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  • The Ultimate Circuit Tester Kit

    28640 - Lisle Corp.

    The tester kit tests low voltage up to 28 volts. Also finds electrical shorts, checks polarity, detects battery drain, and checks circuits from a distance. Heavy-duty coil cord extends over 8 feet. Detachable, spring-loaded hook pulls the center of the wire into the probe every time. Attach alligator clip to the probe when a clip-on connection is needed.

  • Cold Ross Flex Tester

    UI-FT27B - Unuo Instruments

    Cold Ross Flex Tester – Ross Flex Machine is used to test the cut growth in rubber vulcanizates under continuously bend flexing in 90° in low temperature chamber. Ross Flex Test Method includes ASTM D1052, SATRA TM60, ISO 4643 and etc. Ross flex machine is one of the most common sole testing machines in footwear testing Lab.

  • Advanced Continuity and Hipot Tester

    Easy Touch - Cirris Systems Corporation

    Test all your cable or harness designs quickly and confidently with our newest cable and harness tester. EasyTouch checks for opens, shorts, and miswires and performs IR/DWV testing up to 2000Vdc (1000VAC Optional). Easy Touch features an integrated Windows 7 PC complete with hard drive, VGA, USB, Ethernet, and audio ports and a large 10.4" graphical touch-screen display.

  • Linear IC Functional Tester

    MME LICT 20 - Minmax Electronics

    MME LICT 20 is the Microprocessor controlled LINEAR IC FUNCTIONAL TESTER from MINMAX ELECTRONICS. It functionally test a variety of linear ICs including commonly used Operational amplifiers, Comparators, Transistor arrays, Optocouplers, Analog switches, Multiplexer, Voltage followers, Timers, A to D converters, D to A converters, cross point switches and other selected special function analog ICs.

  • Drop Weight Impact Tester

    Qualitest International Inc.

    The Falling Weight Impact Tester is used to perform impact tests on plastic pipes, conforming to ISO 3127, EN744 and EN1411. Test pieces are subjected to blows from a falling striker, of specified mass and shape, dropped from a known height onto specified positions around the circumference of the test piece. The true impact rate of the batch, or production run from an extruder, is estimated.

  • Traction Battery Drop Tester

    Guangdong Bell Experiment Equipment Co.,Ltd

    Traction Battery Drop Tester Relevant standards requirementsSingle Storage Cell Safety TestDropt testing steps:Charge the single storage cellaccording to 6.1.3Drop the positive negative terminals of the cellfrom the height of 1.5m to the concrete floor;Observe for 1hBattery Module Safety TestCharge the battery module according to the standard 6.1.4Drop the positive negative terminals of the battery from the height of 1.2m to the concrete floorObserve for 1h

  • Portable Circuit Breaker Tester

    PI-1600 - ETI Precision

    The PI-1600 Circuit Breaker Tester incorporates modular design and flexibility to provide unequaled capability in a portable package. The PI-1600 test set is two testers in one, incorporating the PI-800 and PI-AUX. The PI-800 section can be used alone, on 120 or 240 VAC supplies, generating continuous current of 400, 800, amps at 4.2 kVA, with peak output to over 10x. When configured for the PI-1600, the PI-AUX output unit is connected in series or parallel to the PI-800. The PI-AUX boosts total power to 9.8KVA, and allows testing of draw-out breakers and MCB’s to 1600 Amps. The units are housed in rugged interlocking suitcase-size enclosures. Each piece weighs no more than 125 pounds, allowing one-person hand truck mobility. Basic operation is very simple, and the proven MAC-21 control instrumentation provides optimal output control and measurement. The MAC-21 instrumentation is supplied in a separate rugged portable case, interlocks on top of the PI-800, and connects to a cable in the rear of the test set.

  • Impulse Withstand Voltage Tester

    Series LSG-255G - Shanghai Sanki Electronic Industries Co., Ltd.

    The impulse withstand voltage tester series LSG-255G fully complies with the new standards of IEC60255-5, GB/T14598.3 and GB14711; the pulse voltage output up to 10kV/15kV meets the user's test requirements; the leakage current detection alarm device is added. The current is 300mA, 400mA, 500mA, 600mA, 800mA, 1000mA adjustable; high-voltage electronic switch is adopted, with low noise, high stability and long service life.

  • Multi Function Cable Tester

    LINDY-Elektronik GmbH

    This advanced cable tester is ideal for use in computer workshops and repair centres. It allows technicians to test commonly used computer and AV cables. The unit not only identifies open circuits, short circuits and mis-wires it also shows pin to pin connectivity with the ability to record and upload up to 100 test results to a PC. An integrated, backlit LCD provides makes operation straightforward and easy to understand.

  • Oil Withstand Voltage Tester

    TE 6080 - Wuhan Sangao Electrical Test Installations Limit Co.

    TE6080 Automatic insulating Oil Tester, in accordance with IEC156, realizes the full automatic determination of insulating oil dielectric strength, make the original tedious and dangerous work become safe and easy. The instrument adopts special software and hardware anti-interference measures to eliminate the competing products prone to crash phenomenon. The new design will reduce the volume to the 1 / 2 of original, easy to carry and operate on-site.

  • Lithium Battery Equalization Tester

    LIFG - Fuzhou Fuguang Electronics Co., Ltd.

    The LIFG series Tester is an intelligent and efficient lithium battery equalization maintenance instrument, which is used to quickly solve the problem that inconsistent voltage of lithium battery pack. Meanwhile it supports to make the voltage difference of any battery, which can be used for research and development experiments to stimulate what problems will occur when the battery reaches the maximum voltage difference under harsh work working conditions.

  • Diode DC. Characteristics Tester

    TVR 6100 - Xceltron Technologies

    The TVR6100 is a multipurpose, versatile Binning Tester. It can be used to classify parameters, including TRR (reverse recovery time), VF (forward voltage, IF is up to 100A), VBR (reserve breakdown voltage) and IR (reverse leakage current). Moreover, it can test IR SURGE, ΔVR(delta reverse voltage) and IR parameters at the same time. Each parameter, for testing or not testing, can be selected by each operator.

  • Catena 1910 HSIC Tester

    Catena 1910 - MCCI

    The MCCI Catena 1910 HSIC USB Tester enables testing of HSIC Host or HSIC Device products. It can be used to exercise your product by operating as an active host or active device, while simultaneously capturing USB traffic for analysis. For test and validation of a final system, Passive Capture mode lets you debug and verify communication between your HSIC Host and HSIC Device,

  • Primary Current Injection Testers


    Primary Current Injection Tester is designed for testing protective relay and circuit breakers and also testing the turns ratio of current transformers at high variable currents. A test current is injected into the primary side of a system to determine how the system behaves at particular levels of current. This test makes it possible to determine whether the relay will trip and how long the current needs to flow before the trip is initiated.

  • Optical Fiber Cable Tester

    T020-001-ST62 - Tripp Lite

    The T020-001-ST62 FC to ST 62.5/125 Adapter converts a native FC fiber female port on the Tripp Lite T020-001-PSF Multi-Function Optical Fiber Cable Tester to an ST female port for 62.5/125 multimode cable testing. “62.5/125” is clearly labeled on the unit to differentiate the T020-001-ST62 from other adapters. Included dust caps keep the connectors clean when not in use.

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