Wafer: thin crystalline material sliced from ingot.

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  • Wafer Manufacturing

    Company: KLA-Tencor

    KLA-Tencor''s wafer manufacturing equipment and tools include wafer manufacturing inspection (wafer surface inspection), wafer shape quality review, metrology and data management systems. Specialized wafer manufacturing quality inspection tools assess wafer surface quality and detect, count and bin defects during the wafer manufacturing process and as a critical part of outgoing wafer quality inspection. Wafer geometry systems ensure the wafer shape is extremely flat and uniform in thickness, with precisely controlled wafer shape topography. Specifications for wafer defectivity, geometry and wafer shape quality are tightening as the dimensions of transistors become so small that the properties of the substrate can substantially affect transistor performance.

  • Wafer Grinding

    Company: KYEC

    KYEC provides wafer grinding services for silicon wafers, including gold and solder bumped wafers. Our core strengths are on wafer grinding includes: Grinding thickness: Mass Production: 4 mils for 6" and 8? wafers, 8 mils for 12? wafers. Engineering capability: 2 mils for 6? and 8? wafers, 2 mils for 12? wafers

  • Wafer Dicing

    Company: KYEC

    The services available at KYEC consist of single cut through or dual cut for 4?, 5?,6?,8?and 12? wafers .This includes silicon wafer, glass based , sensor, dual material , solder or gold bumped wafers.

  • GB4P Robot System - wafer handling

    Company: Genmark Automation

    The GB4P Robot System with integral wafer pre-aligner is the most compact robot and pre-aligner package available on the market today for wafer handling applications up to 200mm, standard payload and throughput.Identical in size to Genmark's original GB4 robot, the GB4P houses a built-in pre-aligner for wafers ranging from 2"- 8" in diameter. The adjustable feature on the pre-aligner allows for simple and fast configuration for different wafer sizes. Engineered for single or dual wafer transport, the GB4P robot is available with an extensive variety of reach and vertical stroke combinations. Genmark's GB4P Robot System is a highly accurate, repeatable, and reliable wafer handling and aligning solution for wafer sizes up to 200mm.

  • Wafer Test

    Company: Das Test Haus

    Automatic KLA wafer probers with tray-to-tray-wafer-handling are operated 24h a day and 7 days a week. Data retention bake/tests are done at wafer level

  • MX2000IR - Wafer AOI

    Company: Viscom AG

    *Infrared illumination - transmitted light and reflected light.*Higher throughput.*Non-destructive inspection of the wafer''s surface and interior.*Automated reading of wafer identification and pre-alignment parallel to inspection.*Direct identification of each wafer by code reading (barcode, data matrix code, OCR).*Automatic loading and unloading.

  • 7AF-II - Wafer Grinder

    Company: Strasbaugh

    The 7AF-II is our latest release in grinding equipment. It is fully automated, with a wafer capability of 50mm to 200mm. The addition of in situ thickness control and the two work spindles and chucks removed extra steps in wafer processing.

  • Wafer Probers

    Company: Micronics JAPAN Co.ltd

    Full Automatic Wafer Prober. Semi Automatic Wafer Prober. High Current Probe Block. 6-inch Manual Prober. 8-inch Manual Prober. 12-inch Manual Prober.

  • Wafer Scanner

    Company: Rudolph Technologies

    For both standard and flip chip wafers, the Wafer Scanner™ Inspection Series provides superior yield management for 3D/2D bump and RDL metrology, bump and RDL defect and macro defect inspection throughout post-fab processes.

  • Wafer Test

    Company: Starmeter Instruments

    A step performed during semiconductor device fabrication. During this step, performed before a wafer is sent to die preparation, all individual integrated circuits that are present on the wafer are tested for functional defects by applying special test patterns to them.

  • SortMax200™ - Wafer Sorter

    Company: Genmark Automation

    Achieve exceptional performance with Genmark's SortMax200™ wafer sorter, designed for handling wafers up to 200mm. The SortMax200™ can be configured to accommodate a maximum number of eight open cassette stations.With years of experience building bridge tools integrating different processes such as wafer thickness measurement, UV cleaning/erasing and ID application to name a few, Genmark delivers the most reliable and serviceable 200mm small footprint sorter on the market today. A wide variety of wafer mappers, pre-aligners, and end-effectors are some of its many options. Fully compliant with SEMI standards and fab requirements, Genmark's 200mm wafer sorter SortMax200™ is easily configurable to customer's changing requirements. Combined with Genmark's powerful and customizable ECS300 Equipment Control Software featuring standard operational functions such as Sort, ID, Transfer, Compress, Align and Merge/Split.

  • ThermoChuck - Wafer Chucks

    Company: InTEST

    Temptronic ThermoChucks are conductive heating and cooling systems for wafer testing at temperature. Its primarily use is for wafer testing in Probe Stations, as well as Laser Trim and Wafer Burn-in. A few specialized applications include Low leakage probing (fA level), and High voltage probing (up to 10kV). -65C to +300°C 150mm, 200mm & 300mm

  • 7AA-II - Wafer Grinder

    Company: Strasbaugh

    Our 7AA-II wafer grinder has consistently performed year over year. It has one dual-grind spindle and one work chuck with a wafer capability of 50mm to 150mm. This machine offers great thickness control. A semi-automated configuration is also available

  • E3300 Family - WAFER MVM-SEM

    Company: Advantest

    The E3310 is a WAFER MVM-SEM* for next generation wafers, supporting 1Xnm node process development and volume production at the 22nm node and beyond. With its high-speed carrier system employing a dual arm vacuum robot, and low-vibration platform to improve measurement accuracy, the E3310 delivers high throughput and performance for wafer measurements. Its multi detector configuration and unique 3D measurement algorithm also enable stable, high-accuracy measurement of 3D transistor technologies such as FinFET. The E3310 makes a significant contribution to reducing process development turnaround time and improves productivity for next-generation devices.