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  • Falling Dart Impact Tester

    FDI-01 - Jinan Leading Instruments Co., Ltd.

    FDI-01 Falling Dart Impact Testeris applicable in the impact result and energy measurement of the falling dartfrom a certain height against plastic films and sheets with a thickness less than1mm, whichwould result in 50% tested specimen failure.

  • Surge Tester with Performance Tests

    MEA MSU100 - M.E.A. Testing Systems Ltd.

    *MEA MSU100 Series – Fully automatic SURGE testing of 3 phase and single phase stators, armatures, transformers, and motors, ranging from 10 W to 500 kW, and patented Stator/Rotor performance testing.*MEA MSU101 Series – Customized, fully automatic production line testing system with SURGE testing of 3 phase or single phase stators, armatures, transformers, and motors, ranging from 10 W to 500 kW. The system can be also equipped with automatic testing of H.V. and 4-wire resistance, temperature, and patented Stator/Rotor performance testing.*PERFORMANCE TESTING – MEA patented tests – MEA patented performance testing provides fully automatic Stator/Rotor performance tests, showing the UUT performance as it will be after assembled as motor.*Integrated database.*200 V up to 5 kV programmable impulse.*Option for Partial/Low-Energy Discharge.*Go/No Go tests with comparison detection of: Area Size, Diff Zone, Corona Amount, and Corona Number.*Performances tests comparison at cold and hot state (temperature tests via up to 8 thermocouples).*Interfaces: RS-232, USB, Ethernet (for remote control).*Can be controlled via I/O for OEM applications and easy integration for automatic lines.*Special self-calibration function. No need to send back for the vendor's calibration, saving time and costs.*MSU101 integrated and operated with PC having user-friendly Windows 7 interface, with large database for storing test programs and test results.*Barcode reader, individual print-out of test protocols and labels, of H.V. and 4-wire resistance, and temperature measurement can be integrated into the system.

  • Battery Cell Surge Tester

    Chroma 19311 - Chroma Systems Solutions, Inc.

    The 19311-10 has 10 channels, which can test up to 9 battery cells via scanning test, with a single unit. It can support up to 25 channels for testing up to 24 cells in a sequence by connecting with an external scanner (A190362). The test speed of the multicell scanning test by 19311-10 is extremely efficient, saving test time, and decreasing labor costs. It also increases the production capacity of the production line.

  • Electromagnetic Force Micro Tester

    Micro-Servo - Shimadzu Corp.

    This is a multi-functional fatigue testing machine suitable for specimens, structures and full-sized parts. It is an overhead actuator type with a broad test space, so it is ideal for various types of environmental tests, such as those in corrosion tanks or constant temperature tanks.

  • Enterprise/ Carrier Transmission Tester


    Designed for comprehensive turn-up testing, monitoring and troubleshooting of fixed line, mobile, microwave and wireless carrier Ethernet links. UniPRO MGig1 is suitable for use on any backhaul link at speeds of up to 1 Gb/s.

  • Electrodynamic 3-axis Vibration Tester

    Kokusai Co., Ltd.

    Our unique technology, "special slide mechanism" and "floating mechanism" enable 3-axis simultaneous vibration test in high frequency band up to 2000 Hz, which was difficult to realize so far. A frequency range up to 2000 Hz is essential for vibration testing Of Aerospace Electronic And Electrical Devices. Conventional Single-Axis Vibration Testing Has Been The Mainstream In Conventional High-Frequency Vibration Testing Machines, But High-Frequency Three-Axis Vibration Testing Is Essential To Ensure High Reliability Of Electronic Components Such As EVs, HEVs, motors, inverters, ECUs and PCUs. By performing a 3-axis simultaneous vibration test, it has become possible to reproduce complex vibration generated in a real environment in the test room.You can also select various environmental tanks. It is possible to select a high performance model with low cross talk and high surface distribution performance and a general model .

  • Falling Dart Impact Tester

    SKZ148 - SKZ Industrial Co., Ltd

    Dart impact testing machine used for plastic films and sheets of impact test to evaluate the impact resistance, it adopts background light source for test results.

  • EYE Super UV Tester

    Iwasaki Electric Co., Ltd.

    UV rays are the greatest cause of product deterioration. This unique system dramatically intensifies the deterioration acceleration caused by UV rays. It can achieve an acceleration factor greater than 100 times normal sunlight, producing material effects equivalent to extended outdoor exposure. Its compact size makes it ideal for research and development testing of paints, inks, pigments and fibers as well as plastics.

  • Diesel Fuel Injector Tester

    45468 - Hickok Inc.

    Diesel engine fuel injection common rail systems have been difficult to diagnose for years. Because of the very high pressures in the fuel system and the location of the pumps, regulators, and fuel injectors, accessibility to these components is difficult. To address this we have developed a new technology for testing the fuel delivery system that takes only 15 minutes to perform.

  • Diesel Tester for Mercedes Benz-Vehicles

    34780 - S & G Tool Aid Corp

    Has piggy-back 12mm-1.25 & 18mm-1.50 threads for testing at glow plug port. Applications: 12mm is for Model 300 & 300 Turbo Diesel from 1978 and the 250 & 350 Turbo models. 18mm is for all regular Mercedes Benz engines & Model 300 prior to 1978.

  • Digital Free Chlorine Tester

    MW10 - Milwaukee Instruments

    The Milwaukee MW10 Free Chlorine Photometer lets you go digital with your testing. No more hit and miss testing with strips. Great for agriculture, aquariums, aquaculture & coral, labs, water treatment, classroom and more. This meter is also ideal for educators that want their students to learn the basics of water quality analysis to apply in the real world.

  • Dual Telephone Line Tester

    NT-6006 - Prokit's Industries Co., Ltd.

    This tool is for testing the condition of dual telephone line jacks. Multicolor LED indicator light alerts to okay line, reversed line, AC Voltage present and dead line. Fits in shirt pocket.

  • Digital Total Chlorine Tester

    MW11 - Milwaukee Instruments

    The Milwaukee MW11 Total Chlorine Photometer lets you go digital with your testing. No more hit and miss testing with strips. Great for aquariums, aquaculture & coral, labs, water conditioning , classroom and more. This meter is also ideal for educators that want their students to learn the basics of water quality analysis to apply in the real world.

  • Digital Earth Resistance Testers

    ST-1520 - MRC ltd.

    Capable of measuring earth voltage.2mA measuring current permits the testing of earth resistance without tripping earth leakage current circuit breakers in the circuit.Auto power off function.The timer operates automatically for approximately three to five minutes when the "push button switch" and "timer on button" are pressed together.

  • Computerized Automatic Relay Tester

    CVRT-S16 - Vasavi Electronics

    CVRT-S8 & S16 are ideal for automatic testing of ELECTRO MECHANICAL AND READ RELAYS (only DC relays) both for static and dynamic characteristics. This system scans at one stroke, all the parameters of the relay as per definition of test procedure. The test sequence can be pre-programmed and stored in the disk. You can select the tests as per your requirement. Can include or exclude the test and you can have several options to match your test definitions. Semi skilled person can be engaged for actual testing, as he need not make any settings and need not interpret the readings. The system conducts the tests and gives PASS / FAIL indication on overall test results. If a printer is connected, each test result will be printed.

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