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  • General Purpose Lab Oven

    REXMED ROV-150 - REXMED Industries Co., Ltd.

    MOD. ROV-150, AC 110/230V, Plug type: , General purpose lab oven, dry air / hot air sterilizer, HS CODE: 841780, UNCCS CODE: 447483, UMDNS CODE: 14410, Main construction: powder coated steel and SS304, Controller: Microprocessor based PID controller, water proof keypad with timer, ˚C/PV and ˚C/SV display and setting, Timer: 9999/min, 9999/hr, Timer has DELAY_ON and DELAY_OFF function and at the end of operation audio and visual warning, Working range: Ambient +5˚C~250˚C, Stability at 37˚C: ±0.2˚C, Uniformity at 150˚C: ±1.5˚C, Sensor: PT 100Ω, Temperature audio and visual warning for AL-H and AL-L and OFS correction setting, Heater: 700W X 2pcs, Chamber: L50 X W50 X H60cm, Capacity: 150L, chamber with key lock, W/S: shelf X 2pcs

  • Street Level Installation Tool

    Teledyne ISCO

    Measuring flow and water quality in sewers is fast and easy. The Teledyne ISCO Street Level Installation Tool lets you install your monitoring system from ground level, eliminating the costs and hazards of manhole entry. Pole sections can be combined to access pipe as deep as 15 feet. Use the Street Level Installation Tool with Area Velocity Sensors. Non-ISCO probes can be used as well, but may require adapting to fit the mounting rings. The Street Level Installation Tool consists of a Mounting Ring and a Multi-section pole. To install, simply attach your sensor to the mounting ring, then slide the ring onto the rod at the base of the pole and lower it into the manhole. Pulling the strap collapses the ring so it can be inserted into the upstream pipe. Once in place, release the strap, allowing tension against the wall of the pipe to hold the ring in place. Remove the pole. To remove, pull on the strap to collapse the mounting ring.

  • Bubbler Flow Module

    730 - Teledyne ISCO

    Teledyne ISCO 730 Bubbler Flow Modules use an internal air compressor to force a metered ​amount of air through a bubble line submerged in the flow channel. By measuring the pressure needed to force air bubbles out of the line, the water level is accurately determined. The 6712 Sampler then converts this level into flow rate. The 730 provides accurate measurement in a variety of conditions. It is suitable for small channels, and is not affected by wind, steam, foam or turbulence. And, because only the bubble tube contacts the flow, corrosive chemicals are not a problem. Automatic bubble line purging prevents clogging. The 730 also resists damage by lightning and debris, making it ideal for stormwater applications. Automatic Drift Compensation makes Teledyne ISCO bubbler flow meters the most accurate level measurement technology. In standby applications such as stormwater runoff monitoring, Automatic Drift Compensation also allows the 730 to maintain calibration for extended periods in standby applications such as stormwater runoff monitoring.

  • Miller 400D

    44550 - M. C. Miller Company

    No need to select ranges or adjust dials – the Miller 400D provides a direct read-out of resistance with the push of a button• Bluetooth interface allows optional data-logging via a Bluetooth-enabled PC (or PDA)**• Rugged, hard plastic case - safe to use on wet ground – IP67 rating for dust and water intrusion• Resistance measurement range from 0.01Ω to 10MΩ (auto-ranging) • High resolution digital display• Resistance measurements are unaffected by any stray interference signals that may be present in the earth during readings, due to the use of narrow band-pass filters centered at 82.2Hz (the unit’s operating frequency)• Runs on a set of replaceable D-cell alkaline need to periodically recharge the unit or to plug it into a power source• Performs 10,000 single readings on a fresh set of batteries• Integrates with Universal Rectifiers’ Soil Depth Selector/Multi-Pin Cable Harness System (please see Integration with Universal Rectifiers’ Cable Harness)

  • Patchcord


    The OPTOKON HMA optical modules are designed for connection of the nodes of harsh environmental network by the help of cables with optical fibers. The used „Expanded beam technology“ preserves all advantages of signals transmission through the optical lines in field harsh environmental conditions. Benefiting from expanded beam technology, with a long and proven industry track record, the precision optical alignment system creates immunity from water, mud, dust, oil and other contaminants. The HMA Hermaphroditic coupling eliminates the need for adaptors and male and female mating halves. Hermaphroditic housings allow for rapid deployment, creating low loss Single mode, Multimode and Hybrid daisy chained links in a variety of planforms ranging from simplex fiber to a copper Hybrid. The OPTOKON HMA is ideally suited for environmental extremities where low maintenance and quick repairabilty is necessary, the connectors are uniquely field installable and rapidly field repairable.There are two different types of OPTOKON HMA connection modules:

  • Automatic Pull-Off Adhesion Gauge

    510 - Elcometer Limited

    Automatic hydraulic pump ensures smooth and continuous pressure application for consistent, repeatable adhesion strength resultsFully adjustable pull rates 0.1-1.4MPa/s (14.5-203psi) to meet National and International StandardsCan be used with 10,14.2, 20 and 50mm diameter dolliesUser definable limits with unique pressure hold and release functionUser definable measurement range with an accuracy of ±1% of full scale:10mm dolly: 100MPa (14400psi14.2mm dolly: 50MPa (7200psi)20mm dolly: 25 MPa (3600psi)50mm dolly: 4MPa (580psi)Dust and water resistant rugged design to IP64Interchangeable units: MPa, psi, Nmm2 and NA range of standard and thin substrate actuator skirts (compatible with Elcometer 506) available for adhesive strength testing on thick, thin, flat or convex substratesStore up to 60,000 readings with individual pull graphs in up to 2,500 alpha numerical batches, complete with attribute failure informationUSB and Bluetooth® data output - compatible with ElcoMaster® App for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android mobile devices

  • pHTestr® 30+ Waterproof Pocket Tester

    OAKTON Instruments

    Waterproof pHTestr 30 is great for outdoor applications such as taking pH measurements in lakes and streams. Designed to float in water, you can even attach a line to the housing for easy retrieval. Valox sensor housing resists most chemicals.The pHTestr 30 has a replaceable sensor for easy maintenance. pHTestr 30 purchased before Oct. 2019 use replacement sensor 35624-38. pHTestr 30 purchased after Oct. 2019 use replacemenr sensor 35634-03. Double-junction electrode sensor handles wastewater and solutions containing sulfides, heavy metals, and TRIS. Electrode sensor offers a clog-resistant Kynar® junction and a recessed, glass pH bulb to protect against breakage.The keypad clicks to confirm operation, and allows access to a variety of functions. Calibrate up to three pH points with the auto-buffer recognition at both USA and NIST standard buffers. Additional features include a automatic temperature compensation (ATC), hold function, auto-off function, self-diagnostic error messages, and a three-segment battery-life indicator.

  • Walk in chamber for Complex Salt Spray Test (Temperature controllable)

    Guangdong Bell Experiment Equipment Co.,Ltd

    Walk in chamber for Complex Salt Spray Test Relevant standards requirement1. Test Object: battery pack andsystem.2. Refer GB/T4 part 5.5.2 test method, test according to GT/T2423.17 test conditions.3. The salt solution was made up with sodium chloride (chemically pure and analytically pure) and distilled or deionized water,Its concentration is (5 + 1)% (mass fraction).4. (35 ± 2) ℃, the measured pH value is between 6.5-7.2.5. Placed the test objects in the salt spray chamber for cycling test. Each cycling duration for 24h. Spray salt solution to the test object for 8 hours under the temperature of (35± 2) ℃ , remain for 16 hours. Between the forth and the fifth hour in one cycles should be according to test requirement in GB/T 28046.1-2011, test mode with 3.2.6. Total 6 cycles testing.7. Salt spray test is not necessary for the test objects being installed in passenger, luggage or cargo compartments.

  • Autonomous Underwater Glider

    Teledyne Marine

    Conceived by Douglas C. Webb and supported by Henry Stommel and others, the class of Slocum gliders is named after Joshua Slocum, the first man to single-handedly sail around the world.The Slocum glider is a uniquely mobile network component capable of moving to specific locations and depths and occupying controlled spatial and temporal grids. Driven in a sawtooth vertical profile by variable buoyancy, the glider moves both horizontally and vertically.The long-range and duration capabilities of Slocum gliders make them ideally suited for subsurface sampling at the regional scale. Carrying a wide variety of sensors, they can be programmed to patrol for weeks at a time, surfacing to transmit their data to shore while downloading new instructions at regular intervals, realizing a substantial cost savings compared to traditional surface ships.The small relative cost and the ability to operate multiple vehicles with minimal personnel and infrastructure will enable small fleets of gliders to study and map the dynamic (temporal and spatial) features of subsurface coastal waters around the clock and around the calendar.​

  • Radiator Flow Test Machine

    8601 - Hydraulic Technology, Inc.

    The Radiator Flow Test Machine P/N 8601 meets all requirements of military specification MIL-F-45955A (AL). It is completely self contained and requires only connection to a source of shop electrical power to place in operation. A power cable complete with three prong grounding plug is permanently attached to the machine for this purpose. The unit consists of a water storage tank, a pumping system, a flow measuring system, a support and workstation, and the required hose adapters for connection to different size radiators. The complete unit is mounted on swiveling casters. The flow rate is infinitely adjustable from 0 to 120 gallons per minute by means of a panel mounted control valve. The machine is constructed from heavy 10 gauge steel, is double welded and is coated externally and internally with a water-resistant epoxy coating. Flow measurement is accomplished by a digital panel meter with a calibrated accuracy of plus or minus 3 percent of scale between 5 and 120 gallons per minute. Higher flows available on request.

  • 250 and 260 Series pH Handheld Meter Kits

    OAKTON Instruments

    Get easy-to-read and accurate readings with auto-hold, auto-stable, and real-time measurements with stability indicators. The Environmental Express® Oakton® 200 series of water quality meters features an electrode status indicator, which shows the condition of the electrode after each calibration. Easily view electrode condition, reading stability, measured parameter, and temperature in one screen. Don’t worry about accuracy in fluctuating temperature—ATC ensures measurement accuracy. The simple user interface features adjustable auto shut-off time ranging from 1 to 30 minutes. Self-diagnosing meters display measurement and meter issues for fast fault finding and troubleshooting. Easily take measurements and conveniently store meter and electrodes with built-in foldable stand on the back of the meter. Two grooves on the side of the meter serve as electrode holders, to hold up to 2 electrodes. Choose from two series—the 250 series feature 500 data points (scroll thru on meter) while the 260 series features 1000 data points, a real-time clock, and USB communication for data down loads.

  • Sequential/Composite Sampler

    5800 - Teledyne ISCO

    The 5800 Refrigerated Sampler is Teledyne ISCO's answer to the rigorous demands of water monitoring. With user-friendly controls and task accommodating features, the 5800 is the only choice for stationary sampling in both municipal and industrial wastewater applications. The controller actively regulates and displays the sample compartment temperature, and logs a 24-hour summary to confirm proper sample cooling. Not only can you download the temperature record with a basic utility program such as Tera Term, you can also view this information on the unit display. ISCO-tough - and environmentally friendly, too. The 5800 Sampler follows the ISCO standard for weather and corrosion resistance. The tough, double-wall LLDPE cabinet shrugs off exposure to weather and harsh environ​ments. It is filled from top to bottom with insulation for efficient temperature control for keeping samples cool in hot, humid conditions and has heaters to keep the samples from freezing in cold conditions. Heat-treated polyester powder coating protects the refrigeration system, additionally evaporator and condenser coils are const​ructed of 316 stainless steel. This ensures long life and reliability in corrosive treatment plant conditions.

  • Archival Storage Rooms

    Darwin Chambers Company

    Darwin Chambers Company’s NFPA, GSA, and NARA Directive 1571-compliant Archival Storage Chambers are engineered to provide maximum value, efficiency and conformance with all applicable standards and codes. Archival chambers provide environmental controls for storing records and materials (including paper documents and items with high fibrous content, various films, microfiche, and photographic materials) that require permanent protection for storage and preservation. Our high-performance systems are offered with nearly unlimited operational fail safes, includ- ing full system and control redundancy. In addition to keyed entry, numerous security options are also available, due to the often irreplaceable nature of the materials to be stored and preserved in this type of chamber. Our chambers are engineered to accommodate the loads and unique requirements of the specific materials to be stored, with industry-leading control and uniformity of both temperature and humidity variables. Design considerations include both functional and operational efficiencies and reliability, the safety and comfort of operating personnel, and the ongoing protection of the archived materials from fire, water, light degradation, pests, mold and natural contaminants, pollutants and other man- made threats.

  • Testing Aircraft and Helicopters

    Sun Test Systems Ltd.

    Sun Test Systems develops and manufactures mobile test equipment for commercial and military aircraft and helicopters.The product range consists of:A complete line of hydraulic test equipment for every helicopter or aircraft size. This equipment is able to fully clean and regenerate the hydraulic oil of the airplane from air, water and particles during hydraulic test activities. By integrating these two functions our equipment saves maintenance time and reduces repair work because of less leakages of the hydraulic system etc.The multifunctional product line which combines a number of GSE functions, such as hydraulics, electricity, air, nitrogen, lighting, in one single unit.The other product lines with among other things a dye mix trolley for display teams and washing equipment for fuselages and engine cores.Our close cooperation with the German and British military forms the basis for the extensive product range. The products are designed and built to combine heavy use by the military with severe conditions encountered in desert areas or extreme cold. They have built up an extensive ‘proven track record’.

  • Hybridization Oven

    REXMED ROV-201 - REXMED Industries Co., Ltd.

    MOD. ROV-201, AC 110/230V, Plug type: , Hybridization oven, HS CODE: 841780, UNCCS CODE: 484352, UMDNS CODE: 14410, Main construction: powder coated steel and SS304, Controller: Microprocessor based PID controller, water proof keypad with timer, ˚C/PV and ˚C/SV display and setting, Timer: 9999/min, 9999/hr, Timer has DELAY_ON and DELAY_OFF function and at the end of operation audio and visual warning, Working range: Ambient +5˚C~85˚C, Stability at 37˚C: ±0.1˚C, Sensor: PT 100Ω, Temperature audio and visual warning for AL-H and AL-L and OFS correction setting, Heater: 1.2KW, Shaking timer: 999/min, 999/hr, shaking timer can be set in second, minute or hour function and at the end of operation audio and visual warning, Motor: Noiseless powerful brushless induction motor 15W, Rotation: 5~60rpm adjustable, Rotator: for 8pcs(optional), Orbital: 20~250rpm adjustable, Platform: L30 X W20cm, Chamber: L35 X W25 X H42.5cm, Capacity: 37.2L, chamber with glass viewing window, Optional: Rotator for 8pcs X 1set

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