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  • Smart Telecom&Fiber optical Tester

    ST327 V6 - Shandong Senter Electronic Co., Ltd

    ST327 V6 is a handheld intelligent PDA which is especially designed for the telecommunication field engineers operation and maintenance. It adopts mainstream Android operation system, which combine industrial smart phone, telecom test functions.1, System Platform: Android 9.0 operating system, Telecom operators can install any application program or software.2, Reliable and durable: Industrial grade design, economical and durable.3, Outstanding Value: It can improve the installation and maintenance efficiency and control efforts; effectively integrate and explore the human resource value; improve the image of telecommunication installation and maintain as well as the subscribers’ perception. (Work Force Management System)4, Value added service: It can realize the assets management by bar code scanning and at the meantime realizes the dual management of people and goods.Features1. 1.8 GHZ CPU and fast processor2. Strong protection for bad environment, IP653. The storage capacity is big and extensible4. Support Google Play5. Can install Work Force Management System6. Support 1Gbps speed test 7. Support WIFI 5G

  • Smart USB Charging Cable/Charger Tester

    qualMeter - QooPow

    QooPow™ qualMeter is a revolutionary, smart and cost-efficient DIY device, which can simply help you to diagnostic and get to know the quality of your USB cables and chargers in a glance without any technical background. QooPow™ qualMeter is suitable for wide range of mainstream cables and is compatible with most of major 5v USB chargers. The charger testing range can be extended to 2.1/2.4/3A by adding specially designed miniLoad.

  • Solidification Point and Pour Point Tester

    K683 - Chongqing Kailian Yongrun Industrial Co.,Ltd.

    It is designed to determine the solidification point and pour point of lubricant oil and other petroleum products.

  • Special Version Multi-purpose Transistor Tester

    Shenzhen FNIRSI Technology Co., Ltd

    Key features:• 128 x 160 TFT color display for easy readings, can display measured data and graphics• Powered by 9V battery(not included)• All components are protected by a plastic case, convenient to carry• Automatically detect NPN and PNP transistors, N-channel and P-channel MOSFET, diodes, thyristors, resistors, capacitors and other devices• Automatically test the pins of a component and display on the LCD• Measure the gate threshold voltage and gate capacitance of the MOSFET• Measure bipolar transistor current amplification factor and base-emitter threshold voltage• Two-button operation, automatic shutdown to avoid unnecessary waste• Short detection time: Only 2 seconds (it is normal to cost 1 minute for bulk capacitor detection)

  • Standard Pressure Decay Leak Testers

    ATEQ Corp.

    Air/air leak detector used to test the air tightness of parts on production lines. It is specially adapted for automatic and semi-automatic workbenches. The method used is based on the measurement of a small variation or drop in pressure with a piezzo sensor.

  • STT-shaft twist tester / lead testing

    STT - Matesy GmbH

    Production-related optical twist (lead) testing on radial shaft sealings.Optical Inspection of the absence of twist:To avoid leakage on radial shaft sealings the sealing surface has to be manufactured without twist. Optical diffractionanalysis can visualize twist structures with amplitudesfar below the amplitude of the surface roughness. Applying this method, the quality control can be realized quickly and reliable within the production process. Testing times of a few seconds are making the device applicable in many cases, for example at the reception control, for optimization of the manufacturing process and even for the 100%-control in the serial production.

  • Surface And Subsurface EW System Tester

    MS 1119 - Meltronics Systemtech

    CPCI Based BTA is used to test ECM System Processor (80386 & 8051) Boards. This system consists of a Single Board Computer (SBC), CPCI RS422 Communication and Bus Interface Board (CBI), CPCI Digital Input & Output (DIO) Board and CPCI Analog Input & Output (AIO) Board to provide the necessary input/output signals to/from the board to be tested.

  • T8090 Dual Absolute Leak Tester

    ForTest Italia Srl

    The Dual Absolute.The new Dual Absolute technology makes it possible to eliminate the disadvantages of a classic differential system, improve its advantages and renew an industry that has been standing still for decades. Thanks to the new Dual Absolute technology, ForTest has combined the simplicity of a classic absolute decay system with the precision and sensitivity of a differential system, bringing leak testing instruments to a level never seen before.The new algorithms and measurement hardware eliminate typical defects in a differential system, such as differences in stabilization between the test part and the reference sample.The new range of instruments is able to work in 3 different ways: Pure Differential, Dual Absolute and Central Zero.The new Dual Absolute technology is so powerful and reliable that ForTest has decided to stop developing the classic differential system.


    ForTest Italia Srl

    T8730 was designed for the precise task of measuring flows on parts such as filters (medicinal, diesel or petrol), tubes, nozzles, openings, valves, etc…Other than the classic flow measurement, the tool also has other ways of making it as versatile as possible in its category: ascent and descent ramps, opening tests and burst testing.Another separate function is the "continuous measurement", i.e. a test with infinite times allowing adjustment of the taps and part repairs in real time.The tool also avails of an intelligent pressure adjustment, which uses the automatic pressure regulator to continuously adjust the test pressure based on the variation in load loss, to ensure the reading is as stable and repetitive as possible.

  • Terminal Box Knock Out Tester

    King Design Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Since the solar panels and power junction box are exposed to the sun and rain, therefore, if junction box can sustain for several years or even several decades without damaged and maintain normal supply of electricity, it will become critical equipment for the solar power parts manufacturers making quality assurance testing to their commodities.

  • Transformer No-Loads and Open Circuit Tester

    JYW6100A - Kingrun Instrument Co., Ltd.

    JYW6100A is suitable for loss tesing of low power factory transformer such as amorphous alloy transformer, with high precision and data locked automaticly.

  • Transformer Short Circuit Impedance Tester

    TST800 - VA Technology Co. Ltd.

    The winding mechanical deformation of transformers can occur during transportation, installation, or high current events in operation. Such changes can be detected by comparing before and after short circuit impedance measurement values.

  • Transforming Analog Circuit Breaker Testers

    MAC-21 - ETI Precision

    The MAC-21 uses proven microprocessor and A/D converter technology to provide real-time waveform analysis. This ensures accurate true-RMS readings of current pulses, even with DC offset and distortion, which are typical in primary injection testing. Intelligent threshold algorithms provide accurate trip time measurement. Integration of measurement and control functions allow advanced features such as preset on times, auto ranging, and optional printer or computer interface.

  • UL94 Horizontal & Vertical Flammability Tester

    Sataton Instruments Technology CO., Ltd

    Horizontal vertical flame chamber is to determine the flammability of polymeric materials used for parts in devices and appliances. The flame chamber uses standard burner to simulate small open flame or radiant heat source which is as closely as possible actual effects occurring in practice and controlled chamber under certain testing condition to evaluate and describe the flammability properties of tested materials.

  • Ultrasonic hardness tester SONOHARD®

    SH-21A - JFE Advantech Co., Ltd.

    The SH-21A is very easy to use and requires no special knowledge of hardness testing in order to operate the instrument. The unit includes all four hardness scales and you can switch between them at the touch of a button.

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