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  • Mixed Signal JTAG Tester

    JT 5705 - JTAG Technologies Inc.

    The JT 5705 series offer a unique combination of JTAG TAP controller (tester) interfaces plus digital and analog I/O in compact desktop package.Use the ‘mixed-signal’ features to measure power supplies, clock frequencies or test DACs and ADCs. Add your own capability through use of CoreCommander FPGA our generic bridge/translator system.

  • Digital Insulation and Continuity Tester

    Metra Insu 20 - Metra Blansko a.s.

    Metra Insu 20 digital insulation and continuity tester is suitable for folloving.• Measurement of the insulation resistance on electrically dead equioment and systems with test voltages up to 1000 V. • For testing motors, transformers, generators, switchgears. • for testing of house hold appliances. • Measurement of the insulation resistance of cables. • Very useful for on-site maintenance and service departments.

  • SCSI V Cable Tester

    PR-09SCSIV - Pansco, Ltd

    The Universal Cable Tester is a compact, stand-alone unit which gives technicians an affordable way to test PC, serial ATA, network, telecom, coaxial, USB A/B, mini USB A/B/AB, 1394 Firewire 4/6, and SCSI I, II, III, and V cables for continuity, wiring configuration, opens, shorts, miswiring, and cross-connected wires.

  • Semiconductor Thermal Transient Tester

    T3Ster® - Mentor Graphics Corp.

    T3Ster (pronounced "Trister") is an advanced thermal tester from Mentor Graphics MicReD Products for thermal characterization of semiconductor chip packages. Superior to all other thermal characterization equipment on the market due to its speed and ease of use; its extremely accurate temperature measurements (0.01oC); and its 1 micro-second measurement resolution in time.

  • Wireless Flight Line Tester

    webFLT - Astronics Corp.

    The webFLT is a functional tester for aircraft systems using the Digital Flight Data Recorder ARINC 717 bus. It connects directly to the aircraft system test plug (on Boeing 737, 757, and 767 aircraft) and transfers data to the test computer via an 802.11 b/g wireless link, eliminating cabling in the crowded cockpit that can be tripped over or damaged.

  • SpaceWire Physical Layer Tester

    141 - STAR-Dundee

    The SpaceWire Physical Layer Tester (SPLT) is a tool designed to test, validate and verify a SpaceWire system across all levels of the SpaceWire standard. Two SpaceWire ports employ a special LVDS interface which allows the transmitted signals to be deliberately and measurably manipulated to test the capability of a unit under test to receive signals of varying quality.

  • Photovoltaic and Electrical Installation Testers

    3109 - Metrel d.d.

    MI 3109 EurotestPV Lite is a photovoltaic (PV) tester. It performs all necessary tests required on photovoltaic installations. This includes all of the tests as required by EN 62446, but also includes I - U characteristic measurements, calculation of STC values as required by EN 61829 and power measurements on Inverter’s DC and AC sides (single-phase only).

  • Lithium Battery Inspection Tester

    C19 - Fuzhou Fuguang Electronics Co., Ltd.

    C19 series is a portable tester which can quickly inspect battery pack of two-wheel vehicles. It can realize quick inspection and selection of SOH data of battery pack and discharge-charge maintenance. Data can be transferred to the mobile phone APP through Bluetooth forming a statistics report and faulty cell warnings so that further maintenance solutions can be developed in time.

  • Transformer Turns Ratio Testers

    IBEKO Power AB

    Transformer turns ratio testers from TRT series are DV Power instruments mainly designed for the measurement of power transformer turns ratio. Also, they measure transformer excitation current and phase shift. Special tests, such as automatic vector group detection and magnetic balance, can be performed on three-phase transformers and three-phase autotransformers.All models, except TRT03 series, have a built-in true three-phase power source, which is necessary for testing turns ratio of transformers with special configurations, such as phase-shifting, rectifier, arc-furnace, traction transformers, etc.DV Power turns ratio testers can output various test voltages for different applications. From the extremely low test voltage of 1 V AC that enables turns ratio verification of the majority of current transformers, up to the highest test voltage of 500 V AC that provides the most accurate turns ratio testing of power transformers used in power generation and transmission. By using the external booster, test voltage increases up to 5 kV AC in order to successfully test capacitive voltage transformers.All DV Power turns ratio testers have a built-in tap changer control unit. Because of that, it is possible to control the on-load tap changer (OLTC) directly from the device. In order to make the most out of this feature, the instrument and included DV-Win software can be programmed to do everything automatically – running turns ratio tests, changing OLTC tap positions, and saving results. This option significantly facilitates and shortens the turns ratio testing time.TRT turns ratio testers use the same set of cables as three-phase winding ohmmeter & tap changer analyzers from the TWA series. Consequently, it enables one-time cable setup for performing eight tests:turns ratioexcitation currentphase anglemagnetic balancevector group detectionwinding resistanceon-load tap changer DVtestand demagnetization.

  • Friction & Peel Strength Tester

    FPT-F1 - Jinan Saicheng Instrument

    FPT-F1 Friction Peel Tester can be used to test coefficient of static and dynamic friction of plastic films, sheets, foils, paper, cardboard, woven bags, fabric (fabric style test), metal-plastic composite belt for communication cable, convey belt and textile, as well as peel strength of adhesive laminated products, medical adhesive bandage, release paper and protective films.

  • Handheld Digital IC Tester

    MME-HDIT 20 - Minmax Electronics

    MME-HDIT 20 is the latest Microcontroller controlled hand held digital IC Tester from MINMAX ELECTRONICS. It tests the standard 54/74/40/45 series of digital ICs, few linear ICs, analog switches and dynamic RAMs up to 20 pins. It is fully automatic requiring no reference IC etc., It is battery operated and compact making it ideal for field servicing.

  • Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester

    DTA IL - BAUR Prüf- und Messtechnik GmbH

    Insulating oil testing with the BAUR DTA IL. The BAUR DTA Inline is a high performance and reliable oil tester for continuous testing of the breakdown strength of insulating oils during production (inline tests). The combination of extremely short switch-off times during breakdowns and the easy oil sample handling facilitate high quality statements and conclusions on the insulating oil quality.

  • Brush or Sponge Pilling Tester

    TF222 - TESTEX Testing Equipment Systems Ltd.

    Brush or Sponge Pilling Tester, to determine the pilling propensity and simulate normal wear of knitted and woven fabrics used in apparel and automotive interiors by brush and/or sponging specimens together in a circular motion to form pills. Specimens are evaluated under standard lighting conditions using a pilliscope, light cabinet or similar, against users’ standard fabrics or piling photographs.

  • Coil Testers & Power Supplies

    POB Series - IBEKO Power AB

    Coil testers and power supply units, models POB30 and POB40 are ideal for commissioning and maintenance testing of circuit breakers. The station supply is not available. The POB series are power supply units implementing the latest power electronics technology. They are developed for use in switchyards, power and industrial environment. In addition to providing current and voltage for breaker testing, they can measure certain coil parameters.

  • 5V1mA Button Battery Tester

    TOB-BST8-5V1mA - Xiamen Tob New Energy Technology Co., Ltd

    8 Channel Battery Analyzer (0.002-1mA, up to 5V) with Laptop & Software for R&D Battery Materials. TOB-5V1mA Button Battery Tester is an eight-channel battery analyzer to analyze small coin cells with a range current 0-50mah, voltage 0-5v. Each channel of the analyzer has independent constant-current and constant-voltage source, which can be programmed and controlled by computer software.

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