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  • NS-3 - Broadband RF White Gaussian Noise Test Signal Generator The Model NS-3 RF noise generator is full of features that make this signal source perfect for bench, field, and ATE test applications. The NS-3 generates a flat AWGN noise signal from 5 MHz to 2.15 GHz that is ideal for digital signal simulation, carrier to noise testing, interface testing and more. It is offered in tabletop and rack-mount configurations.
    Applied Instruments
  • NS-1 - HANDHELD BROADBAND WHITE GAUSSIAN NOISE TEST SIGNAL GENERATOR The Model NS-1 is a handheld broadband white Gaussian noise source. It generates a wide, even, RF noise-signal. The NS-1 is popular for testing network components and aligning a building's coaxial cable network. The NS-1's noise-signal is also used to provide the RF source for measuring insertion loss of cable, splitters, taps and more.
    Applied Instruments
  • S5200 - Broadband Amplifier The Baytems S5200 is a broadband amplifier with 20 dB of gain covering the nominal frequency range 9 kHz to 1 GHz. With its high gain and low noise figure, it will significantly increase the sensitivity of spectrum analyzers and other RF measuring instruments.
  • AS0822 - Broadband Amplifiers 0.8 - 2.2 GHz The MILMEGA Series 2000 0.8 GHz-2.2 GHz broadband amplifiers have an award winning innovative design which utilises the latest GaAs FET and MMIC technologies. This provides an architecture with unique features and benefits which differentiate Series 2000 from other solid state amplifiers, permitting an impressive array of input/output and sample port options and cost-effective power or bandwidth upgrades.
  • BT Series - Broadband Precision 75-ohm Test Cables MegaPhase's BT series is a 75 ohm version of "Mega Red" cable which offers a precison 75 ohm test solution for numerous production /general purpose test applications.
  • BROADBAND TESTCENTER Sparnex Instruments products are dedicated to test, simulate and generate all aspects of the Physical Layer (Layer 1) for testing compliance, benchmark and performance of Access Products CPE's and DSLAM's as well as testing the performance of the higher layers 2-7 under realistic Physical Layer deployment conditions.
    Sparnex Instruments
  • AMP-04 - BROADBAND AMPLIFIER DKD Instrument?s modular broadband RF block amplifiers are designed to be a low cost, high performance solutions to new designs or production replacements. The AMP-04 amplifier can operate from a 10 volt power source and cover a frequency range from .001 - 4.0 Ghz.
    DKD Instruments
  • 2800 Series - Broadband Brightfield DUV / UV / VIS Inspection The 2800 Series is the next-generation broadband DUV/UV/VIS patterned wafer inspection platform for sub-65-nm design rule development and production. With its multiple wavelengths, ultimate sensitivity, and extendibility, the 2800 Series enables the widest-ranging defect capture for all process layers.
  • RF Amps Broadband Power Amplifiers For RF Testing Broadband Power Amplifiers For RF Testing - RF Amplifiers backed by Worldwide Support and Service and a 3-Year Warranty. dc to 1000 MHz. 1 to 50,000 Watts. Linear, broadband and VSWR tolerant, with a wide range of uses and exceptional endurance even in the most difficult test scenarios, the AR Worldwide RF/Microwave Instrumentation RF amplifier is the industry standard for benchmark performance.
    AR Worldwide
  • QE95 - 95 mm Ø, 15 µJ - 250 J, Broadband Coating Modular Concept
    Increase the power capability of your detector: 2 different cooling modules

    Extra large Aperture
    Effective aperture of 95 mm Ø

    QED Attenuator Available
    Measure up to 5X higher energies. Available with optional calibration, all wavelengths between 532 & 1064 nm, or single wavelength

    Low Noise Level
    15 µJ for the MB coating

    Test Target Included
    With the MB models

    Smart Interface
    Containing all the calibration data
  • TC 4014 - Broadband spherical hydrophone with built-in preamp Able to measure underwater sounds up to 480kHz, the TC 4014 is a broad-band spherical hydrophone. With omni-directional characteristics you can trust, the TC 4014 is ideal for calibration, particularly in higher frequency ranges.
    Teledyne RESON
  • AS0104 - Dual Band Broadband Amplifier 1.0 - 4.0 GHz The AS0104 series of solid state power amplifiers follows the MILMEGA tradition for compact, upgradeable microwave power amplifier solutions with field proven reliability. Developed to cover the frequency band 1.0 - 4.0 GHz in two bands (1 GHz to 2 GHz and 2 GHz to 4 GHz), the topology has significant advantages over single band solutions.
  • AT1600 Series - Solutions for Broadband RF Switching Demand for high-quality digital TV and Internet service continues to increase. To meet this demand, cable operators and service providers require flexible, cost-effective, and expandable monitoring and remote testing of both their headend environments and network return paths. The AT1600 series multiplexer switches are ideal test measurement systems components where multiple CATV signals need to be tested through the same spectrum analyzer. The AT1600 series is fully compatible with the AT2500HM series spectrum analyzers as well as the Sunrise Telecom AT2000HM series.
    Sunrise Telecom
  • Telecom & Broadband Testing NTS is capable of performing all the required tests in the latest versions of GR-63-CORE, GR-1089-CORE, along with GR-487, GR-78. NTS understands the RBOC specific requirements and will develop a cost-effective testing program that fulfills our client's compliance requirements. The NTS testing programs are rigorous and complete, meeting the requirements of both our client and the final customer. * NEBS / Bellcore (GR–63 / 1089 / 487) * Component Testing (Optical / Electrical) * Connector Testing (Fiber / USB / IEEE 1394 TA) * SONET GR–253 Compliance * Cable Modem / CMTS Compliance (DOCSIS) * Voiceover Internet Protocol, VoIP / ATM & H.323 * DSL Product Testing * SS7 Signaling
    National Technical
  • KS-54000/KS-1 - Very Broadband Seismometer Geotech's Model KS-54000 is a borehole, Model KS-1 a vault, three-component seismometer, designed for ultra low-noise monitoring for frequencies from 0.003 to 5 Hz, being below the Low Noise Model for frequencies up to 5 Hz.
    Geotech Instruments
  • CMG-1 - High performance, ultra-broadband seismometers The Guralp Systems CMG-1 range of seismometers are ultra-broadband triaxial, force-feedback observatory grade instruments. The instruments are suitable for surface vaults, subsurface vaults and posthole installations.
    Güralp Systems Ltd
  • MC4900PT - Omnidirectional Antenna for Broadband Wireless Public Safety The MC4900PT ceiling mount omnidirectional antenna is designed to cover broadband wireless Public Safety frequencies from 4.9 to 5.9 GHz with a VSWR of less than 2.0:1.
  • Broadband Bit Error Rate Tester 40G, 56G and 100G The SHF Bit Pattern Generator (BPG) and Error Analyzer (EA) modules are units which can be used to form a complete 40G BERT (OC-768 BERT) or multi-channel 10G BERT (OC-192 BERT). They work broadband from 1.5 to 56 Gbps and in conjunction with our test and measurement modules, a system for producing and analyzing optical signals can be put together. It's a future-proof system which supports 100 Gigabit Ethernet developments based on multiple channel 25 GBps (28/32 Gbps) and 50 Gbps (56 Gbps) in addition to the standard 40 Gbps (43 Gbps). The setup and control is very easy, even though it's flexible and offers sophisticated features at the same time.
    SHF Communication
  • Broadband ASE Source (1 micron and 1.55 micron) Based on our patent pending proprietary technology and expertise on specialty fiber optics, PolarOnyx Laser has launched a series of broadband ASE source covering 1.55micron (C, L, and C+L bands) and 1 micron to meet the requirements of various applications. Various power levels are available from 5 dBm to 14 dBm. Built-in electronics provides interface (RS232 and customer defined) with computer for ease of automation and system integration.
    PolarOnyx Laser
  • Trillium Compact - Broadband Seismometer Standing at just 128 mm (5.04") tall with a diameter of only 90 mm (3.54"), Trillium Compact combines the superior performance of a broadband seismometer with the installation convenience of a rugged geophone. The instrument incorporates a symmetric triaxial force feedback sensor with a response flat to velocity from 120 seconds to 100 Hz. Scientists no longer need to compromise on performance in applications demanding small, highly portable seismometers.
    Nanometrics Seismological
  • NC346 Series - Broadband Noisecom's NC346 Series is designed for Broadband coaxial noise figure measurement applications. Each module's low VSWR reduces reflections and increases measurement accuracy.
  • CMG-3 - High performance, low noise, compact, broadband seismometers The Guralp Systems CMG-3 range of compact three-component broadband seismometers are suitable for surface vault, subsurface vault, posthole and borehole installations. The instruments are thoroughly proven and have been in continuous production since 1987. The CMG-3T is widely used on many National Seismic Networks, with over 3000 triaxial instruments deployed worldwide. The instruments can be supplied with built in digitisers, acquisition modules and a range of storage and communications options.
    Güralp Systems Ltd
  • TC 4035 - Miniature broadband hydrophone probe with built-in preamp The TC 4035 is a miniature probe hydrophone specifically designed as a standard reference hydrophone for sound measurements in the frequency range 100 to 500kHz.
    Teledyne RESON
  • FBT Coupler, Dual Window Broadband DiCon?s Dual Window Broadband Coupler is a compact low loss singlemode component designed for splitting power signals in the 1550 nm and 1310 nm windows. 
    DiCon Fiberoptics

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Broadband - Bandwidth > 512Kbps or signaling having numerous frequencies.