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  • TMAH/H2O2 Monitor

    CS-139E - HORIBA, Ltd.

    The CS-139E is for TMAH/H2O2 solutions in the cleaning process in semiconductor manufacturing, and monitors the concentration of chemical solutions with high precision. Achieve unprecedented high-speed responsiveness and compactness. The concentration of each component of the TMAH/H2O2 solution (TMAH/H2O2/H2O), which is used as an alternative SC-1 for the removal of particles and organic matter, is constantly monitored. By feedback control employing monitor output, it is possible to keep the concentration of TMAH/H2O2 solution within the allowable range while eliminating unnecessary chemical solution exchange. In addition, a lineup of integrated coolers is also available, covering a wide range of sample temperatures.

  • Ammonia Analyzers - Economical (NH3, H2O)

    Los Gatos Research, Inc.

    Los Gatos Research's (LGR's) Ammonia Analyzer provides sensitive measurements of ammonia in ambient air or in process flows containing ethylene with extremely high precision and sensitivity. No longer do you have to spend a lot of money or wait a long time or rely on scrubbers to measure ammonia with high sensitivity – LGR’s Ammonia Analyzer provides direct measurements every second with ppb-level precision. In addition, the Ammonia Analyzer can report measurements quickly (fast response time) over a very wide range of concentrations. The instrument, based on LGR’s cavity enhanced laser absorption spectroscopy, is simple to use, inexpensive to operate, and includes all components (internal vacuum pump, keyboard,mouse, video monitor) to start recording data within minutes.

  • Bioreactor Gas Analyzer

    MAX300-BIO - Extrel CMS, LLC

    Mass Spectrometry is a powerful tool for bioreactor monitoring. Changes to the composition of bioreactor or fermentor off-gas provide crucial insight into cellular health and production efficiency. This makes the fast, accurate analysis of CO2, O2, N2, Ar, H2O and other compounds essential for real-time process control. The MAX300-BIO uses cutting edge quadrupole mass spectrometer technology to quantify bioreactor gases from multiple reactors within the facility and reports the data to the control system in real-time.

  • Compact Baking System

    LSC series - HORIBA, Ltd.

    HORIBA's best-selling baking system has been developed to meet the requirements of today’s high technology industries. Without the need of a carrier gas, the system can provide stable vaporization of materials such as TEOS (at a rate of 600 SCCM) and H2O (at a rate of 2 SLM). For ease of access all device maintenance can be performed from the front of the unit.

  • Trace Gas Analyzers

    Campbell Scientific, Inc.

    Instruments for measuring CO2 and H2O

  • Variable Reluctance Pressure Sensor Capable of Range Changes

    DP15 - Validyne Engineering

    An easy-to-replace pressure-sensing diaphragm maximizes the system's functionality by making pressure measurements from 2.22" H2O to 3200 psi in one compact unit. Rugged and reliable, the DP15 pressure sensor provides superior accuracy for measuring low-pressure liquids and gasses, while it withstands the abuse of field and laboratory testing. The ability to change full scale ranges make the DP15 a very cost effective solution for applications that need different pressure ranges or university labs.

  • Low Range Low Cost OEM Differential Pressure Transducer

    P17 - Validyne Engineering

    The P17 OEM Low Range Low Cost pressure transducer features high sensitivity to very low pressures with full scales available down to 0.1 In H2O. Output signal is 5 Vdc and power can be +5 to +28 Vdc. Zero and Span adjustments are included. The P17 has a robust steel sensor construction.

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