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Maury Microwave corporation is a leading manufacturer of RF and microwave laboratory devices, calibration standards and system components.

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  • Automated Tuners / Impedance Tuners / Load Pull Tuners

    Maury Microwave Corporation

    MT97x, MT98x and XT98x series automated tuners (also known as automated impedance tuners and automated load pull tuners) are precision instruments that are optimized for a broad class of in-fixture and on-wafer applications, and may be used in any automated or manual application requiring the ability to match the impedance of a microwave circuit element or to establish specific impedances at a terminal interface. The tuner design is based on the slide screw concept using the inherently broadband slab-line transmission structure. Each unit has two non-contacting probes deliver high VSWR with superb accuracy and reliability over a wide frequency range. These probes can be fully retracted leaving a low-loss, well-matched transmission line, which is a significant benefit in power related applications where two-port tuners capable of handling large amounts of power are required. As integral components of Maury Device Characterization Solutions, these PC-based tuners are controlled using Maury's family of Device Characterization Software tools, including MT930 IVCAD, MT993 ATS and the DLL-based measurement automation environment. Maury Microwave automed impedance tuners are ideal for load pull, harmonic load pull, active load pull, hybrid active load pull, noise figure, noise parameters and all automated tuner applications.

  • Manual Tuners

    Maury Microwave Corporation

    Manual tuners are used both in the laboratory and as system components to establish or transform impedances for a number of applications. They can be used to establish optimum source or load terminations for device characterization, normalize a source or load for precision laboratory measurements and/or calibrations (noise, power, etc.), and can act as a matching transformer between a mismatched source and a mismatched load.

  • Mixed-Signal Active Load Pull System

    MT1000 And MT2000 Series - Maury Microwave Corporation

    The MT1000 and MT2000 mixed-signal active load pull systems are the best commercially proven solutions capable of performing load pull at high speeds of up to 1000 impedance/power states per minute with no limitation on Smith Chart coverage, under the following conditions:Single-tone CW and pulsed-CW RF signalDC and pulsed-DC biasTime-domain NVNA voltage and current waveforms and load linesFrequencies between 1 MHz and 40 GH

  • Pulsed SMU Systems

    Maury Microwave Corporation

    AMCAD Engineering has created professional, industry-proven pulsing technology for both pulsed-bias load pull (Pulsed Load Pull, PLP) and 50ohm transistor test applications. Systems come equipped with a mainframe controller which includes integrated power supplies and integrated input pulser with ±25V/200mA capability. The external output pulser module (probes, pulsers) is configured for 120V/30A pulsing.

  • Precision Low-Loss Multiplexers

    Maury Microwave Corporation

    Maury’s line of diplexers (DP-series) and triplexers (TP-series) are designed for applications which require combining/ splitting signals at or around harmonic frequencies (nFo) and are connectorized for design-in and test and measurement applications.DP-series diplexers are designed using low-pass and high-pass filters and pass bias between the low-frequency (or Fo) port and the common (or DUT) port.TP-series triplexers are designed using low-pass, bandpass and high-pass filters and pass bias between the low-frequency (or Fo) port and the common (or DUT) port.Power handling is rated at 100W CW (average) and typical insertion loss is better than 0.5dB between the low-pass (Fo) and common ports.DP- and TP-series multiplexers are ideal accessories for passive, active and hybrid-active multi-harmonic load pull systems.

  • Load Pull Test Fixtures

    Maury Microwave Corporation

    Low Insertion Loss for High VSWR TuningMultiple Connector Configurations50Ω and Transformers (Klopfenstein, Quarter-wave) AvailableHeatsinks and Fans AvailableCooling (Water cooling, Forced air cooling) AvailableIntegrated Biasing Available

  • IQSTAR Circuit Measurement And Analysis Software

    Maury Microwave Corporation

    Turn-Key software for agnostic measurement hardwareAdaptive Calibration wizards for configurable test benchesAutomated Test Flow with drag & drop customized measurement sequencesAdvanced and customizable display tools using Whiteboard Dataset viewerSpeed up Design cycles and generate measurement reportsDoes not require programming skills

  • Manual Tuners / Impedance Tuners

    Maury Microwave Corporation

    Maury manual tuners are based on precision slide screw technology that utilizes broadband slab line transmission structure and passive probes to create impedances for devices. The probes are designed to be very close to onequarter wavelength in the linear dimension at the mid-band of each range. Since each tuner has two probes, this results in improved matching characteristics for each unit. Another key feature of this series of tuners is the inclusion of a LCD position readout of the carriage position on those units operating below 18 GHz. Higher frequency tuners utilize a micrometer carriage drive. The positional repeatability and high matching range of these tuners make them ideally suited for use as a variable impedance source in applications like device characterization. Such measurements depend upon the ability of the tuner to establish impedances out near the edge of the Smith chart and to reproduce the electrical characteristics as a function of mechanical position. The tuners in this series are also easy to use due to the nearly independent electrical results of the mechanical motions. The depth of penetration of the probe into the transmission line determines the magnitude of the reflection, while the position of the probe along the line determines the phase. While there is some interaction, the effects are almost independent of each other.

  • Advanced Measurement and Modeling Software

    IVCAD MT930 Series - Maury Microwave Corporation

    IVCAD advanced measurement and modeling software, offered by Maury Microwave and AMCAD Engineering supports multiple load pull techniques including traditional load pull using external instrumentation, VNA-based load pull, active load pull and hybrid load pull. It performs DC-IV and pulsed-IV measurements and incorporates device modeling tools. Its modern visualization capabilities give users a greater ability to view, plot and graph measurement data in an intuitive manner.

  • Automated Mobile Test System Software

    AMTSv3 - Maury Microwave Corporation

    The Maury Automated Mobile Test System Software (AMTS v3) is a standalone application designed specifically to automate the testing of mobile phones in transmit and receive modes, for output power and sensitivity respectively, as a function of VSWR magnitude and phase. MT910 Series for GSM, WCDMA, CDMA2000, LTE and TD-SCDMA Standards.

  • LXI-Certified 1.85mm Automated Tuners 8.0 to 65.0 GHz

    MT985 Series - Maury Microwave Corporation

    Maury''s MT985AL01 LXI controlled automated tuners are optimized for a broad class of in-fixture and on-wafer applications requiring flexibility, broad frequency coverage and ease of use. Based on Maury''s proven non-contacting probe technology, these high-performance tuners evolve beyond outdated contacting probe technology to deliver high VSWR with superb accuracy and reliability.

  • Noise Receiver Modules And Noise Switching Modules

    MT7553 Series - Maury Microwave Corporation

    Noise Parameters are the non-50Ω extensions of Noise Figure, and are an important modeling and model validation tool to understand how a device-undertest’s performance changes as a function of source impedance. Noise Parameter measurements are typically performedusing a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) to measure the S-Parameters of the DUT, and a Noise Analyzer (either Noise Figure Analyzer NFA or Spectrum Analyzer SA) to measure the noise power of the DUT. Noise parameters are calculated from a combination of knownsource impedances, S-parameters and noise powers.

  • Slide Screw Tuners

    Maury Microwave Corporation

    Slide screw tuners are particularly suited to establishing impedances for device characterization, or for any other application requiring a precisely repeatable mismatch condition. This is due to the precision with which a specific matching condition can be repeated if the tuner has calibrated position indicators.

  • Test & Measurement Instrument Amplifiers

    MPA-series - Maury Microwave Corporation

    The MPA-series Test & Measurement Instrument Amplifiers are based on state-of-the-art GaN PA modules and operate from 0.7 to 26.5 GHz (multiple frequency options are available). They provide High continuous power across the band, high linearity for wideband communications testing, have variable gain adjustment and a high-resolution display shows amplifier status. Amplifiers offer a wide range of application-specific requirements including simultaneous high-power, wide bandwidth, low harmonic power and high linearity.

  • Pulsed IV Systems

    AM3200-Series - Maury Microwave Corporation

    AMCAD Engineering has created professional, industry-proven pulsing technology for both standalone IV-testing (Pulsed IV, PIV) as well as pulsed-bias load pull (Pulsed Load Pull, PLP) and high-voltage power semiconductor applications. Systems come equipped with a mainframe controller which includes integrated power supplies. Input and output pulser modules (probes, pulsers) are selected for specific applications and are available in bipolar ±25V/1A and high-voltage 250V/30A models.