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Single Phase

A single alternating voltage.

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  • Single Phase Socket Tester

    K-280 - The Eastern Specialty Company

    TESCO Knopp’s K-280 Single Phase Socket Tester is designed to detect short circuits, backfeed and wiring errors in a 120/240 volt, 3-wire, single phase self-contained meter socket.

  • Single Phase Lock-In Amplifier

    SR510 - Stanford Research Systems, Inc.

     The SR510 and SR530 are analog lock-in amplifiers which can measure AC signals as small as nanovolts in the presence of much larger noise levels. Both the single phase SR510 and the dual phase SR530 have low-noise voltage and current inputs, high dynamic reserve, two stages of time constants, and an internal oscillator. 

  • Single Phase Relay Testing

    Megger Group Ltd.

    Megger’s single phase relay test sets are essential items in the relay engineer’s toolbox. Lightweight, rugged with high compliance voltage and test current. Ideal for testing distribution networks, industrial relays, distance relays in rail power networks and many other applications.

  • Portable Single Phase Transformer

    Supreme Instrument Laboratories

    Portable single phase double wound transformers both step-up and step-down, natural air cooled construction, housed in well ventilated sheet steel cabinet duly powder coated. All the input and output terminals are brought out and terminated on highly insulated bakelite panels duly marked for easy connection.

  • Single Phase Powerline Monitors


    a Voltage disturbance detector and recorder. This device is designed to be plugged into a 120V or 240V AC line and will monitor this line for voltage disturbances and temperature or Humidity variations.

  • Single Phase AC ISSRs

    Series SH /AC - Teledyne Defense Electronics Relays & Coax Switch

    Series SH relays offer high performance in a flexible and innovative package. Designed for all types of loads, they provide output to 125A, 690Vac. They incorporate removable touch-proof terminal covers for versatile, easy, and quick connections. SH relays feature a metal base plate and built-in LED, and are up to 30% lighter than standard relays. Zero-Cross and Random switching options available.Available options include:SH24D25 25A, 12-275Vac, 600Vpeak Load; 3-32Vdc Control; Zero-CrossSH24A25 25A, 12-275Vac, 600Vpeak Load; 20-265Vac/Vdc Control; Zero-Cross​SH48D35 35A, 12-510Vac, 1200Vpeak Load; 3.5-32Vdc Control; Zero-Cross​​SH48A50 50A, 12-510Vac, 1200Vpeak Load; 20-265Vac/Vdc Control; Zero-Cross​SH48D95​ 95A, 12-510Vac, 1200Vpeak Load; 3.5​-32Vdc Control; Zero-Cross​​SH48A95 95A, 12-510Vac, 1200Vpeak Load; 20-265Vac/Vdc Control; Zero-Cross​SH48R125 125A, 12-510Vac, 1200Vpeak Load; 3.5-32Vdc Control; RandomSH48D125 125A, 12-510Vac, 1200Vpeak Load; 3.5-32Vdc Control; Zero-Cross​SH48A125​ 125A, 12-510Vac, 1200Vpeak Load; 20-265Vac/Vdc Control; Zero-Cross​SH60D50 50A, 12-510Vac, 1600Vpeak Load; 3.5-32Vdc Control; Zero-Cross​SH60D125​ 125A, 24-690Vac, 1600Vpeak Load; 3.5-32Vdc Control; Zero-Cross

  • Single Phase AC ISSRs

    Series DRS - Teledyne Defense Electronics Relays & Coax Switch

    Series DRS relays are designed for all types of loads. These relays feature our new high efficiency back-to-back thyristors for long lifetime expectancy. The relays utilize optical isolation to protect the control from load transients. These relays are​ Zero-Cross switching.Features Include:• AC Semiconductor Contactor with Diagnostic• Compact size and DIN rail mounting• Zero Cross switch ON in case of overvoltage• Large control range: 3-32Vdc• IP20 housing• UL conformity

  • Single Phase AC ISSRs

    Series DH - Teledyne Defense Electronics Relays & Coax Switch

    Series DH relays are designed for all types of loads. These relays feature our new high efficiency back-to-back thyristors for long lifetime expectancy. The relays utilize optical isolation to protect the control from load transients. All relays offer a green control LED and Zero-Cross switching.Available options include:DH24D25 25A, 12-280Vrms, 600Vpeak Load; 3-32Vdc ControlDH24D35 35A, 12-280Vrms, 1200Vpeak Load; 3-32Vdc Control

  • Single Phase Relay Tester

    PTE-50-CE Pro - EUROSMC, S.A.

    This electronic, independent source can be adjusted in amplitude, frequency, and phase angle. It comes installed as standard with the ‘Pro’ versions of the PTE sets, but it can also be purchased separately and mounted by the user inside the unit’s lid in a few minutes.

  • Single Phase Relay Tester

    PTE-100-V - EUROSMC, S.A.

    The unit is extremely compact and rugged. The design incorporates the latest in modern digital microprocessor technology to achieve unbeatable output characteristics in terms of power, accuracy, low distortion, and dynamic capability. This technology allows users to test many different specific functions required in relay testing, without the need of additional accessories.

  • Low Voltage Single Phase

    600V Class - AYA-Instruments

    These transformers are encased in a thermoplastic case with the core and windings encapsulated in resin. They are designed for line-to-line operation but may also be used in line-to-neutral or line-to-ground configuration at 58% of rated voltage. It is recommended that a 1.6 Amp fuse be used in the secondary to protect the transformer.

  • Power Phase Converter Single phase 220VAC to 3 phase 380VAC Converter

    SDT-40KW - Zhejiang Sandi Electric Co., Ltd

    SANDI SDT series single-phase to three-phase converter, adopted SVPWM modulation control technology, which can convert ordinary single-phase power to industrial three-phase power. After through SDT series single-phase to three phase converter power conversion, the three-phase power output is standard pure sine wave, the harmonic distortion rate (THD) is less than 2%, totally meet the national standards of three-phase power quality, applicable to all types of load.The SDT series single-phase to three-phase converter can solve production inconvenience because of some areas with the three-phase electric power restrictions, also solved some user requirements that can?謒?apply for the three-phase electric because of space limitation.Features1) Using the fifth generation efficient IPM intelligent module from Japanese Mitsubishi, high efficiency and stable performance. It with powerful protection function, the protection for short circuit, over load, over temperature is more safe and reliable. It's service life can up to 15 years or more.2) Two kinds of start mode: Reduction Voltage Start and Variable Frequency Start. Customers can set start mode according to the type of their load. This function is very convenient for users and also reduce frequency converter?謒?usage, which reduced the cost of equipment investment, easy to connect wires and control.3) Pure sine wave output with good transient response less than 50ms, waveform distortion is very little, higher conversion efficiency and stable output voltage.4) Adopted low frequency transformer which ensure the input voltage and output voltage are completely electrical isolated to avoid interference.5) Using SVPWM space vector algorithms, high conversion efficiency, high instantaneous power and low losses conversion efficiency up to 94%.6) Output AC Power is suitable for all types of electric appliances, electric tools, electric motors etc. higher capability of driving load.7) Converter has the function of filtering the grid disturbance and interference at the same time, which is a good performance of stabilized voltage and frequency power, to provide a more stable and pure power supply environment for the backend devices.8) Output perfect protection function, with output over-voltage, overload, short circuit, over temperature, self-diagnosis protection and other protection.9) High conversion efficiency, high instantaneous power and low load loss.10) The input voltage, output voltage, frequency and phase can be custom made.SpecificationModel SDT-40KWIsolation mode Low Frequency TransformerAC InputRated voltage (Vac) 240V single-phase 60HZVoltage range (Vac) 190-270VInput current (A) 167AAC OutputRated power (KW) 40KWRated voltage 240V ± 2%Output phases Three-phase with Neutral wires (L1, L2, L3 + N)Rated current (A) 96AOutput frequency 60Hz ±0.05 (50HZ can be set)Waveform Pure sine waveVoltage accuracy Load balancing≤1%、Unbalanced load≤5%Waveform distortion rate (THD) Linear load≤2%、Nonlinear load≤3%Dynamic Response 5%,≤50ms (load 0~100%)Power Factor (PF) 0.99Inverter Efficiency ≧85%Electrical insulation properties 2000Vac、1 MinuteProtection FunctionOverload Ability 150%、10sProtection Input under voltage, overvoltage, output over-current, short circuit, overheating etc.Display LCD+LEDMethod of working Working continuouslyCooling method Intelligent fan coolingShort-circuit protection No automatic recovery, need to restart the machineWorking Environment & Mechanical dimensionDegree of protection IP20 (indoor)Working Altitude(m) ≤3000mWorking temperature (℃) -20~+50℃Relative humidity (℃) -25~+85℃Noise (1 meter) ≤60dBReference size: (W x D x H) 750×750×1480mmReference net weight (Kg) 340Kg

  • Single Phase Din-rail kWh Meter

    SY 1018 - Hong Kong Songyang Industrial Ltd.

    Type SY1018 single phase DIN watt-hour meter is a kind of new style single phase electronic watt-hour meter, the meter completely accord with relevant technical requirements of class 1 and class 2 single phase energy meter stipulated in National standard GB/T17215-2002 and international standard IEC61036

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