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  • Test Switches


    STATES Type RTS Test Switches are designed to simplify and speed testing and check-out of relay, control and instrumentation systems. They eliminate the need to change connections and prevent open-circuiting CTs during tests.

  • Test Switches

    Series FT - GE Digital Energy

    An industry standard for CT & VT isolationfor instrument transformer and connected device testing.Up to 10 poles; Numerous configurations availableTypically mounted on switchgear and relay panels10 pole test plug available; UL and cUL recognized.

  • Test Switches

    Series RT - GE Digital Energy

    Up to three Series FT switches can beassembled on various size 19" wide panels. One piece clear cover standardPanels available in choice of colors and materials

  • Test Switches and Accessories

    ABB Ltd.

    Test switches are designed and manufactured to allow quick and easy multi-circuit testing of switchboard relays, meters and instruments by any conventional system.These test switches and related test plugs have the features necessary for applications involving the measurement of individual currents and voltages associated with substation instrumentation and protection devices. They have been especially designed for the measurement of potential elements, current elements, and make-before-break short-circuit elements related to Current Transformer (CT) circuits.

  • Semiflush-Mounted Test Switches


    The STATES Type FMS Semiflush-Mounted Test Switches provide a compact, versatile means to disconnect, test or measure devices and circuits in panelboards such as relays, metering, control circuits and other instrumentation applications.

  • Flight Test Switches

    Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions

    Our compact, deterministic flight test switches have been qualified to reliably deliver high-speed, real-time data with a wide temperature operation ranging from -40 to 85°C. Their rapid boot-up capability minimizes data loss from power outages, while their flexible forwarding and filtering configurations can send what is required to multiple destinations for real-time monitoring, recording, and transmission. Our selection of flight test switches includes support for IEEE-1588 PTP, embedded v1 and v2 Grandmaster support and translation, and GPS and digital IRIG-B input and output. We also offer additional hardware to translate between PCM/CAIS and Ethernet to help protect existing hardware investment and have participated in the TmNS program by developing leading-edge technology for complete network monitoring and control.

  • Test Switches and Accessories

    FT Flexitest Family - ABB Ltd.

    The ABB FT test kit comes with a convenient carrying case to hold your hand held meter, test plugs patch cords, clips, and test probes in neat order. Patch cords are highly durable and flexible. Test switch accessories include: Test plugs Test kits Covers Interlocking bars Miscellaneous

  • Test Equipment Grade Switches

    Multi-Tech Industries, Inc.

    Multi-Tech Industries also manufacturers a line of quality instrument-grade electromechanical switches for commercial, industrial, military, institutional and OEM applications. Rotary switches (open frame, enclosed frame), thumbwheel, keyreader and other types are available to be integrated into your process controls or test instrumentation. Standard and custom switch designs can be modified to meet specific customer requirements.

  • Test & Measurement Matrix Switches

    Quintech Electronics and Communications Inc.

    Quintech Electronics & Communications, Inc. have provided keystone NEXUS brand Test & Measurement matrix switches to tier one wireless testing laboratories around the world. These RF matrix switching systems allow for wireless test lab automation providing repeatable, recordable and remotely controlled testing. Our global customer base includes network service providers, network equipment, chipset, and device and UE manufacturers. This automation is critical for the complex, ever changing wireless environment referred to as 4G, 5G Wi-Fi, LTE, LTE-U, IoT, commonly referenced with regard to convergence and the networked society.

  • RF Switch Assemblies

    JFW Industries

    RF switches are microwave devices that route a high frequency RF signal through a set transmission path. RF switches from Pasternack are most commonly used in microwave test systems for routing varying RF signals between instruments, allowing multiple tests to be performed at the same time using the same setup. We carry three basic types of RF and microwave switches including PIN diode switches, RF electromechanical relay switches (RF relays) and manual RF switches. Many of our RF and microwave switches are RoHS and REACH compliant.

  • RF & Microwave Solid State Switches

    Keysight Technologies

    Keysight’s solid state switches provide superior performance with high isolation and fast switching speed across a broad operating frequency range. Keysight’s FET switches provide safe, accurate test for sensitive RFIC components. Keysight PIN diode switches provide ultra-fast, accurate test in automate test equipment (ATE systems).

  • Bypass Switches

    Keysight Technologies

    These bypass switches can be used to automatically insert or remove a test component from a signal path. The switches allow the user to "bypass" an active device.

  • LED & Keyboard Switch Test System

    Model 913H - TRICOR Systems Inc.

    The Model 913H LED and Keyboard Test System is a low-cost, NIST traceable, highly responsive, generic switch test platform. The 913 is used to perform 100% acceptance testing, quality assurance certification, incoming inspection, and engineering development of keyboards, keypads, membranes, snap-action switches, micro switches, general-purpose switches, cables, LEDs, and seven-segment displays. The system can be use to perform a complete keyboard test, keypad test or individual switch test.

  • Electromechanical Transfer Switches up to 40 GHz

    Fairview Microwave Inc.

    Fairview Microwave’s line of electromechanical relay transfer switches can be utilized for numerous applications to increase system level capabilities and can help simplify the overall design approach. With two input and two output ports, transfer switches can connect two different instruments with two devices under test. Additionally, they can be used as drop-out switches, for signal reversal or to bypass a component under test. These products are typically used in military communications and broadcast systems, SATCOM, test & measurement, instrumentation applications and are suitable for aircraft use.

  • W3TS 600 Volt 30 Ampere Miniature Test Switch

    W3TS - TestSwitch LLC

    W3TS Test Switches, miniature knife blade switches (5/8 inch centers including barrier) with #10-32 stud terminals, are available in three configurations: Basic Switch, Short-Circuiting Switch (Shorting Switch), Test Jack Switch and feature an unlimited arrangement of elements with 1-50 poles in a single block. W3TS Test Switches and terminal blocks are designed to facilitate the calibration, disconnection, troubleshooting, checkout and testing of meters, relays, instruments, transducers and control systems, where space is at a premium.

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