Flow Meters - aka Flowmeters

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  • Electromagnetic Flow Meter R&B Electromagnetic Flow meter is suitable to measure volumetric flow rate of the conductive liquid and slurry in the closed pipe, e.g. clean water, sewage, various solutions of acid, alkali, salt; slurry, slag, pulp and other liquids such as food-beverage etc.
    R&B Instrument
  • 8800D Series - Vortex Flowmeter Rosemount Vortex Flowmeters allow you to achieve better measurement practices across your applications by eliminating potential leak points, incorporating gasket-free meter body designs that are immune to vibration, and enabling best installation practices with Reducer™ and MultiVariable™ Vortex.
  • Dike-type and Partial Flume-type Flowmeter These flowmeters provide the means for flow measurement and flow control of open conduit channels in water supply facilities and sewage facilities.
    JFE Advantech Co
  • Frequency, Rate Meter, Flow Rate Indicator Two independent scalable pulse-input channels from 0 Hz to 1 MHz. Channels may be combined arithmetically. One channel can display total while other displays rate. High read rate for control applications: AC line frequency can be measured to 50.0000 or 60.0000 Hz in a few line cycles. Ideal for use as a tachometer or readout of a turbine flow meter.
    Laurel Electronics
  • RF Pickups - Flow Meter Sensor SPECTEC RF pickups are excellent for applications that require near zero speed and zero magnetic drag sensing characteristics, such as flow meter sensor applications. SPECTEC RF (modulated carrier) sensors have a long history of use in turbine flow meters and turbine engines in the aerospace, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.
    Spectec Innovative
  • ultrasonic flow meter Better than 1% accuracy ● 0.2% of repeatability ● 2×10 English letters LCD display ● Operate with clamp on transducers ● Pipe diameters from 15mm to 6000mm ● RS 485 interface ● Built-in thermal printer ● Ni-MH battery operation of over 24 h ● 220VAC or 110VAC power supply
    Dalian Taijia Technology
  • LCA-301 - Air Flow Meter The air flow meter with a winged wheel LCA-301 is a lightweight, robust and easy to use device. This air flow meter is ideal for heating, air and climate professionals to take measurements in air ducts, channels and air outlets. The 100 mm screw head on the air flow meter with a winged wheel LCA-301 enables readings both at input and at output air ducts.
    PCE Instruments
  • ultrasonic flow meter Better than 1% accuracy ● 0.2% of repeatability ● 4×16 English letters LCD display ● Operate with clamp on transducers ● RS 232 interface or 1-channel isolated OCT output ● Pipe diameters from 15mm to 6000mm ● Ni-MH battery operation of over 12 h ● 90~230VAC power supply ● Internal data logger ● Bilingual interface in Chinese and English
    Dalian Taijia Technology
  • CDS-DFL - Fuel Flow Meters CORRSYS-DATRON CDS-DFL Fuel Flow Meters are especially designed for mobile vehicle instrumentation, including both passenger car and heavy truck applications. These easy-to-use systems install directly into the vehicle fuel system via quick-couplings.
    Corrsys-datron GmbH
  • FD-10 - Electromagnetic Flow Velocity/Direction Meter This device supports the measurement of rivers, Agricultural water, Sewage systems, Other channels and facilities.
    JFE Advantech Co
  • Open Channel Flowmeters Open Channel Flowmeters is designed for continuously monitoring the flow rate and total flow in open channel. It is suitable to measure flow under open channel condition of water conservancy, hydropower, environmental protection and other industrial and agricultural environment. The meter is built in EEPROM module, ensure that total flow will not be lost when power failure.
    R&B Instrument
  • FPV 58 - Series Vortex Flowmeter FPV58 series intelligent vortex flowmeter including FPV580, FPV581, FPV582. FPV580: 2-wire (24 VDC), 4~20ma, pulse output. Refer FPV580 manual for detail. FPV581: Temperature and pressure compensation 2-wire (24 VDC), 4~20ma, pulse output. Refer FPV581 manual for detail. FPV 582: Steam saturation, lithium battery, display total. Refer FPV582 manual for detail
    Beijing Airport Beiguang
  • SL2 - PADDLEWHEEL FLOW CONTROLLER METER Auto. change red or green display when alarm status changes Accuracy±0.75% of full scale Measuring pipe size range DN 15 to DN 600(0.5 to 24 inch.) Measuring flow velocity range 0.1 to 8 M/s(0.33 to 26 Ft/s) Field-rangable supply voltage from DC 14 to 28 V Display flow units Liter,GAL,M3,TON can be modified Dual alarm function (optional) 16 bit DAC analog output function (optional) Digit RS-485 interface function (optional) Protection class NEMA4/IP65
    Axe Technology
  • ultrasonic flow meter Better than 1% accuracy ● 0.2% of repeatability ● 2×20 English letters LCD display ● 4×4 key tactile-feedback membrane keypad ● 85~264VAC or 24VDC power supply ● Pipe diameters from 15mm to 6000mm ● Operate with clamp on, insertion and flow-cell transducer ● Five channel analogue 4-20mA input. (version 7) ● One channel programmable 4-20mA output ● Two channel programmable digital out (isolated OCT and Relay) ● Frequency output ● IP65
    Dalian Taijia Technology
  • PSX2 - Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter Detector Series PSX2 Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter Detectors are paired with Series PUX and PUX2 converters in order to utilize the transit-time difference for measuring flow rates in pipes from the outside. It is a compact and lightweight instrument incorporating the latest electronics and digital signal processing technologies, realizing high performance and easy operation.
    Dwyer Instruments
  • 902 Series - Portable Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Meters Series 902 offers our enhanced Doppler technology in a portable case designed for rugged field use.  The rechargeable battery housed inside of the 902 enclosure provides a full eight hours of continuous operation.  The standard configuration provides everything necessary to measure flow in pipes ranging from 1 to 120 inches [25 to 3050 mm]. 
  • FD613 and FD614 - Flowmeters The FD613 Series flowmeter employs advanced trans-phase measuring technology, providing accurate and reliable flow velocity assessments in closed piping systems.
    Omega Engineering
  • BFP - Armored Purge Flow meter It measures the position of the float in the conical pipe for precise instrument by changeable area principle. The float will ascend to the top of the conical pipe with medium flow until the weight of the floater balanced the upwards force.There is a magnetic steel to be sealed inside the float, driving the outer pointer to move on the scale, the moving angle is integral 90 degree.
    Beijing Airport Beiguang
  • CT600R, CT800R Analogue Series - Turbine Flowmeters with Analog Output High accuracy turbine flow meters with built-in loading valve and analogue output, for use with hydraulic fluids. Flows up to 800 lpm (210 US gpm).
    Webster Instruments
  • RBFM - Ultrasonic flow Meter RBFM Ultrasonic flow Meter is an innovative Transit time flow meters operate on the principle that a sonic pulse is sent from a transmitting transducer, which propagates through the flowing medium to a receiving transducer. Depending on the velocity of the flow, the difference between the times of arrival of a pulse propagated against the flow (upstream direction) and one propagated with the flow (downstream) is used to calculate the velocity of the flow. RBFM Ultrasonic Flow Meter utilizes ultrasonic measuring methodology and microprocessor technology. All calculation and flow measuring circuits are designed on one single board, thus offering exceptional accuracy and reliability.
    R&B Instrument
  • Flow Meter Sensors SPECTEC's RF flow meter sensors are active RF pickups driven by an external RF (carrier) signal conditioner. Together they complete an oscillating circuit. The output of this circuit is amplitude modulated when a ferrous, 316 stainless steel or aluminum object passes by the pickup coil. This change in modulation of the carrier frequency is converted into a square wave pulse by the signal conditioner for computing and/or further processing.
    Spectec Innovative
  • V-Cone - Flow Meter The V-Cone Flow Meter is an advanced differential pressure instrument, which is ideal for use with liquid, steam or gas media in rugged conditions where accuracy, low maintenance and cost are important. With its DP built-in flow conditioning design, the V-Cone is especially useful in tight-fit and retrofit installations in which the long runs of straight pipe required by Orifice Plates, Venturi Tubes, and other technologies are either impractical or unavailable.
  • 3051S MultiVariable™ - Flowmeters Changing process conditions affect the accuracy and repeatability of your flow measurements, potentially causing process upsets. With the Rosemount 3051S MultiVariable™ Transmitter, you have three process measurements and flow calculations in a single device that can correct for changing process conditions and get an accurate reading every time. And that means you’ll have improved control of even rapidly changing process conditions resulting in improved production throughput.
  • DT-8897 - Differential Pressure Manometer & Flow Meter Large LCD display with backlight. 2.Relative time clock on MAX MIN and AVG provides a time reference for measurement. 3.Pressure measurement provides Zero Adjust and DIF function. 4.Display Pressure, Air Velocity or Air Flow plus Temperature simultaneously. 5.Easy to set Area dimension (up to 8 point).
    Shenzhen Everbest

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Flow Meters - Measure the movement of fluid or gas.