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  • Bobbin Winding Coil Tester

    SS108A series - Sanshine Electronis Co., Ltd.

    Bobbin winding coil testers are used to test various coil of turns. Such as: generator winding turns, transformer winding turns, motor winding turns, inductor winding turns, contactor winding turns, relay winding turns, sparking winding turns, ignition winding turns, speaker voice coil, etc.

  • Digital Video Generator and Tester

    DLT710 - Artel Video Systems

    Artel’s DLT710 Digital Video Generator and Tester is an innovative, DigiLink based solution for simple, automatic link verification of serial digital video formats. Functioning as both a signal generator and test monitor for 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, DVB-ASI, and ATSC, the DLT710 is ideal for automatic verification of single or multi-format video links.

  • LED Tester For Packaging Machine

    WeiMin Industrial Co., Ltd.

    LED-501 is a single crystal packing tester. It can be utilized in electrical test.Two test results. Pass (GO) or fail (NG).Electrical Testing: Forward:VF Reverse:VZ,IRFour-wire measurement and contact resistance in case of deviation.Auto polarity identification and preheat function.Provide OPEN\SHORT count.Compatible mechanical interface.Connected with computer for measurement data collection.

  • Lightning Arrester Characteristic Tester

    GDYZ-301 - HV Hipot Electric Co.,Ltd.

    GDYZ-301 Automatic Zinc Oxide Lightning Arrester Characteristic Tester is the special equipment of testing zinc oxide arrester electric performance.It is suitable for testing various voltage levels zinc oxide with electricity or without,thus to detect dangerous problems inside the device caused by wet insulation or valve plate aging.

  • Lightning Impulse Simulation Tester

    KT-6030iG - Kast Eng Co. LTD.

    Most of all electric systems and equipments are weak against the lightings(direct, inductive lightning). In fact, those electric equipments are broken mainly by lightning.This Lightning Impulse Simulation Tester is certificated to IEC 61000-4-5, and generates the similar impulse with huge rush currents and tests the safety of the power systems and equipments.

  • Fiber Recoaters and Proof Testers

    PTR-200 Series - VYTRAN LLC

    PTR-200 recoaters restore the protective UV-cured acrylate or polyimide coating to a stripped fiber. The result is a recoated fiber section that is as smooth and flexible as the original fiber. In a proof-test mode (linear), PTR-200 proof testers apply a set load at a controlled rate to an optical fiber or fusion splice to assess the long-term reliability of the fiber.

  • Automotive Ethernet IOP Tester

    Ruetz System Solutions GmbH

    The IOP tester is a component of the compliance verification process at RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS. The standardized test methods for Automotive Ethernet combine the new automotive standards with existing reliable and stable systems. Therefore, for component and ECU verification, the compliance verification process provides the necessary system and simplifies the introduction to this technology for new carmakers and suppliers.

  • Boundary Scan Tester and Programmer

    JTAGMaster - ABI Electronics Ltd

    The JTAGMaster Tester and Programmer is designed to work with ABI's bespoke software - a multiple purpose platform which enables users to freely configure test procedures and instruments. Integrated functions are also available to the user to automatically learn the device status, provide pin-to-pin comparison and information as well as use some reporting facilities.

  • Elite Tester with Cards Reader

    Eurostat Group

    • Tests dual cord wrist straps and both right and left foot heel grounders individually• Possibility to program testing parameters for each employee• HID Wiegand Interface• Footplate & Stand• Each tester is embedded with the Variable Test Resistance software calibration system • 4 colours of LEDs for test results indication

  • Handheld Monitor, Analyzer & Tester

    DLM400 - Benedict Computer

    Serial RS422, RS423, RS232 analyzer tester and data line monitor with buffer capacity of 1 megabyte of memory. Line speeds to 230.4K (half duplex), 75-115,200 asynchronous, 75-64 kbps synchronous and bisynchronous, SDLC/HDLC, isochronous protocols. Supports MIL-Std-188-114 monitoring, testing and RS485 simulation. Small, lighweight and portable.

  • High Speed Cable Tester

    MCT 192 - REINHARDT System- und Messelectronic GmbH

    MCT 192 is an easy-to-use high-speed cable tester for testing multi-wire cables and complete backplanes. The multi-contact board is equipped with contacting sockets and connectors common in industries. Fixturing is therefore unnecessary. In case you use connectors which are not supplied with the multi-contact board, you can mount and wire these connectors on a raster plug-in board.

  • High Speed Leak Tester

    F28+ - ATEQ Corp.

    Elevates the leak test to a whole new level of speed, flexibility and accuracy. Differential pressure decay leak measurement: vacuum to 20 bar. Multi-test leak tester. 128 programs. Integrated fill and dump valves. Optional auto fill: Vaccum – 500 mbar – 5 bar – 9 bar (inside the module).

  • ICI Pilling Box Tester

    UI-TX05 - Unuo Instruments

    ICI Pilling Box Tester is used to assess fabric surface pilling and fuzzing by tumbling randomly. This pilling test machine is also called as ICI pilling and snagging tester/ICI pilling box. ICI pilling box test method includes ISO 12945.1, BS 5811, GB/T 4802.3, JIS L1076, etc.

  • Multi-Functional Portable Hardness Tester

    PHT-4000 - Phase II Plus

    Our top of the line portable hardness tester incorporates multiple statistical and printing features, high accuracy and ease of use bundled in a rugged hard plastic body to bring you lightning fast test results with the touch of a button. Utilizing USB output, the PHT-4000 will print directly to your PC or the built-in printer.

  • Transformer Turns Ratio Testers

    IBEKO Power AB

    Transformer turns ratio testers from TRT series are DV Power instruments mainly designed for the measurement of power transformer turns ratio. Also, they measure transformer excitation current and phase shift. Special tests, such as automatic vector group detection and magnetic balance, can be performed on three-phase transformers and three-phase autotransformers.All models, except TRT03 series, have a built-in true three-phase power source, which is necessary for testing turns ratio of transformers with special configurations, such as phase-shifting, rectifier, arc-furnace, traction transformers, etc.DV Power turns ratio testers can output various test voltages for different applications. From the extremely low test voltage of 1 V AC that enables turns ratio verification of the majority of current transformers, up to the highest test voltage of 500 V AC that provides the most accurate turns ratio testing of power transformers used in power generation and transmission. By using the external booster, test voltage increases up to 5 kV AC in order to successfully test capacitive voltage transformers.All DV Power turns ratio testers have a built-in tap changer control unit. Because of that, it is possible to control the on-load tap changer (OLTC) directly from the device. In order to make the most out of this feature, the instrument and included DV-Win software can be programmed to do everything automatically – running turns ratio tests, changing OLTC tap positions, and saving results. This option significantly facilitates and shortens the turns ratio testing time.TRT turns ratio testers use the same set of cables as three-phase winding ohmmeter & tap changer analyzers from the TWA series. Consequently, it enables one-time cable setup for performing eight tests:turns ratioexcitation currentphase anglemagnetic balancevector group detectionwinding resistanceon-load tap changer DVtestand demagnetization.