters - Measure the movement of fluid or gas.