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  • Transformer Winding Resistance Tester

    KRI 9310 - Kingrun Instrument Co., Ltd.

    KRI 9310 adopt Kelvin four-wire testing method, which effectively eliminates the influence of the resistance of the test line on the test results. It can be able to increases the current to 10A by which can test extremely low resistance to 0.01 Ω(such as amorphous alloy, Copper-nickel, nickel-chromium-iron, iron-chromium-aluminum etc). For the tested objects with high resistance value (CT/PT), the instrument can extend the range to 20 kΩ,so the wide resistance test range enables KRI9310 can cover 80% of the power transformer products on the market and switchgear bus-bar cable etc. The power of the tester use the built-in rechargeable lithium battery that can test hundreds of transformers by one time charging.

  • HEV & EV Power Tester

    EVd-40 - NuVant Systems, Inc.

    The EVd-40 Power Tester is a pre- and post-reconditioning tool for quality control of aftermarket HEV & EV battery production. The equipment integrates a “smart” charger (Sorensen XG 1700 or Kepco KLN 1500W) with NuVant Systems high power discharge electronics. The "power test" discharges battery packs at high power (10,000 watts), while tracking module voltages. The software monitors up to 40 module voltages at a time, identifying any weak modules. The "smart" charger performs charging constant current (CC), constant voltage (CV) and complex mixed mode constant current – constant voltage (CCCV) charging protocols at voltages up to 600 V. This enables recharge of any type of rechargeable battery.

  • Online PD Spot Tester

    Liona - BAUR Prüf- und Messtechnik GmbH

    Cable testing and diagnostics with the BAUR liona. Liona is a portable online PD spot tester for measuring and locating partial discharges in cables and switchgear during normal mains operation. Liona lets you test cable systems and electrical equipment online without switching off partial discharge activities, and then generate trend analyses. Even a PD spot test (duration: 5-10 minutes) is capable of reliably assessing the current status of your system.* Automatic PD detection during normal mains operation (without switching off the cable route)* With DeCIFer technology: PD identification based on 500 million measurement results* Precise online PD mapping with PD transponder

  • Power Cord Bending Tester

    SW-6 - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    SW-6 Power cord bending tester is fully designed according to the IEC standard, and can also be costumer-sized depends on the samples’ type and the costumer’s requirement. Specifications: • Power supply:AC220V 50/60HZ   12KVA • Control mode: PLC with touch screen and Servo motor. • Test Speed: 10~60times/min (Adjustable) • Test Degree: 0~540° (Adjustable) • Counter: 0~999999 (Can be pre-set) • Weight: 5N,10N,20N. 2Sets. (6Position type will have 6 Sets) • Position: 2/6 • Load Current: 0~20A (Adjustable) • Angle plate: Can check the test situation • Sample fixture: Can be costumer-sized. • Can do power line bending test (The User need prepare sample and power supply ), Can record the number of the sample’s work with load.

  • Bit Error Rate Tester

    100G NRZ BERT - Munich-Instruments GmbH

    The C-BERT 2810-4 is a complete bit error rate tester dedicated for 100G Ethernet applications. The four independent channels enable an actual operating environment with traffic on all lanes. The simultaneous testing of 4 channels is much faster than testing each channel individually saving time and money. The BERT eye scan reveals low-probability events and shows the true performance of the DUT to aid troubleshooting. The high RF port density eliminates long cable length which degrades the signal at 25 Gb/s. The OS independent GUI is easy to install and enable remote control from everywhere. The complete and compact C-BERT is a powerful and cost efficient test solution for 100G Ethernet.C-BERT MI-PE2810-4 Product sheet_rev05.

  • DC Vibration Unit Tester

    BK2116 - BaKo Co., Ltd

    As the technology for BLDC motors advances, more advanced testing is also needed. The BK2116 DC Vibration Motor Tester was designed when of several of our clients needed to test the new generation of 3 port DC vibration motors. Using the BK2116, you can test the electrical specifications (RPM, current, drop pulse, and start up voltage) and also vibration level, and noise of motors with either 2 or 3 ports. The BK2116 can concurrently test 2 DUT's and BaKo's Test Shop software makes it very easy to set up and test. And because you use it with a PC or notebook, you can see graphs of the data as you test, and also save it to analyze later, or to analyze the data you gather over time.

  • Life Cycle & Fatigue Testers


    Switches can use all these operations. Membrane switches, keyboards and keypads will all require a push with a known force. On/Off switches will combine a push and a pull or possibly push on, push off. A rocker switch and toggle switches will require a push in two different places. Rotary switches (and volume controls, potentiometers) need to be rotated clockwise and counter clockwise The standard life cycle and fatigue tester the B886 Simon System has been designed for life cycle and fatigue testing of switches, membrane switches, keyboards and keypads. It contains all the components needed to life and fatigue test a products that need to be pushed. We can also supply different actuators for a push, pull, rocker, toggle, volume control or rotary switch.

  • MU Cable Tester System

    16814 - Ultra-Tech Enterprises, Inc.,

    The MU Locomotive Trainline/Cable Test System (MU Test System) can perform shorts testing, continuity testing, and ground-leakage testing on each of the 27 pin Multi-Unit Trainlines normally found on Freight Locomotives. The MU Test System is comprised of two identical tester units. Each unit is installed in a rugged, water resistant Pelican case. Each unit contains an MU cable receptacle that mates with a 27 pin MU jumper cable. A snap-on vinyl pouch on the outside cover of each unit provides storage for the battery charger/power adapter and the chassis test lead. The enclosure cover hinges separate from the test unit as the cover is opened; this removes the cover completely to allow free access to the MU cable receptacle and the control panel.

  • Advanced Cable Tester v2

    TP800110 - Total Phase Inc.

    The Total Phase Advanced Cable Tester v2 is the quickest and most convenient way to comprehensively test USB, Lightning, and video cables. It provides:*Short testing - Dynamic visualization of test results*Open testing - Dynamic visualization of test results*Continuity testing - Dynamic visualization of test results*DC resistance measurement for most wires, with milliohm precision on ground and power wires, ohm resolution on most other wires, continuity check only on high-speed data lines*Signal integrity testing of data lines to 12.8 Gbps per channel*E-Marker verification*Lightning plug bring up/function (Apple Lightning Cables)**Over-voltage protection (Apple Lightning Cables)**Voltage recovery testing (Apple Lightning Cables)**Quiescent current consumption (Apple Lightning Cables)*

  • Durometer - Shore Hardness Tester

    Qualitest International Inc.

    Qualitest provides quality control departments and research laboratories with an extensive range of top quality Durometer and hardness Tester for accurate hardness determination on all natural and synthetic rubber products and soft elastic materials, plastics, acrylic glass, acetates, casting resin, polyester, thermoplastics, PVC, neoprenes, hardboards, wood, leather, fruits and much more. Our products provide the highest precision (normally 0.5% or better), quality and craftsmanship, durability, “yet require” almost no calibration in many years after the purchase. Our designs are engineered so that the Durometer stays precisely within the standard requirements. Qualitest Durometers are referred to as the “Swiss watches” among other products on the market. Investing in our line of Durometer is a guarantee of accuracy and assurance for many years of operation.

  • Build Your Hydrostatic Tester

    Hydraulic Technology, Inc.

    Start with the basic Model 9901 hydrostatic tester as shown to the left with the following standard equipment:- Hydrostatic test pump, air operated.- 1% ANSI B40.1 Grade 1A stainless steel high pressure gauge.- ANSI B40.1 Grade B air pressure gauge.- Micro adjust precision regulator.- High pressure isolation shutoff valve.- Automatic lubricator.- Stainless steel high pressure manifold.- 1/4" NPT accessory port.- Bleed valve.- Air shutoff valve.- Factory set air pressure relief valve.- 7/16-20 straight thread O-ring boss outlet port (MS33649-04) with -4 male adapter fitting.- 3/4" swivel female hose inlet with strainer.- Stainless steel base plate with rubber feet.

  • Medical Leakage Current Tester

    2675Y - Shenzhen Chuangxin Instruments Co., Ltd.

    The 2675Y Medical Leakage Current Tester Series Is The Test Equipment Used For Measuring Continuous Leakage Current And Patient Auxiliary Current Of Medical Electrical Equipment.It Designs And Products According To The GB9706.1_2020 (IEC60601-1:2012) .And The Test Circuit (MD)Input Impedance To Simulate The Body Impedance,It Accord With The Requirements Of GB9706.1-2020 (IEC60601-1:2012),The Test Current Can Run Up To 5A,And Provide Users With An Isolation Power Supply Which Adjustable Output Voltage For 0~250V Continuously Of The Basic Capacity Configuration For The 500VA And Provide Another 110% Voltage Source Of The Maximum Rated Voltage.It Can Satisfy The I,II, Various Types Of Equipment Test The Earth Leakage Current,Shell Leakage Current,Patient Leakage Current,Patient Auxiliary Leakage Current Under Normal Condition And The Single Fault.

  • Digital LOOP/PSC/EARTH Tester

    1824 LP - Standard Electric Works Co., Ltd

    ● Microprocessor-controlled.● Measures Earth Resistance without the need for poles in the ground or external measuring wires.● Earth measurement uses the real earth current path and the current generated by the electric network, without the need for any disconnection.● The Earth Resistance displayed is exactly the earth resistance that the earth current will need to go through if an earth fault occurs. (you do not need to add all the bonding points and connection paths)● Displays voltage supply at the transformer(Line to Neutral), without loading the transformer.● Single one smart push button operation; ON, Scroll through results and menus.● Checks wiring integrity (LEDs).● Auto-off / Auto-ranging (software range).● Color-coded test leads.● Combined prospective short circuit current, loop, and earth tester.● Loop test for L-E and PSC between L-N.● Voltage test L-N.● Display can be customized for large orders.

  • Dry Arc Resistance Tester


    Dry Arc Resistance Tester is designed to conduct high voltage,low current Arc Resistance test on solid electrical insulation material as per:ASTM standard D495-99 (2004) and UL 746A. Why Arc Resistance Test? Many Cases of insulator failure are due to deterioration of its surface because of sustained electrical discharge or Arc. This test method is intended to test the resistance of insulating material when a high -Voltage low -current Arc close to the surface of insulation, intending to form a conducting path therein or in causing the material to become conducting due to decomposition and erosion.AdvantagesThis Test ensures that your products meet high standards of quality & safety. This product is meant for all Switchgears/ insulator/ Polymer/ electro plastic manufacturers and manufacturers who use insulators in their products e.g. Wiring Accessories, Appliances, HT/LT line insulators etc.

  • Large Earth Resistance Tester

    WA 180 - Wuhan Sangao Electrical Test Installations Limit Co.

    WA180 Type Large earth resistance tester,To test substation earthing network(4Ω), Hydroelectric and Thermoelectric Power Plant,microwave(10Ω),lighting rod(10Ω)etc.Using new type variable frequency AC power supply, And adopts microcomputer control and signal processing measures, Solved the problem of interference of the testing process, To simplify the test procedure, To improve the precision and accuracy of the test results, reducing test personnel's the labor intensity and the cost of testing.The instrument can be used to test all kinds of power frequency earth resistance,contact voltage,step voltage etc frequency power parameters and soil resistivity. The instrument adopts the different frequency Anti-interference resistance technology, under strong interference environment accurately measured the frequency under 50Hz data.The maximum test current is 5A,it will not cause the earth device potential too high,and it also has strong anti interference ability, so it can be measured in the case of non power.

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