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  • Manual Pressure Calibration

    Fluke Calibration

    Manual pressure calibrators are a fast and practical solution for generating and adjusting pressure while calibrating analog pressure gauges and other sensors. They are convenient for mobile calibration applications. Fluke Calibration's pressure monitors combine very high accuracy measurement capability and a variety of unique features in compact and easy to use packages, either standalone or integrated with a calibrator. Models include E-DWT DHI electronic deadweight testers; RPM4 DHI pressure monitors and 7050 Ruska pressure monitors.

  • Octane Number and Cetane Meters


    Labodam Octane Number and Cetane Number Testers are portable devices for rapid petroleum products quality monitoring in fields and lab environment conditions. Glass detector has a built in element sensitive to fuel sample temperature detection. The instrument electronic computing module processes detector signals, performs all necessary calculations, and constantly tests the main function modules. It is ideal used in the determination of octane, cetane numbers, our point depressants and break down time in the oil and petroleum industries.

  • Optical Power Meter & VFL & RJ45 Network Test

    TM263N - T&M Tools Limited Co

    ◇ Added Network Cable Test ◇ Accurately test whether a single network cable transmits signals normally ◇ Self Calibration ◇ Set the Auto Off ◇ Wavelength Memory function after turn off the tester ◇ High Accuracy, high ,High sensitivity, high linearity ◇ Stable VFL Output ◇ USB Charge port ◇ FC,SC Connector ◇ 18650Li-ion Battery ◇ Lower power consumption design, long standby time ◇ Rubber Out shell, increased the protective properties for field work

  • Red Team Engagement


    Red Team Assessment (Red Teaming) is an activity where a group of white hat hackers (or penetration tester) perform a series of activities to assess the company’s security readiness towards real-world cyber threats. Red teaming aims to ‘attack’ an organization’s digital and physical infrastructure to evaluate the organization’s security defense and posture, at the same time targeting to obtain any sensitive and beneficial information. Red Teaming usually emulates several malicious actors to penetrate the organization’s digital and physical infrastructure security.

  • Auditor Torque Cube

    ATC Series - AIMCO

    The Auditor Torque Cube (ATC) is a compact, versatile desktop tester and provides a multitude of capabilities. The ATC is designed to test hand or power tools with the following: Peak, first peak and track modes. Multiple engineering units. Manual and auto clear function. Multiple frequency response settings. Bi-directional use and accuracy. Accuracy is better than 1% of indicated reading top 90% of range. Serial data output. Memory 999 data samples. Battery and/or mains powered.

  • 6Ch Linear Vibration Motor Auto-Tester

    BK8017 - BaKo Co., Ltd

    If you are putting out thousands of linear vibration motors every day, the BK8017 might be just what you need for high quality product line testing. Based on the popular BK2120C Linear Vibration Motor Tester, you can run up to four vibration sweeps that you define and the results are analyzed by the software. DUT's are then automatically sorted into the appropriate bin. The whole process, equivalent to 3 BK2120C machines, takes just a few seconds and can be run by one person.

  • Diagnose Tool

    CANobserver - Gesellschaft für Mikroelektronikanwendung Chemnitz mbH

    The CANobserver® is a diagnose tool that's used for physical and logical long-term monitoring of CAN-Busplants. It has been planned as a stationary supplement of the CAN-Bus Tester 2. The CANobserver® is implemented into the network permanently, monitors the data transfer continuously and records itautomatically for a period of up to ten years. This is the only means of safeguarding a future-orientedmaintenance. VDI/VDE has recognized this necessity as well. The new guideline 2184, published in 2007, explains how plant operators can guarantee a reliable functioning and maintenance of their Field Bussystems

  • Regression Testing Service

    test IO Inc.

    With test IO, you can combine the execution of predefined regression test cases with a broad-spectrum sweep for newly uncovered bugs, increasing your confidence every time you ship. Crowdtesting is a great regression testing solution when your code is changing too fast to automate all of your test cases. With test IO, creating test cases is as easy as uploading a spreadsheet, and our testers execute your tests faster than any in-house QA team.

  • Usability Testing Service

    test IO Inc.

    Usability testing doesn’t have to mean an expensive, time-consuming study that you do once and forget about. With test IO, usability testing is simple and lightweight enough to perform continuously — like hallway testing for quick and actionable feedback on prototypes, new features, language, and workflow changes. Because our testers use real devices in the real world, you’ll know how variables like network latency and screen size affect the usability of your app — before you ship.

  • Testit

    Teledyne Marine Benthos

    ​The Teledyne Benthos Testit Hand Held Acoustic Tester enables in-air acoustic testing of all the Teledyne Benthos R-Series acoustic releases prior to deployment. The Testit is powered by six AA batteries and is lightweight and compact for hand held use. It is also splash-proof, enabling it to be exposed to marine environments. Using the Testit, any number of R-Series acoustic releases can be tested at sea or on shore without the need to set up and operate a deck box. The Testit includes a carry case with batteries and a manual.

  • Storage Test

    Teradyne, Inc.

    Teradyne, Inc. is a leading global supplier of Storage Test solutions. Since delivering our first Hard Disk Drive tester in 2007, we have been supporting our customers in producing the best HDD products in the market. Enabled by our scalable high-density architecture, high-speed automation, precision HDD handling, and carefully controlled test environment, our customers have access to a single platform for all their HDD tests that can keep up with their aggressive production schedules.

  • Environmental Test Chambers

    Infinity Machine International Inc.

    Environmental Test Chambers by Infinity Machine International Inc. - for applications such as hydrostatic test chamber for soles, thermal shock chambers, temperature and humidity test chambers, rainproof testers, UV light testing, and more.

  • Lithium Battery Discharge-Charge Unit

    FGCD - Fuzhou Fuguang Electronics Co., Ltd.

    FGCD series tester adopts advanced charging and discharging technology with a variety of built-in test and maintenance modes, which are suitable for the discharge, charging and discharge-charge cycle tests of various lithium battery packs on the market.


    UNIVANS Co., Ltd.

    IC Package It is a device to install INTERFACE between TESTER and DEVICE during TEST to check electrical defects such as O / S (Open, Short) test, mounting test, BURN-IN TEST and RLC TEST, The device

  • Motorized dynamic torque bench

    TORKHEADRIVER - Com-Ten Industries

    The TorkHeaDriver is a motorized torsion tester that is equipped with a rotary torque sensor allowing torque and angle measurements on complete system. This torsion meter is particularly well suited for measurements on knobs, valves, faders… installed on sets.

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