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  • ADD101B - Automotive Test Leads Automotive professional needs qualityeads with their diagnostic instrument (Scope Scanner Multimeter) during check automotive circuit.They aren' ideal for automotive use without stabing the line
  • Automotive Test Systems HORIBA Automotive Test Systems is a leading supplier in the fields of engine test systems, driveline test systems, brake test systems, wind tunnel balances and emissions test systems. More than just the world's leading supplier of emissions testing systems, HORIBA ATS is able to provide total solutions to its customers, with full turnkey capability.
    HORIBA Ltd
  • 143 - Automotive Test Lead Kit Test Lead Kit includes our basic set of interchangeable specialty test probes designed for automotive use. The flexible back probing pins are great for sliding into automotive connectors like those on fuel injectors and MAP sensors. The large Crocodile Clips are good for clipping to grounds and battery terminals. Roll up storage pouch keeps your leads organized.
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  • Automotive Test Engineering Services MIRA has extensive experience in providing test engineering services to the global automotive industry. With over 35 major test facilities, including a comprehensive set of safety laboratories - crash, impact simulation, pedestrian; vehicle and component environmental facilities; full scale aerodynamic wind tunnel; vehicle and component EMC (electromagnetic compatibility); component and structures test labs.
    MIRA Ltd
  • Automotive Test Systems Continuing with its 30 years of power testing excellence, Intepro has taken its expertise in high power aerospace and defense applications to create a wide range of test solutions for the growing hybrid, fuel cell, and electronic components.
    Intepro Systems
  • 77039 - Automotive Test Lead Set Terminal test set designed to fit on standard 4mm Banana plugs as used on multimeter and other testing equipment. Complete with aluminium storage case. Terminal test set Designed to fit on standard 4mm Banana plugs as used on multimeter and other testing equipment Also suitable for other test equipment Great time saver
  • LABCAR - Automotive Test System The LABCAR product family comprises software, hardware, and models suitable for integration into tailor-made testing systems that fit perfectly into existing processes. Deployable from the earliest to the latest phases of development, the LABCAR family provides for efficient verification and validation of embedded systems and software.
  • EM287 - AUTOMOTIVE TEST DEVICE This unit is the best electrical tester for reducing diagnostic time in automotive electrical systems. After a simple hook-up of the unit to the vehicle‘s battery, automotive technician can conduct a positive or negative battery current to the tip by rocking the rock switch forward or backward. The unit can be used to measure dc voltage and test for continuity or for bad ground contacts, It can also be used to follow and locate short circuits. It is short-circuit protected, its long cable allows you to perform test easily. Powered by the vehicle battery directly.
  • 3410 - Automotive Test Light/Circuit Tester Helps to quickly identify if there is voltage present on wiring and circuits. Ergonomic grip design with 6-foot test leads. Transparent handle shows bright LEDs to identify connections: Green = Ground Present. Red = Voltage Present
    Equus Products
  • Automotive Radiator Test Stands Flow testing radiator test and repair stands.
    Hydraulic Technology
  • Automotive Relay Test System The Relay Test System RE 4.0 is a fully automated test system for conducting production tests on relays of various types having rated voltage of up to 30 VDC. The hardware, standard setups and software can be customized to suit specific insectionidual needs. Multiple systems can be networked for centralized data presentation, storage and analysis.
    Crest Technology
  • KM 6060 - 3 1/2 DIGIT DIGITAL AUTOMOTIVE TEST METER Diode Test, hFE Test, Continuity Test, Data Hold, Backlight Display & Duty Cycle. * Overload Protection in all Ranges.
  • eCAR Automotive Electronics Test System eCAR automotive electronics test system is a comprehensive test system developed by PANSINO based on its test experience over a decade. This system can provide a packaged solutions for automotive electronics test via expandable architecture and modular design. ECU Test, TCU test and Instrument panel test.
    Beijing Pansino Solutions
  • 77068 - Automotive Fuse Adaptor Test Leads This tool is for testing and measuring the amps at the vehicle's fuseboard and is designed for use with a multi-meter. Specification: 12-48volt/ 0-20amp For testing and measuring the amps at the fuse boa Designed to be used with multi-testers Specification 12-48volt/ 0-20amp 750mm cable
  • 134 - FUSE LEAD Automotive DMM Test Leads Automotive Fuse Holder In-Line Can Prevent Your DMM's Internal Fuse From Blowing ATC Fuse Holder In-Line Provides extra overload protection Can prevent your DMM's internal fuse from blowing For use with any Digital Multimeter
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  • NSG 5500 - Automotive Transient Immunity Tests Built on capacitive discharge circuitry, the NSG 5500 improves on the exclusive Gemini technology and expands on the unique pulse shaping qualities offering the only solution fully compatible with every immunity requirement from ISO 7637-2:2004.
    Teseq AG
  • Test Systems for the Automotive Industry Systems in automobile technology are becoming more and more complicated and demand special and more intelligent production and testing technologies, so that forward-pointing product quality enables steps towards a decisive market lead.
    Vogelsang & Benning
  • 5903A - DMM test lead kit - Automotive Model 5903A Industrial / Automotive DMMTest Lead Kit
    Pomona Electronics
  • Test Solution Services - Automotive Industry Since 1980, SofTest Designs Corporation has provided quality test solutions for the Automotive industry. Our experience enables us to recognize and deal with potential problems before they occur. This helps us ensure that your production line is operational on time. The professionals at SofTest Designs are some of the industry's leading authorities in automotive components.
    SofTest Designs
  • Automotive Tire and Wheel Assembly Line Test Equipment Integrated tire and wheel assembly tester (high speed uniformity). Tire bead seater and dynamic balancer for tire and wheel assembly lines.
    Kokusai Co. Ltd
  • G4187 - Automotive Multimeter A diagnostic Multi-meter for the professional mechanic, technician. Features include; 24 position selector switch provides a vast array of specialized automotive test and calibration functions, analogue/digital display, shock resistant, protective holster and stand, fully functional symbol display connect prompt, full testing overload protection. DC volts (0-1000), AC volts (0-750), DC amps 0-10A, Ohms (resistance) 0-20m, dwell, tachometers (4/6/8), diodes, continuity test, data hold, fuse 200Ma & 10A, Probes and batteries
  • FSH03410 - Automotive Transducer The LAU300 Automotive Transducer - Seat Belt is yet another unique product offered for the Automotive Industry. Designed to test the tension forces on seat belt the LAU300 Automotive Transducer - Seat Belt is made from Anodized Aluminum, making it extremely light weight, and offers a compact design that is easy to use. 
    Futek Advanced Sensor
  • 25 - Automotive Multimeter DC Voltage ♦ AC Voltage ♦ DC Current ♦ Resistance ♦ Frequency Counter ♦ Temperature Measurement ♦ RPM Measurement ♦ Duty Cycle ♦ Dwell Test ♦ Diode Test ♦ Continuity Buzzer ♦ Auto Power Off ♦ Easy to Use Single Rotary Switch
    Aplab Limited

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