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  • Automatic Production Tester for Electric Motor Stators

    MTC 3 - Whitelegg Machines Ltd

    The fully automatic MTC3 stator testers test your windings reliably and quickly for possible insulation faults via our patented surge voltage test.After connecting the test object completely the test is performed with an automatic switching of the connections and the test methods. The MTC3 evaluates each test step. At the end of the complete test process it provides a clear and reproducible GO or NO GO-statement.

  • Automatic High Voltage Wire Harness Testers

    MK Test Systems Ltd.

    Automatic high voltage wire harness testers are used in a variety of industries, such as aerospace and defence through to rail, and are used to test any equipment which contains a high number of electrical wires, or active components ensuring these pass specified test criteria at the sub-assembly and final stages of construction. These systems ensure the wiring and components are 100% compliant and undamaged, recording every test measurement and aiding diagnosis of detected faults.

  • 20MHz Dual Trace Oscilloscope (with Component Tester)

    Model 3305S - Aplab Limited

    - DC – 20MHz Bandwidth- 1mV/div Sensitivity on Both Channels- CH1, CH2 (Independent Channels), CH1 & CH2 (Alternate / CHOP), CH2 INVT, ADD and SUBTRACT- X-Y Operation- 40ns/div to 0.2s/div Time Base- 140mm Rectangular CRT with Internal Graticule- Triggering to 40MHz- Z Modulation (TTL Level)- 8 x 10 cm Display- TV Triggering Frame (V) & Line (H)- Line Trigger- Component Tester

  • Horizontal Dedicated Friction Peel Tear Tester

    FPT-H1 - Mecmesin Limited

    The FPT-H1 is a dedicated horizontal tester, designed for testing to all the key industry and international standards for coefficient of friction, and for appropriate horizontal peel and tear methods. Its sleek contemporary styling incorporates ease of use and maintenance. Built to exacting standards, yet affordable, the FPT-H1 provides the most accurate and detailed measurement, with guaranteed repeatability in testing. It is ideally suited for the packaging industry, for manufacturers, converters and users of paper, board and plastic films, plus coatings, floor coverings and textiles.

  • Circuit Tester "Light and Sound" Hook Probe

    TE6-0708C - Hangzhou Tonny Electric & Tools Co., Ltd.

    *Tests 6/12 volt circuits with POWER ON.*Interchangeable tips allow tool to be used as a probe- or pierce-type tester.*Retains wire for perfect pierce with one hand.*Hook grabs hard-to-reach wires.*Durable insulated clip and heavy-duty cord for professional use.*Spring loaded strain relief prevents cord pull out and damage.*High intensity glow for under hood and under dash visibility.*Easy-to-hear buzzer provides quick circuit test confirmation.

  • Triple Axis EMF Tester (30Hz to 300Hz)

    480826 - Extech Instruments Corporation

    480826 Triple Axis EMF Tester is designed to provide a quick, reliable and easy way to measure electromagnetic field radiation levels around power lines, electrical appliances and industrial devices. Provides Three axis (X, Y, Z direction) electromagnetic field measurement. Calibrated to measure EMF radiation at wide bandwidths from 30 Hz to 300 Hz. Complete with sensor with 3 ft. (930 mm) cable, 9V battery, and hard carrying case.

  • Cable Tracer and Phone Tester (2 in 1)

    183 CB - Standard Electric Works Co., Ltd

    Cable Tracer● Trace wires or cables.● Volume control.● Tip & Ring identification.● 2 bi-colored LEDs ( Line 1 & Line 2).● Tone speed selection : Fast & Slow.● A phone jack is designed for headset or handset. (Amplifier probe)Phone Tester● Continuity and resistance testing for voltage-free objects.● Check direct and alternating voltages.● Testing capacitors.● Testing diodes.● Power ON/OFF switch.● The indication of the LED lamp and the sound of the buzzer can occur at the same time.● The LED indication for Power ON status.

  • 20MHz Dual Trace Oscilloscope (with Component Tester)

    Model 3702 - Aplab Limited

    - Elegant- DC to 20MHz Bandwidth- 1mV/div Sensitivity on Both Channels- CH1 & CH2 Independent Channels- CH1 or CH2 Trigger Signal Output- Algebraic Addition and Subtraction- X-Y Operation- 10ns/div to 0.2s/div Time Base- Z Modulation TTL Level- 8 x 10 cm Display Internal Graticule- TV Triggering Frame (V) & Line (H)- Line Trigger- ALT Triggering- Trigger Lock Facility- Single Sweep- Variable Hold Off- Component Tester

  • 30MHz Dual Trace Oscilloscope with Component Tester

    Model 3706C - Aplab Limited

    - DC – 30MHz Bandwidth- 1mV/div Sensitivity on Both Channels- CH1, CH2 (Independent Channels), CH1 & CH2 (Alternate / CHOP), CH2 INVT, ADD and SUBTRACT- X-Y Operation- 40ns/div to 0.2s/div Time Base- 140mm Rectangular CRT with Internal Graticule- Triggering to 40MHz- Z Modulation (TTL Level)- 8 x 10 cm Display- TV Triggering Frame (V) & Line (H)- MAINS Trigger- Variable Hold Off- Built-in Component Tester / Comparator

  • Fuel Hose Assembly Tester - Basic, USAF

    9901-10FHT - Hydraulic Technology, Inc.

    The basic fuel hose assembly tester is utilized by those users who do not require the complete 9201A test system which includes all test adapters and components required by U.S. Air Force PD 89MMI638. The 9901-10FHT however includes the identical test pump, manifold and controls and with larger valves, ports and fittings for increased fluid flow, is designed for the identical mission of testing fuel hose assemblies. Maximum pressure is 1000 psi allowing better control resolution at lower test pressures.

  • HCAI-1 High Current Arc Ignition Tester

    HCAI-1 - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    The HCAI-1 High Current Arc Ignition Tester is according to IEC 60950-1:2001, BS EN 60950-1:2001, BS 7002:2000, GB 4943.1-2011and UL746A, IEC60947.1: 1999, GB/T14048.1-2000, IEC730.1:1993, GB14536.1-2008 and other standards required simulated safety test project. Parts and components of insulating materials or other solid combustible materials that are prone to flame spread in electrical and electronic equipment may ignite due to proximity or contact with electric arc, causing electrical fire and endangering the reliable operation of equipment and personal safety.

  • Shaft Voltage Tester™ Digital Oscilloscope

    AEGIS® - Electro Static Technology

    Digital Oscilloscope and Multimeter with Conductive Microfiber Probe Tips. Is your motor safe from destructive shaft voltages? For the first time you can get all of the tools to find out in one place. The AEGIS® Shaft Voltage Tester™ Digital Oscilloscope bundle includes the AEGIS-OSC-9100 100 MHz digital osciloscope, shaft voltage probe tips, and a shaft grounding simulator. Armed with these tools, you can quickly and easily find whether your motors are at risk of premature bearing failure due to VFD-produced bearing currents.

  • Fully Automatic Transformer Turns Ratio Tester

    DY100 - Neutronics Manufacturing Co.

    DY-100 is a new generation, fully automatic, transformer turns ratio tester designed for measuring ratio, ratio error of single and three phase transformers. The entire test is done automatically and quickly. Operator enters the test parameters and DY-100 tak es over; powers up the voltage, balances the bridge, takes the readings, and displays the results on the LCD screen. Prints testresults through its built-in printer. A key feature of the DY-100 is automatic measure transformer connection group. LV and HV windings are automatically isolated once the measurement is over. True portability is achieved by the lightweight (only 10 kg), single unit design housing the DY-100. The DY-100 is encased in an aluminum alloy cabinet.

  • ADSL / 2 / 2+ Handheld VoIP Tester

    QuickTest 500 - Vonaq Ltd

    *Rapid Testing. The QuickTest 500 ADSL2+ Tester's automatic Service Verification Test Suite starts as soon as you switch on (results are typically obtained in less than 3 minutes)*Simple to use. Virtually no product training required with QuickTest 500 ADSL Tester*Configurable Pass / Fail Indicators on the LCD display and clearly presented in multi-colour LEDs on the front panel*No need to get a laptop out*Save and name up to 16 test results at any one time*Line Voltage LED indicates poor, missing or excessive Line Voltage*ADSL/2/2+ Test LEDs to indicate if ADSL Showtime achieved*In Service LED indicates problems with PPP or IP layer*LEDs to indicate problems with the Trained Line Rate, poor Noise Margin or excessive Line Attenuation

  • Digital Ior Leakage Current Clamp Tester


    ・About Ior Leakage CurrentRecently, the leakage current clamp meter is widely used for insulation control of low voltage circuit as the supplementary method of the insulation resistance measurement. The control of leakage current has the advantages to enable the prediction of insulation condition in the electrical power line without having to shut off the power. The leakage current (Io) includes the capacitive leakage current (Ioc)originated in the capacitance and the resistive leakage current (Ior) originated in the insulation resistance each related to the ground. It is considered that the measurement of resistive leakage current (Ior) is the very useful and effective method for the insulation control of low voltage circuit. However, it was difficult to measure the resistive leakage current (Ior)with traditional leakage current clamp meter. MCL-400IR new digital clamp tester enabled the measurements of the resistive leakage current (Ior)without voltage input(phase detection).

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