Ultrasonic: audio waves > 20,000 hertz.

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  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

    Company: Hong Kong Joint Stars

    Flaw detector can be rapid, convenient, intuitive testing conductivity of atiny crack or collapse layer of 0.5-60s / m variety of metals and graphite surface, and from themetal surface of the thin insulating layer such as anodized layer, paint, grease, oxide film. Can bevery effective on the plane or the rules of the specimen for testing, with special probes oradditional fixture, you can check the groove edge cracks and holes, conical inner wall crack. Theinstrument can be used for both non-ferrous steel and austenitic metal with a light alarm andaudible alarm can be used for metal mixing sorting. The instrument is widely used in parts of themachinery manufacturing industry to ensure the maintenance of aircraft and engines, railwaylocomotives valve (valve core) detection. The instrument has easy to operate, reliable, durable andeasy to carry and so on.

  • Ultrasonic Leakage Detector, Ultrasonic Transmitter

    Company: Lutron Electronic

    is a high quality, user friendly, sensitive instrument enabling the detection of air leaks by means of ultrasound.

  • Ultrasonic Sensing

    Company: Texas Instruments

    Ultrasonic sensing is the measurement of the time between an ultrasonic signal being sent and received. The interval between these two signals is typically referred to as time-of-flight (ToF) and depends on the distance the ultrasonic wave travels until it is reflected due to an impedance change and the speed of the ultrasonic wave. The basic equation time = distance / speed can be used to measure fluid level, fluid identification/concentration, flow, or proximity.

  • E-Series - Ultrasonic Meters

    Company: Badger Meter

    E-Series Ultrasonic water meters from Badger Meter use solid-state technology in a compact, totally encapsulated, weatherproof, and UV-resistant housing, suitable for residential and commercial applications. Equipped with an easy-to-read, 9-digit LCD display, the ultrasonic meter reports consumption, rate of flow, reverse-flow indication, and alarms. With no moving parts, the E-Series Ultrasonic meter improves reliability and has greater extended low flow accuracy compared to mechanical meters.

  • JS-U5 Series - Ultrasonic Detector

    Company: Hong Kong Joint Stars

    Quick detection of the integrity of basic pile continuous wall with Ultrasonic PenetrationMethod* Testing pressure strength of concrete with Ultrasonic - Test Hummer Method* Testing depth of concrete fractures, quality of combined surface, thickness of surface damage layer, internal defect of steel pipe concrete, empty areas, and cellular empty with Ultrasonic Method.* Testing of wells using a Single Hole, single Emitter, double Receiver Method* Testing the quality of refractory.* Testing the mechanical properties of nonmetal materials such as Geological survey, rock, concrete, etc.

  • Ultrasonic Flowmeters

    Company: Krohne

    Whether liquid or gaseous, aggressive or corrosive: KROHNE ultrasonic flowmeters measure a wide range of media.

  • Ultrasonic Testing

    Company: Xiamen IDEA Electronic

    Is a family of non-destructive testing techniques based on the propagation of ultrasonic waves in the object or material tested.

  • Ultrasonic Transducer

    Company: TE Connectivity Ltd

    The NDT1-220K element offers outstanding ultrasonic transducer performance in a low-cost, flexible format for general-purpose use.

  • Pundit PL-200PE - Ultrasonic testing

    Company: PASI Srl

    The Pundit PL-200PE employs state-of-the-art pulse echo technology to extend the ultrasonic application to objects where access is restricted to a single side.

  • Pundit PL-200 - Ultrasonic testing

    Company: PASI Srl

    The Pundit PL-200 is a best-in-class Ultrasonic pulse velocity (UPV) test instrument to examine the quality of concrete and other materials such as rock, wood and ceramics.

  • ULTRAFLOW U1000 - Ultrasonic Flowsensor

    Company: Georg Fischer Signet

    The U1000 is an ultrasonic permanent/fixed clamp-on flow metering solution for measuring flow rate. The cost effective device can either be used as a stand alone meter or as an integral part of a control loop.

  • Pundit Lab / Pundit Lab+ - Ultrasonic testing

    Company: PASI Srl

    Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV) testing of concrete is based on the pulse velocity method to provide information on the uniformity of concrete, cavities, cracks and defects. The pulse velocity in a material depends on its density and its elastic properties which in turn are related to the quality and the compressive strength of the concrete. It is therefore possible to obtain information about the properties of components by sonic investigations.Proceq offers the most versatile instrument for ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV) testing of concrete – the Pundit Lab, the newest member of the famous Pundit family. Along with the traditional transit time and pulse velocity measurement, this ultrasonic concrete testing equipment offers path length measurement, perpendicular crack depth measurement and surface velocity measurement. Ultrasonic concrete testing with the Pundit lab features on-line data acquisition, waveform analysis and full remote control of all transmission parameters. Fully open interface for control by 3rd party software. The Pundit Lab+ offers additional features, such as the possibility to estimate compressive strength (also in combination with a rebound hammer value (SONREB method)), a real time stamp for all measurements, a review list allowing readings to be checked on site without a computer and an integrated gain stage that makes an external amplifier redundant.

  • Ultrasonic Flowmeters

    Company: Krohne

    When compared to a turbine meter, it has no moving or intruding parts in the measuring tube which can cause a pressure drop and is maintenance free. Due to the smooth pipe section with no obstructions, coating of the measurement tube is minimised, thus reducing operating and maintenance costs. Ultrasonic flowmeters are highly suitable for large flow rates and the accuracy attained is suitable for Custody Transfer applications. With expensive products like natural gas, it pays to install a highly accurate ultrasonic meter such as the ALTOSONIC V12. With the improved accuracy and tangible savings that can be made, the meter will pay for itself in a short period of time.

  • Ultrasonic Transducers

    Company: Precision Acoustics

    Ultrasonic Transducers With a range of standard casings, we produce customised PVdF or ceramic transducers tailored to your specific needs. We have developed custom transducers for a wide range of applications and environments from underwater to use in CT & MRI systems, covering frequency range from 500KHz to 50MHz and above.

  • Ultrasonic Transmitters

    Company: SDT Ultrasound Solutions

    Pair your SDT270 or SDT200 portable ultrasound device with a transmitter. This ultrasound technology enables you to convert ultrasonic waves into audible noises for easy leak detection or tightness testing inspection. Even in the noisiest facilities, you'll hear an audible sound to indicate malfunction.

  • Ultrasonic Transducers

    Company: James Instruments

    Low frequency transducers for ultrasonic testing of concrete and other course grained materials. Shear Wave transducers (pictured above) are used in combination with compressional wave transducers to calculate Poisson's Ratio. The line of general-purpose compressional wave transducers feature robust PZT elements in stainless steel.