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  • LED Lighting Panel Tester

    igentic® 821t - Sterner Automation Limited

    Growing demand for light emitting diode (LED) products combined with increasing testing complexity continue to challenge electronic printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers. Sterner Automation, a leader in LED test technology, provides solutions that address these specialized requirements, including the versatile igentic® 821t panel testing system. The igentic® 821t automated process combines advanced vision technology with flexible positioning and power-up capabilities to detect inconsistencies in individual LEDs at the panel production level. The resulting detection capabilities ensure that the highest standards are met while maintaining the capacity associated with today's high speed automated lines.

  • Host Emmulator/ Module Tester

    ML4070-QSFP - multiLane SAL

    The ML4070-QSFP is a state of the art transceiver test set specifically designed for quick production testing Go/No Go applications. It features Pulse Pattern Generators and Error Detectors as well as QSFP host control circuitry with power supply noise injection capability. The ML4070 has got 3 QSFP ports for 0 dB trace loss, 9 dB trace loss and for loopback. A full set of APIs and a production GUI enable quick one-button measurements and automatic report generation.

  • MOST Core Compliance tester

    TESTERLYZER - Ruetz System Solutions GmbH

    TESTERLYZER is the test system for network testing and for the MOST Core Compliance test which accompanies development processes. TESTERLYZER has a modular structure and consists of the system components TESTERLYZER pro Compliance (testing software) and TESTERLYZER Box (measuring and automation hardware), as well as two Optolyzer® modules by the company SMSC, which provide an interface to the MOST bus.

  • Network Analyzer, Tester, LCD

    72-8495 - Tenma

    Compact 2-in-1 unit provides standard digital multimeter functions, as well as pin configurations on network and voice cables. Dual pinout indicator provides sequential verification of each pin on a network cable, and the included remote terminator allows testing of cables which are already installed. Digital multimeter measures AC/DC volts and amps, resistance and diodes, and provides audible continuity test.

  • NetXpert XG2 10G Tester

    #TXG200 - NSI Industries

    *Ethernet Speed certification of copper and fiber optic systems up to 10Gb*Complete active network testing over copper, fiber and Wifi systems*Cable qualification to IEEE standards*TDR & fiber cable length measurement*PoE testing up to 90W (PoE++)

  • Navigation Aid Panel Tester

    MS 1114 - Meltronics Systemtech

    The TE-247 is 19” rack mountable test equipment used for the functional acceptance of NAP-82 and CIP-82 of Jaguar aircraft LRU’s. Microprocessor Based design and MIL1553B Bus, RS232 interface used for testing LRU’s

  • Oil Tan Delta Tester

    OTD - Megger Group Ltd.

    The Oil Tan Delta (OTD) is a laboratory instrument, which measures the Tan Delta, Resistivity and Relative Permittivity of insulating liquids. These tests give a wider picture of the overall quality of the insulating oil, and will indicate if there is any contamination. Megger has developed features of the OTD to ensure that productivity levels within laboratories are maximised. The microprocessor controlled inductive heater means that there is uniformity of temperature throughout the cell, in compliance with IEC 60247, and for cooling a fan effectively speeds up the cell cooling time. The instrument has a temperature measuring range of 10 to 110 C, with an accuracy of 1 C. It can be set to preheat before testing takes place. The automated oil drain facility negates the need to move the oil vessel. User safety is paramount and with this in mind, Megger have designed independent and dual redundant high voltage cut-off circuitry. If for any reason the user needs to abort the test, this can be done so by pressing any key, immediately terminating the test and removing the high voltage. The design of the cell components maximise oil fill rate but minimise turbulence in oil flow and eliminate trapping of air. With only 32 cell components, it is easy to assemble and disassemble.

  • Portable Winding Resistance Tester

    Kingrun Instrument Co., Ltd.

    1. Handheld winding resistance meter2. Conversion function for standard temperature resistance.3. 500 test data can be saved and download by flash disk.4. Temperature testing function.

  • Production PCB Combinational Tester

    Intellitech Corp.

    The PT100Pro combines ARM Functional Test, Analog Test and Boundary Scan in one platform for testing up to 32 PCBs at a time. The PT100 Pro solves the test challenges and cost requirements of testing small, high-volume PCBs used in the home, mobile, entertainment, automotive and embedded markets. PCBs in these markets are cost sensitive yet require high volume, high fault coverage on leading edge technologies such as WiFi, DDR Memory, USB, Bluetooth, Nand Flash, MPEG decoders, Power Management Units, and MMC/Smart Cards interfaces.

  • Reciprocating friction and wear tester.

    A&D Company, Ltd.

    This testing machine is used to evaluate surface conditions such as friction faces of materials by measuring the frictional force.

  • Single Yarn Strength Tester

    SKZ101-16 - SKZ Industrial Co., Ltd

    Used for testing the breaking strength and elongation percentage of various cotton, wool, linen, silk, chemical fiber, core-spun single yarn, pure or blending natural or chemical fiber yarns.

  • Pressure Decay Leak Tester

    Defender - LeakMaster

    You just can’t test slow, with The Defender. The Defender is LeakMaster’s latest Pressure Decay leak testing inno vation specifically designed to reduce integration costs and improve repeatability. The Defender is ideal for a variety of pressure/vacuum decay leaktesting appli cations. It’s compact design makes it ideal for applica tions with limited space. Standard Ethernet/IP module for seamless integration with Allen Bradley EtherNet/IP or other compatible devices, eliminates I/0 wiring and reduces start-up time and hardware cost. This instrument provides ultimate control and the ability to capture valu able leak rate data for data collection systems critical for today’s production environment.

  • Production Line Hipot Tester

    Hypot® Series - Associated Research

    The Hypot Series sets the standard for safety and efficiency in production line Hipot Testing. Whether your application requires AC Withstand tests, DC Withstand tests, or Insulation Resistance tests, The Hypot Series provides innovations that will allow you to begin achieving best practices for safety and efficiency without the need for an expensive automated test system or connection to a PC. You can even connect the Hypot Series with the HYAMP Series to form a seamless safety compliance system for Hipot and Ground Bond Testing.

  • Small Objective Drop Tester

    KD-208 A - King Design Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Testing of Mobile phones, batteries, PDA, digital camera and other hand-held communications and IT product.

  • Portable Slimline Tube Tester

    741200 - EGL Company Inc

    Battery powered high-frequency generator for testing pumped neon tubes and fluorescent lamps, operates on 4 AA batteries. Tube being tested will illuminate in a pulsating manner if “good”. Includes leather case. 6-7/8” long x 1-1/2” wide x 3/4” deep. Batteries not included.

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