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  • Neon Bar Checker

    9195 - TAKK Industries Incorporated

    TAKK?s Model 9195 Neon Bar Checker offers a quick and inexpensive means of determining if static eliminator bars are functioning. The conveniently small pen size unit indicates that each bar emitter is performing properly by the activation of a neon light signal. Static eliminator bars may malfunction due to transformer defects, shorts in the system, need to be cleaned, etc. The bar tester may be used with shockless or ?hot? static control equipment.

  • Anti Static Bars

    ElectroStatics, Inc.

    Static bars, also known as, static eliminators or anti static bars, are a very cost effective way to remove static electricity on a web of material in a plastics, paper, glass, textile, and or film converting applications. All of these static bars are bi-polar ionization generators (produce both positive and negative ionization) to remove static electricity. Remember - A clean static bar is more effective.

  • Spark Free Generator Bar

    993R - Meech Static Eliminators Ltd

    The Meech Model 993R is a high performance generator bar for use with the Meech range of 30kV and 50kV high voltage DC static generators.

  • Air Data Accessory Kit

    ADA320-723 - Nav-Aids Ltd

    Kit Model ADA320-723 (Bar type) contains the equipment required to connect the Air Data Tester to the pitot and static ports, for the performance of a complete test of the main and alternate Air Data System of the Airbus Industries A-319, A-320, A-321 aircraft. The equipment is approved by Airbus Industries.

  • STATIC Locator

    289 - Monroe Electronics Inc.

    The Model 289 is ideal for those who need to make qualitative static surveys at the most affordable price. It features a high-speed LED bar graph that quickly shows the magnitude and polarity of the static charge. A simple-to-operate zero button and conductive case (for obtaining a ground connection) help to make this one of the easiest instruments you will ever operate.

  • Resistivity Meter

    TR-110 - Twintex Electronics Co., Ltd

    Measuring surface resistivity and resistance (Ω):103~105 (Conductive), 106~1011(Static Dissipative), 101 (Insulative)★ Using 10 LEDs to indicate test resultCompact design, easy to carry, simple operationHigh sensitivity, giving immediate indication of surface resistivity value (Ω)Manufactured in compliance with U.S. ASTMD-257 standard of parallel bar sensing

  • IP camera tester with HDMI input

    M-IPC-600C - Fuzhou Metricu Technology Co Ltd

    7 inch IP camera tester M-IPC-600C with analog, 5MP TVI, 4MP CVI, 4MP AHD, HDMI input and HDMI output1280*800 resolution, support H.265 / H.264, 4K video display via mainstream, HDMI input, Built in wifi, create wifi hotspot, built in browser, rapid Onvif, auto view video and create testing report, support tester, android version mobile phone, PC display at the same time, support synchronous test and display IP and analog cameras, shortcut button, drop-down menu, quick office apps (excel, word, PPT format), support user self install apps, offer normal mode and lite mode interface for user´s option, themes and background setting, screen lock, display IP camera image either by onvif, either by installed IP cameras protocols (over 80 protocols have included), either by mobile apps of IP cameras, either by RTSP, support both onvif and analog PTZ control, rapid IP scan and IP discovery, quickly auto search IP address from IP camera and auto modify tester’s IP. Hikvision and Dahua test tool. 4 x zoom in the image, image screenshot, video recording and playback, FTP Server, static IP address, DHCP, simultaneously test different segments´ IP cameras, network bandwidth testing, PoE 24W power supply to IP camera, PoE voltage testing, HDMI output, support 1080P, support DC12V 2A power output to camera, USB 5V 2A power output to mobile phone, PoE port finder, link monitoring, ip camera´s ping testing, BNC input & output, CVBS loop test, enhanced color bar generator, NTSC/PAL auto-selecting, preset setting, UTP cable test, RJ45 cable TDR teste, PTZ data analyst, RS485 communication address scan, audio input test and output, Led lamp, 8G SD card included, screen capture, traffic monitoring of the tester LAN port, 7.4V DC 5400mAh lithium polymer battery, working for 10 hours. HD-TVI camera test, HD-CVI camera test, AHD camera test, etc.