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  • Compact Tablet Hardness Tester

    HC 7 - Teledyne LABS

    The new member of our Lab.line product family: the HC 7 hardness tester for manual use in the laboratory.Equipped with a touch display and the new database-driven touch software, the HC 7 impresses with its exceptional user-friendliness. The new software can be operated intuitively and is equipped with all important functions for quick operation.Start your quick, direct and product testing with just a few clicks directly via the touch display and set up to 50 products. Reports can be printed externally via USB or LAN interface. It is also possible to connect DYMO* and EPSON* roll printers (*special models only).

  • Digital LOOP/PSC/LOAD Tester

    2811 LP - Standard Electric Works Co., Ltd

    ● Microprocessor-controlled.● Displays and sound warning if external voltage present.● Displays mains voltage, scroll trough menus.● Checks wiring integrity (LEDs and display).● Single button operation.● Auto-off/auto-ranging.● Combined prospective short circuit current, PSC and LOOP tester.● Built-in carry case, test leads in separate pouch.● Loop test for L-E and L-N and PSC.● Voltage test L-N and L-E.● Enables analysis of constituent components in L-E and L-N loops giving resistance of earth, neutral wire, live wire and transformer winding.● Display can be customized for special orders.● 60Hz available on request.

  • Phase Rotation Tester with Voltmeter

    885 PR - Standard Electric Works Co., Ltd

    ● 3 functions in one unit: Phase Rotation, Phase Presence, Voltmeter● LCD contact type Phase Rotation Tester● Large LCD to show phase rotation and phase presence● Check a wide range of three phase power sources● Voltage range for phase rotation test: 75~600V AC ● Frequency range: 40~400Hz● 6000-count voltmeter● Auto ranging Voltmeter AC/DC● Data hold function● Auto power off● Convenient stand for viewing● Easy to use● Comply with EN 61010-1 CAT III 600V EN 61010-2-033 EN 61326-1

  • Radio Frequency Cable Tester

    RFCT - Textron Systems

    Textron Systems’ Radio Frequency Cable Tester (RFCT) allows for on-site testing and maintenance for radio frequency (RF) transmission paths within a platform. Using preconfigured databases of sweep parameters and pass/fail criteria, the RFCT quickly determines the status of installed RF cables. The RFCT checks each cable’s performance characteristics to include voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), insertion loss (IL), phase and phase matching. If a cable fails a test, the RFCT automatically determines the distance-to-fault (DTF). With its intuitive touchscreen-based user interface and lightweight, ruggedized packaging, the RFCT is the gold standard for operational-level RF cable testing.

  • Remote End Cable Testers

    XLR Sniffer/Sender - Sound Tools

    Designed by Rat Sound to deal with the "real world" of pro audio, the SoundTools Sniffer/Senders are the perfect tools for live environments. Test snake lines and cables when the ends are at a distance and avoid running extra cables just to test. Utilizing phantom power the Sniffer end can quickly test snake lines in minutes. The aluminum barrels eliminates the problem many testers face with solder joints failures and the unit will never rust. 3 simple LED’s will instantly diagnosis your cable as it tests for every possible shot, open, or cross wire in XLR cables. If the LED’s read all green you cable will work!

  • Creep and Stress Rupture Tester

    QualiCreep Series - Qualitest International Inc.

    Qualitest Creep and Stress Rupture Tester - QualiCreep Series is mainly designed to perform Creep and Stress Rupture testing of a wide variety of materials to both standard and customized specifications such as ASTM E139, ISO 204, ISO/R 206 and similar international standards. These machines are capable of covering the determination of the amount of deformation as a function of time (creep test) and the measurement of the time for fracture to occur when sufficient force is present (rupture test) for materials when under constant tensile forces at constant temperature. Qualitest offers three models electronic high temperature creep-testing machine with full closed-loop servo-control in capacities from 10kN to 500kN.

  • Non-Contact Resistance Online Tester

    MEWOI Electronics Co.,ltd

    Non-Contact Resistance Online Tester is our company devotes ourselves to Grounding resistance test technical research’s another new high-tech product for more than ten years. Detector adopts weather fastness material manufacture, temperature resistance, cold-resistant, corrosion prevention, fire prevention. Detector’s structure is rigorous and firm, against rain, dustproof, installation and use outdoors. Non-contact measurement, safe and reliable, Ease of installation. Grounding down lead is directly through the detector perforation, Will not affect lightning protection grounding effect and the normal operation of the facilities. Ensure high-accuracy, high stability and high reliability of long time on-line monitoring outdoors, underground mine and indoors.

  • Transformer Variable Radio Tester

    WABC - Wuhan Sangao Electrical Test Installations Limit Co.

    Acc to IEC and Relevant national standard, In the power transformer production, transfer and user test process, Transformer ratio test is necessary project, This can be used for quality supervision of transformer factory and the use process, prevent the transformer winding inter turn short circuit, open circuit, connection error, pressure regulating switch failure or contact fault.So our company development and production of automatic ratio tester in the original basis according to the user's site using requirements , make the operation more convenient, complete function, stable and reliable data, the testing speed is greatly improved.To meet the needs of all kinds of small medium and large transformer ratio test.

  • UV Accelerated Weathering Testers

    Dongguan Amade Instruments Technology Co., Ltd

    UV accelerated weather tester is also well known as UV test chamber, which is a type of environmental test chamber using fluorescent UV as light source to determine the resistance of plastics, leathers, rubbers, fabrics and so on to weathering under the specified conditions. We know that Ultraviolet light only accounts for 7% of the total sunlight, but it plays a core role in deterioration of materials. Not only does the ultraviolet, but UV test machine also can simulate dewing, high temperature, high humidity, black environment to be reappeared as a circulation. So UV weathering test is an essential measure for people to research and know the degradation state of specimens in advance as the time goes on.

  • 5G Radio Communication Tester

    CMX500 - Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

    The R&S CMX500 radio communication tester is the future-proof solution for 5G NR testing, featuring an intuitive and flexible web-based user interface, the R&S CMsquares. Supporting manual interactive operation as well as automatically sequence-controlled test protocols makes the R&S CMsquares an advantageous software solution, with unique modules for all signaling use cases. These range from R&D design stages up to end-to-end application testing, production and conformance tests. The introduction of a one-platform strategy for all 5G NR test equipment enables a unified test environment for signaling and non-signaling testing through all stages of 5G device production.

  • Transformer Winding Resistance Tester

    KRI 9310 - Kingrun Instrument Co., Ltd.

    KRI 9310 adopt Kelvin four-wire testing method, which effectively eliminates the influence of the resistance of the test line on the test results. It can be able to increases the current to 10A by which can test extremely low resistance to 0.01 Ω(such as amorphous alloy, Copper-nickel, nickel-chromium-iron, iron-chromium-aluminum etc). For the tested objects with high resistance value (CT/PT), the instrument can extend the range to 20 kΩ,so the wide resistance test range enables KRI9310 can cover 80% of the power transformer products on the market and switchgear bus-bar cable etc. The power of the tester use the built-in rechargeable lithium battery that can test hundreds of transformers by one time charging.

  • Online PD Spot Tester

    Liona - BAUR Prüf- und Messtechnik GmbH

    Cable testing and diagnostics with the BAUR liona. Liona is a portable online PD spot tester for measuring and locating partial discharges in cables and switchgear during normal mains operation. Liona lets you test cable systems and electrical equipment online without switching off partial discharge activities, and then generate trend analyses. Even a PD spot test (duration: 5-10 minutes) is capable of reliably assessing the current status of your system.* Automatic PD detection during normal mains operation (without switching off the cable route)* With DeCIFer technology: PD identification based on 500 million measurement results* Precise online PD mapping with PD transponder

  • HEV & EV Power Tester

    EVd-40 - NuVant Systems, Inc.

    The EVd-40 Power Tester is a pre- and post-reconditioning tool for quality control of aftermarket HEV & EV battery production. The equipment integrates a “smart” charger (Sorensen XG 1700 or Kepco KLN 1500W) with NuVant Systems high power discharge electronics. The "power test" discharges battery packs at high power (10,000 watts), while tracking module voltages. The software monitors up to 40 module voltages at a time, identifying any weak modules. The "smart" charger performs charging constant current (CC), constant voltage (CV) and complex mixed mode constant current – constant voltage (CCCV) charging protocols at voltages up to 600 V. This enables recharge of any type of rechargeable battery.

  • Bit Error Rate Tester

    100G NRZ BERT - Munich-Instruments GmbH

    The C-BERT 2810-4 is a complete bit error rate tester dedicated for 100G Ethernet applications. The four independent channels enable an actual operating environment with traffic on all lanes. The simultaneous testing of 4 channels is much faster than testing each channel individually saving time and money. The BERT eye scan reveals low-probability events and shows the true performance of the DUT to aid troubleshooting. The high RF port density eliminates long cable length which degrades the signal at 25 Gb/s. The OS independent GUI is easy to install and enable remote control from everywhere. The complete and compact C-BERT is a powerful and cost efficient test solution for 100G Ethernet.C-BERT MI-PE2810-4 Product sheet_rev05.

  • DC Vibration Unit Tester

    BK2116 - BaKo Co., Ltd

    As the technology for BLDC motors advances, more advanced testing is also needed. The BK2116 DC Vibration Motor Tester was designed when of several of our clients needed to test the new generation of 3 port DC vibration motors. Using the BK2116, you can test the electrical specifications (RPM, current, drop pulse, and start up voltage) and also vibration level, and noise of motors with either 2 or 3 ports. The BK2116 can concurrently test 2 DUT's and BaKo's Test Shop software makes it very easy to set up and test. And because you use it with a PC or notebook, you can see graphs of the data as you test, and also save it to analyze later, or to analyze the data you gather over time.

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