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detect a physical event then translate to a representative analog signal.

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  • Smart & Precise Color Sensors

    Micro-Epsilon Group

    The colorSENSOR CFO is a new controller for precise color recognition in industrial measurement tasks. The CFO series is distinguished by high color accuracy, state-of-the-art interfaces and intuitive operation. The controller is connected to CFS sensors with integrated optical fibers, which can be adapted for different measurement tasks. The colorSENSOR CFO is used in color recognition tasks on interior parts such as head supports, in packaging control or in color sorting tasks with crown caps, closures or labels.

  • Pressure Sensors (Male Port)

    Futek Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc.

    The Male Port Pressure Sensor Category offers various Pressure Sensors utilizing thin film technology. This category has various models making options such as low range, high temperature, or ultra-miniature titanium construction available. Measurements from 0.2 Bar up to 2,500 bare are available with mV/V output range as a standard and amplified VDC or 4-20mA per request. Please contact us should you require any modification or customization to our standard products.

  • 3D CMOS Image Sensors

    Teledyne E2V

    Teledyne e2v has developed the Bora and Hydra3D CMOS image sensors for Time of Flight (ToF) and the Flash CMOS sensor for laser triangulation 3D imaging. To meet the technical challenges of a customer’s particular market/application, we also offer a design service (at both sensor and system level) which includes evaluation kits, reference designs and simulation models to help support system development and shorten the time to market. We can also develop a derivative of an existing sensor, customize at a system level or make a fully custom design.

  • Custom Bolt-On Strain Sensors

    Datum Electronics, Ltd.

    Our custom bolt-on strain gauge sensors are designed and manufactured to your application, based on your drawings and specifications, including all types of output formats. Ideal for dynamic load monitoring, capable of measuring and monitoring axle stress and weight with high accuracy.Do you have an application for strain gauge measurement that requires a quick and simple installation, repeatedly, in multiple locations? Perhaps you need a sensor with high environmental protection, which removes the necessity for time-consuming cleaning, complicated soldering and messy strain gauge adhesives?

  • RVDT Rotary Position Sensors

    RV Series - NewTek Sensor Solutions

    The NewTek is a family of RVDT rotary position sensors for industrial applications. RVDT technology is known for reliability and ruggedness in harsh environments. The non-contact design allows for extremely long operational life and reliability and eliminates internal components that might wear or degrade over time. With a non-contact measurement, RVDTs offer good noise performance with excellent repeatability. The NewTek RV series is available in two sizes – The RV 8-30 is a size 8 (0.75 inch diameter) and the RV 11-30 is a size 11 (1.06 inch diameter).

  • Pyroelectric IR Detectors and Sensors

    Excelitas Technologies Corp.

    Excelitas Pyroelectric Infrared Detectors define the leading edge of motion detection technology, offering a variety of both digital and analog Pyroelectric IR Detectors to serve a wide range of applications in smart home, smart city, IOT, burglary detection and security systems. With Pyroelectrics available in Single-, Dual- and Quad-Element configurations we offer you a wider range of different sized infrared sensor surfaces, which directly translates to enhanced performance and sensitivity. Excelitas sensors are representing the innovative forefront in mid-IR sensor devices. The family of DigiPyros enables smart home and smart sensing applications with low current requirements.

  • 2D CMOS Image Sensors

    Emerald 67M - Teledyne E2V

    Extreme Precision for Enhanced Manufacturing Yield and Long Distance Identification - 67 Megapixels delivers 8k of resolution on each side - Comprehensive ROI features, enable more objects to be captured in a single high resolution shot - High sensitivity with ultra low-noise performance for powerful identification.

  • 2D CMOS Image Sensors

    Teledyne E2V

    This 550k pixel Jade CMOS image sensor designed on Teledyne e2v’s proprietary Eye-On-Si CMOS imaging technology is ideal for diverse applications where superior performance is required. The innovative pixel design offers excellent performance in low-light conditions with an electronic global (true snapshot) shutter, and offers a high readout speed at 60 fps in full resolution, and 80 fps in VGA mode. Very low power consumption enables this device to be used in battery powered applications.

  • 2D CMOS Image Sensors

    Snappy 2M - Teledyne E2V

    From pixel performance, to integrated real-time features; every aspect of the Snappy™ CMOS image sensor has been optimized to enable fast and accurate scanning of 1D and 2D barcodes. This enables scanner end products to offer enhanced productivity and throughput in logistics, sorting, retail POS, and many other associated verticals. Snappy’s features are also useful in a number of other applications including drones/UAVs, embedded imaging, IoT edge devices, intelligent surveillance cameras and Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality.

  • 2D CMOS Image Sensors

    Snappy 5M - Teledyne E2V

    The SnappyTM 5M CMOS image sensor is designed for barcode reading, 2D scanning and other demanding applications. Available in both monochrome and color, Snappy 5M has a small 1/1.8 inch optical format, containing a 2.8µm, low-noise, global shutter pixel, and arranged in a 2,560 x 1,936 array. The device can stream video at ~50fps at 10 bits over a 4 wire, MIPI CSI-2 interface, and is housed in a small compact fan-out organic package.

  • 2D CMOS Image Sensors

    Emerald 36M - Teledyne E2V

    Superior 36 Megapixel resolution - 6K square resolution - Multi-ROI feature enabling more objects to be captured in a single high resolution shot - Small global shutter pixel for blur-free images.With its high resolution, Emerald 36M improves inspection accuracy, increases throughput through an optimized inspection system path, and covers wider areas for surveillance or aerial mapping.

  • Printed Electronics & Printed Sensors

    Hoffmann + Krippner, Inc.

    The first membrane switch was developed and produced in 1978 using printed electronics. Conductive pastes can now also be printed on substrates such as paper, textiles, or metal in addition to polyester. Our functional foils and printed electronics enable compact, and extremely efficient electronic products that are used in every industry. Processing intelligent pastes that have various physical properties enable the production of new and innovative applications in minimized form factors without the use of additional, highly complex electronic components.

  • Analog Output Series Sensors

    Shanghai Pubang Sensor Co.,Ltd.

    1. Measured distance is linear to output signals, high accuracy, can precisely indicate position of tested objects2. With the change of detection distance, itcan provide 0-10V or 4-20mA of standard analog signals; widely used for distance measurement, thickness measurement,etc

  • ATEX-Compliant IR Temperature Sensors

    FLIR A310 ex - Teledyne FLIR

    Explosive atmospheres need to be protected from ignition sources. Selecting equipment and protective systems which meet the requirements of the ATEX Product Regulations or similar regulations is essential. FLIR A310 ex is an ATEX compliant solution, with a thermal imaging camera mounted in an enclosure, making it possible to monitor critical and other valuable assets also in explosive atmospheres. Typical applications for the A310 ex include process monitoring, quality control, and fire detection in explosive locations. Because the FLIR A310 ex is rated IP 67, it can be installed in dusty environments. The Flame-Proof Enclosure "d"prevents any explosion transmission from the inside of the enclosure to the outside.

  • Buoyancy Level Sensors and Switches

    ABB Ltd.

    ABB offers a complete line of buoyancy point level switches for just about any chemical, petroleum or general process application. This family of products include horizontal floats, vertical floats, and displacer switches of all kinds. ABB's simple and reliable design offers great flexibility with custom insertion lengths, temperature ratings to 1000ºF/ 38ºC. Pressure ratings to 5000 psig/345 bar, and a wide selection of alloys. The ABB buoyancy switches are the highest quality and cost efficient solution to industrial liquid level point sensing.

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