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thin crystalline material sliced from ingot.

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  • Wafers

    Radiant Technologies, Inc.

    Thin titanium dioxide/platinum films for bottom electrodes deposited on four-inch silicon wafers. The platinum films can withstand up to 750C in oxygen for one hour with no roughening or hillock formation. Radiant will coat the electrode with 20/80 PZT or 4/20/80 PNZT if requested.

  • Wafer Manufacturing

    KLA-Tencor Corp

    KLA-Tencor''s wafer manufacturing equipment and tools include wafer manufacturing inspection (wafer surface inspection), wafer shape quality review, metrology and data management systems. Specialized wafer manufacturing quality inspection tools assess wafer surface quality and detect, count and bin defects during the wafer manufacturing process and as a critical part of outgoing wafer quality inspection. Wafer geometry systems ensure the wafer shape is extremely flat and uniform in thickness, with precisely controlled wafer shape topography. Specifications for wafer defectivity, geometry and wafer shape quality are tightening as the dimensions of transistors become so small that the properties of the substrate can substantially affect transistor performance.

  • Wafer Grinding


    KYEC provides wafer grinding services for silicon wafers, including gold and solder bumped wafers. Our core strengths are on wafer grinding includes: Grinding thickness: Mass Production: 4 mils for 6" and 8? wafers, 8 mils for 12? wafers. Engineering capability: 2 mils for 6? and 8? wafers, 2 mils for 12? wafers


    nPlace - Nanotronics Imaging

    Nanotronics Automation wafer loaders are engineered with versatility in mind. Each bench-top wafer loader can handle a wide variety of wafer sizes and easily integrate with other machines.

  • Wafer Probes

    200mm - EG Systems

    Today's 200mm wafer production demands reliable, accurate and fast wafer probing solutions. Electroglas' 200mm automated wafer probers are based on the production-proven Horizon platform to meet these demands for high-volume, low-cost manufacturing, as well as leading-edge, multi-die and bumped wafer applications.

  • Wafer Dicing


    The services available at KYEC consist of single cut through or dual cut for 4?, 5?,6?,8?and 12? wafers .This includes silicon wafer, glass based , sensor, dual material , solder or gold bumped wafers.

  • Wafer Test

    Das Test Haus

    Automatic KLA wafer probers with tray-to-tray-wafer-handling are operated 24h a day and 7 days a week. Data retention bake/tests are done at wafer level

  • Wafer AOI

    MX2000IR - Viscom AG

    *Infrared illumination - transmitted light and reflected light.*Higher throughput.*Non-destructive inspection of the wafer''s surface and interior.*Automated reading of wafer identification and pre-alignment parallel to inspection.*Direct identification of each wafer by code reading (barcode, data matrix code, OCR).*Automatic loading and unloading.

  • Wafer Probers


    Full Automatic Wafer Prober. Semi Automatic Wafer Prober. High Current Probe Block. 6-inch Manual Prober. 8-inch Manual Prober. 12-inch Manual Prober.

  • Wafer Probes

    300mm - EG Systems

    Leading-edge 300mm wafer production demands wafer probing that can address shrinking geometries and deliver extremely accurate, high-throughput for fine-pitch probing applications and advanced devices with copper interconnects and low-k dielectrics that require special handling. Designed with our customers' production challenges in mind, Electroglas' 300mm wafer probers provide reliable, accurate, high-throughput production capability for real-world test environments.


    E3300 Family - Advantest Corp.

    The E3310 is a WAFER MVM-SEM* for next generation wafers, supporting 1Xnm node process development and volume production at the 22nm node and beyond. With its high-speed carrier system employing a dual arm vacuum robot, and low-vibration platform to improve measurement accuracy, the E3310 delivers high throughput and performance for wafer measurements. Its multi detector configuration and unique 3D measurement algorithm also enable stable, high-accuracy measurement of 3D transistor technologies such as FinFET. The E3310 makes a significant contribution to reducing process development turnaround time and improves productivity for next-generation devices.

  • Wafer Probe

    TouchMatrix™ - FormFactor, Inc.

    The FormFactor TouchMatrix™ wafer probe solution is designed specifically to deliver the lowest overall test cost per die for 200mm and 300mm NAND and NOR Flash wafer testing. It provides massive parallelism and adjusts to variations in manufacturers’ test equipment and product designs, to optimize probe planarity and speed set-up. Together, these features improve productivity and reduce the total cost of ownership.

  • Wafer Sort

    TestEdge, Inc.

    TestEdge offers complete wafer sort solutions. Our range of wafer sort capabilities demonstrates our ability to handle a wide range of devices and device characteristics. State of the art Electroglas probers Sort experience with high probe count Less than 4 mil pitch on probes Experience with C4 Bump and Aluminum pad Experience on Bipolar, CMOS, GaAs, & SiGe Overhead sort or cable harness sort Microsite testing capability

  • Wafer Testing

    Nanolab Technologies

    Nanolab Technologies provides a range of analytical services for wafers that are the base substrates used to develop semiconductor, optical, medical, LED and PV devices. Our experience includes depth profiling of substrates such as SOI, epi structures and graded layers.Nanolab provides surface sensitive techniques for front end of line (FEOL) processing, wafer cleanliness and surface evaluation – both are key to high production yields.

  • Wafer Mapping

    ipTest Limited

    The subsequent analysis of this parametric data across the wafer, in rows, columns or concentric rings again can become very difficult to interpret to get an insight to the underlying cause of yield loss.