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  • NS-1 - HANDHELD BROADBAND WHITE GAUSSIAN NOISE TEST SIGNAL GENERATOR The Model NS-1 is a handheld broadband white Gaussian noise source. It generates a wide, even, RF noise-signal. The NS-1 is popular for testing network components and aligning a building's coaxial cable network. The NS-1's noise-signal is also used to provide the RF source for measuring insertion loss of cable, splitters, taps and more.
    Applied Instruments
  • AS0408 - Broadband Amplifiers 4.0 - 8.0 GHz The MILMEGA Series 2000 4.0-8.0 GHz broadband amplifiers have an award winning innovative design which utilises the latest GaAs FET and MMIC technologies. This provides an architecture with unique features and benefits which differentiate Series 2000 from other solid state amplifiers, permitting an impressive array of input/output and sample port options and cost-effective power or bandwidth upgrades.
  • NS-3 - Broadband RF White Gaussian Noise Test Signal Generator The Model NS-3 RF noise generator is full of features that make this signal source perfect for bench, field, and ATE test applications. The NS-3 generates a flat AWGN noise signal from 5 MHz to 2.15 GHz that is ideal for digital signal simulation, carrier to noise testing, interface testing and more. It is offered in tabletop and rack-mount configurations.
    Applied Instruments
  • LPDA1810 - Broadband Antenna for ED85EX application Log-Periodic Antenna LPDA1810 ---(1.8GHz-10GHz) Broadband Antenna BAT8 -------------(400MHz-6GHz) Telescopic Antenna TELE5 ------(adjustable length) NEW!! Magnetic near field probe MP1--(for RF magnetic field)
    Cornet Microsystems
  • Broadband Software Powerful software to analyze the most demanding broadband signals with digital speed and precision. Advanced software features and DSP-based analysis modules provide the latest tools to measure and characterize signals captured in BSA hardware or loaded from stored signal files.
  • HPBA-2510 - High Power Broadband 25 MHz - 100 MHz The TDK RF Solutions HPBA-2510 High Power Broadband Antenna offers extremely high field strength for immunity measurements over the frequency range of 25 MHz to 100 MHz.
    TDK RF Solutions
  • S-103 - C L Band Broadband Light Source ASE broadband source slot module of FOTS system can offer special function that is able to change optical output spectral feature variously, which is change optical output spectral feature variously, which is followed by user's driving embedded pump LD freely. The output power of each pump LD is controlled separately by the program that is set up by user. In the case optimum ASE source output features such as wide broadband (> 80 nm @ -10 dBm/nm) and stable output power (< 0.02 dB) is needed, it is made up so that the provided Default mode along with User mode can be chosen and set up
  • A 1020-25/250 - Broadband high-frequency amplifier Broadband RF amplifiers for EMC testing and general laboratory applications Quiet operation through high performance heat sink with temperature-controlled fan Microprocessor control of all relevant data amplifier Monitor output
    Dr. Hubert GmbH
  • BROADBAND UNTERMINATED PCB CURRENT TRANSFORMER Suitable for low-current high-frequency applications where pcb mounting, good high frequency response and economy are prime considerations. 
    Lilco Ltd Diamond
  • 2800 Series - Broadband Brightfield DUV / UV / VIS Inspection The 2800 Series is the next-generation broadband DUV/UV/VIS patterned wafer inspection platform for sub-65-nm design rule development and production. With its multiple wavelengths, ultimate sensitivity, and extendibility, the 2800 Series enables the widest-ranging defect capture for all process layers.
  • Broadband Current Probes Conducted currents can be measured without making direct contact with the source conductor or metallic surface by means of clamp-on broadband current probes. The BCP-5xx EMC Current Probes are designed to permit field intensity meters, spectrum analyzers, and other 50W impedance instruments to measure quantitative magnitudes of current.
  • LDLS-02 - High Power Broadband Light Source Fiber Optic Component Characterization Fiber Optic Sensing
    AC Photonics
  • DAR8642 - Broadband Distribution amplifiers The R.L. Drake model DAR8642, DAR8633, DAR8618, DAR7542, and DAR7533 broadband distribution amplifiers are designed for indoor headend use in both residential and commercial buildings where RF signal distribution in the frequency range of 54 to 750 or 860 MHz is required.
    R.L. Drake Company
  • SC5107A - 500 MHz Broadband Distribution Amplifier / PXI The SC5107A single slot PXI broadband distribution amplifier distributes a single input to four copied output channels. All channel connectors are female SMA type. The input channel and all output channels are AC coupled with nominal terminal impedance of 50. The SC5107A operates from 5 MHz to 500 MHz with frequency flatness response less than ± 1 dB over 200 MHz of bandwidth.
  • BROADBAND TERMINATED CURRENT TRANSFORMER With a broadband terminated current transformer you can accurately measure current waveforms without electrical contact to the circuit under test.   Lilco Ltd has taken advantage of the availability of new resistive and magnetic materials to manufacture a range of innovative terminated current transformers (sometimes termed current monitors or current probes).
    Lilco Ltd Diamond
  • AMP-04 - BROADBAND AMPLIFIER DKD Instrument?s modular broadband RF block amplifiers are designed to be a low cost, high performance solutions to new designs or production replacements. The AMP-04 amplifier can operate from a 10 volt power source and cover a frequency range from .001 - 4.0 Ghz.
    DKD Instruments
  • PBB-200S - Triaxial Portable 120-Second Broadband Seismometer The Metrozet PBB-200S is a general-purpose broadband seismometer suitable for deployment in regional seismic networks, national seismic networks, and transportable arrays. Unlike the competition, the PBB-200S is MIL-SPEC tough and built around our Metrozet warpless baseplate.
  • 81060 - Broadband, Multirange Directional RF Wattmeter With the Model 81060 Directional Wattmeter you can now measure RF power in 50-Ohm coaxial cable and transmission lines without the need for additional plug-in elements.
    Coaxial Dynamics
  • Logarithmic Periodic Broadband Antennas The Logarithmic Periodic Broadband Antennas VULP 9118 offer a very low SWR in their nominal frequency range and a very broad bandwidth. The gain of typ. 6.5 dBi is nearly constant within the whole nominal frequency range. The gain ripple is typ. less than 1 dB. The 3 dB Half Power beamwidth is 70? in E-Plane and 120? in the H-Plane, the typical SWR < 1.5.
    Schwarzbeck Mess
  • AMP-03 - BROADBAND AMPLIFIER DKD Instrument?s modular broadband RF block amplifiers are designed to be a low cost, high performance solutions to new designs or production replacements. The AMP-03 amplifier can operate from a 10 volt power source and cover a frequency range from .001 - 3.5Ghz.
    DKD Instruments
  • FLS-2200 - Broadband Source The high-power, SLED-based FLS-2200 Broadband Source family covers all the bands needed for telecommunications applications. It provides a broader spectral range and more spectral density in a singlemode fiber than a white light source. 
  • BBS - Broadband Synthesizer The BBS series synthesizers offer broadband frequency coverage with very fine frequency resolution and low phase noise in a compact package. Several standard models are available that provide high-quality signals for a wide variety of applications. The BBS-100 is optimized for wireless bands within 750 to 1000 and 1500 to 2000 MHz.
    Herley Industries
  • specbos 1211 - Broadband Spectroradiometer specbos 1211 is a miniaturized and fast broadband spectroradiometer covering the wavelength range from VIS(UV) to NIR (download datasheet). It can be used for various applications both in lab as well as in production. The instrument is available in a standard version for the wavelength range of 350 ... 1000 nm and in an extended UV version (specbos 1211 UV) with 250 ... 1000 nm. specbos 1211 can be delivered with various interfaces.
    JETI Technische Instrumente
  • QE25 - Energy Detector 25 x 25 mm, 2 µJ - 23 J, Broadband and metallic Coatings Modular Concept
    Increase the power capability of your detector: 2 different cooling modules

    Low Noise Level
    2 µJ for the MB coating

    QED Attenuator Available
    Measure up to 5X higher energies. Available with optional calibration, all wavelengths between 532 & 1064 nm, or single wavelength

    Available with Metallic Absorber
    High Repetition Rate (6000 Hz)

    Test Target Included
    With the MB models

    Smart Interface
    Containing all the calibration data

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Broadband - Bandwidth > 512Kbps or signaling having numerous frequencies.