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  • MG-III - Oil Dissipation Factor Tester It is designed to determine the dissipation factor (Tan Delta), capacitance and resistance of transformer oil and other liquids. Relative dielectric constant and volume resistivity are calculated automatically and displayed.
    Chongqing Kailian
  • CP TD1 - Capacitance and Dissipation / Power Factor Test System Transformer Diagnostic System provides automatic testing of important transformer parameters within one portable system. System is the ideal tool for comprehensive testing of the following parameters of a power transformer: • Winding resistance • Turns ratio and excitation current • On-load tap changer condition • Leakage reactance • Insulation condition (capacitance, tangent delta, power factor)
    Omicron Electronics
  • DTL C - Fully automatic dissipation factor- and resistivity measuring system * Fully automatic measurement of the dissipation factor, the specific resistance and the relative permittivity of insulating oils * Easy application with 8 pre-programmable standards for quick and extensive analysis * Extended analysis for testing and research laboratories with individually programmable measuring sequences * Maximum accuracy with tan d measurement up to 1 x 10-6 * Excellent design for high efficiency and user-friendliness
    BAUR Prüf- Und Messtechnik
  • PE-AORDF-3 - Precision Automatic Oil Resistivity & Dielectric Loss Tester PE-AORDF Precision Automatic Oil Resistivity & Dielectric Loss Tester is a highly precise instrument, which can be applied to measure Resistance, Dissipation Factor, and Capacitance of the oil under test. The Volume Resistivity of insulating oil is derived from the other measured values.
    Power Electronical
  • 13100 - Electrolytic Capacitor Analyzer The Chroma 13100 Electrolytic Capacitor Analyzer is a general measurement instrument designed for analyzing the features of electrolytic capacitors. It has multiple functions that can be programmed based on the capacitor features by altering the settings to test metal oxidization thin-film withstand voltage, capacitor leakage current, capacitance, dissipation factor, impedance and equivalent serial resistance, etc.
    Chroma ATE
  • JDS200 - Thermal & Spectroradiometeric System Thermal parameter is the key index to evaluate the quality of LED. Different temperature will have significant different effects on optical parameters, color parameters, electricity parameters and life of LED. Therefore, design and control of the thermal dissipation are the most important thing for the manufacturers and users. Referring to the relative international standard, JDS200 could conduct integration testing on optic, color, electricity and thermal; meanwhile record the changing curve of the parameters with time. • Thermal parameters: 1) Junction temperature, thermal resistance and K factor 2) Optical Parameters: Spectral power distribution, chromaticity coordinate, correlative color temperature, peak wavelength , dominant wavelength, semibreadth, red ratio, rendering index, luminous flux and optical power 3) Electrical parameters: Forward voltage(Vf) and forward current(If) • Wavelength measurement range: 380~780nm; Thermal sink range: 5℃~90℃ • Wavelength preciseness:±0.5nm, Chromaticity coordinate accuracy: ±0.001 (Under standard illuminator A) • Temperature control system accuracy: ±1℃, junction temperature accuracy: ±1℃ • Record the changing curve of parameters with time • Program control the temperature of thermal sink to imitate the different LED real working condition • Test condition complies with corresponding international standard
    Lisun Electronics

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