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find the limits of a design and assure designed requirements.

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  • Continuity Testers

    Testboy GmbH

    The extremely versatile continuity tester offers an insulated, shock-resistant and break-proof plastic housing. The pluggable and screwable connection between the test leads and the terminal post is safe to touch. The continuity test is indicated by an acoustical and an optical signal. The integrated torch light allows you to find wires quick and safe under though circumstances.

  • Cable Tester

    LW3310 - Dongguan Longwei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

    LW3310 wire tester is designed for all kinds of electronic wire, electric wire and connector design, due to the various types of wire and connectors used in every field, this applies only to the commonly used wire detection instrument. Widely used in computer, communication, medical, electrical appliances, motor, automobile and other wiring test.

  • Magnet Tester


    The Magnet Tester invented by JUNG locates magnetic fields and notify it with its integrated lamp: compact, simple and fast!Easily check switch conditions with zero set-up time and no need to halt operations. The magnetic field test stylus is an indispensable tool for countless companies and toolboxes. Its light-function also makes it as an ideal flashlight.

  • ESD Tester

    GZ600 HID - Eurostat Group

    • Personal equipment tester with badge reader• Compact• LCD digital display• Identification by RFID badge• Possibility to program test parameters for each employee• Allows communication with the company network or the dedicated server (SQL database)• Supplied with a shoe test mat• 4 test modes: bracelet / shoes / bracelet and shoes / bracelet or shoes

  • CrumpleFlex Tester

    TF117C - TESTEX Testing Equipment Systems Ltd.

    The equipment tests a tube of fabric by twisting it through 90o stretching alternately compressing the tube at the same time. After completion of the test the fabric is tested for resistance to penetration by water. CrumpleFlex Tester is fitted with electronic pre-determined counter with automatic stop at a pre-determined number of cycles, also fitted with acrylic plastic interlock safety cover.

  • Franklin Tester

    TF-100 - R&J Measurement

    The measuring device Franklin tester is designed to measure the insulation resistivity of coating and its mineral components on the surface of electrotechnical steel sheet as well as applied enamel to generator stator core laminations according to the ASTM A717/ A717 M - 95 Standard. The device contain series connection which allow the data transmittion to PC.

  • Relay Tester

    JY7003G - Kingrun Instrument Co., Ltd.

    JY7003G relay protection tester can verify various relays (such as current, voltage, inverse time, power direction, impedance, differential, low cycle, synchronous, frequency, DC, intermediate, time, etc.) and microcomputer protection, and can simulate various complex instantaneous The whole set of tests shall be carried out for permanent, permanent and transformational faults.

  • Abrasion Tester

    rHT SeriesHB SeriesHT Series - MRC ltd.

    Abrasion tester checks the abrasion of solid materials. such as metals, composites, ceramics and more.The test is performed on worn materials such as tires, shoes, belt and more.* Worn out condition* The loss of the weight* The loss of the physical volume* The thickness that been worn out, etc* Use NBS standard gum to ratio the endurance characteristic of abrasion for this material.

  • Insulation Testers

    Yokogawa Test & Measurement Corp.

    Preventive maintenance is always a must, especially in motor instrumentation. Knowing before a problem arises, allows time for scheduled shut downs, instead of shutting your process down when you need it the most. Yokogawa offers many varieties of Insulation testers, from our “Hand Crank” version to our Analog and Digital 1000V versions.

  • Magnetfield Testers

    Testboy GmbH

    The magnetic field tester is suitable for rapid and precise testing of electro-magnetic switches and valves. Their tip lights up to indicate the presence of permanent, DC or AC magnetic fields. Thereby, they are so sensitive that very often it is not necessary to remove covers or cladding from machines and the function check can be carried out without any setting-up time or stopping the machine.

  • Vibration Testers

    Rinch Industrial Co.,Limited

    Application for vibration tester: used for measuring periodic motion, to check the imbalance and deflecting of moving machinery.Is pecifically designed for present measuring various mechanical vibration. So as to provide the data for the quality control, run time and equipment upkeep.use the high-performance acceleration meter, realize the repetitiveness and accurate measurement. it has the function of testing axle bearing situation

  • Servo Tester

    105 - Astro Flight Inc.

    Simulates a receiver so you can test your motors and servos without having to use a transmitter and receiver. It can send RC-PWM signal of 1ms to 2 ms in 20ms period. It connects to an ESC via three wires. The servo tester is powered by the BEC in your speed control or by a std 4 cell 5 volt receiver battery

  • EMI Tester

    Peritec Corp.

    The EMI tester automatically measures the noise distribution of the electric field and  the magnetic field radiated from electronic equipment with high accuracy.・ Even if PCB and IC parts have complicated bumpy shape and surface.   The movable assembly can automatically trace them.・ EMI noise distribution is expressed as a variety of maps, such as 4D/3D/2D graphics   and cross section view.

  • Flow Tester

    Continuous Flow - ATEQ Corp.

    Grab one of our top of the line continuous flow testers. All our models are high-quality, compact machines designed to detect leaks with accurate and quick readings. For flow control, our products are perfect for checking cookers, heat exchanges, and burners. They also can detect leaks in auto parts such as filter caps, motors, gear boxes, and much more.

  • Electrical Testers

    Curt Manufacturing

    Part of towing responsibly is making sure your trailer lights are working properly. Whether you have just installed a new vehicle-to-trailer wiring harness or are trying to locate the cause of an electrical problem, CURT connector testers are great for testing tail lights, turn signals, brake lights, ground connections and other electrical components on your trailer.

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