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detect a physical event then translate to a representative analog signal.

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  • Sensors, Probes & Transducers

    GE Oil & Gas Digital Solutions

    Building upon a legacy of premier condition monitoring from heritage companies like Druck, Bently Nevada and Naxys, GE’s wide variety of vibration, position, speed, pressure and power sensors or transmitters, plus rugged probes of various tip diameters and thread sizes/configurations, are designed to last even in the harshest industrial environments.

  • Static Elimination Sensors

    Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Company of America

    Static charges on assembly lines can have devastating effects on sensitive workpieces. The solution is the new line of Panasonic Static Elimination Sensors. High-frequency AC ionizers offer extremely fast charge reduction by emitting a highly balanced ion stream directly to your parts before static discharge has a chance to damage them.

  • Fiber Optic Sensors


    fiber optic sensor interrogators leveraging the benefits of Silicon Photonics. Fiber optic sensing allows for highly accurate and robust structural health monitoring solutions, predicting and preventing equipment failure and structural damage even in the most harsh environments. Furthermore fiber optic sensors can also be used to monitor and improve the operational efficiency of equipment and processes.

  • Universal LightProbe Sensors

    Optomistic Products

    Optomistic Products’ unique Two-Part Solution fulfills almost every LED test requirement you may have.First, determine your test requirements. For example: LED color and intensity test with an analog output, or, LED ON/OFF status with a digital output, etc. Then, choose from the range of Sensors listed below to address those requirements.

  • IR Temperature Sensors

    Thermalert Series X R - Raytek Corp.

    The Raytek XR Sensors are designed for continuous temperature monitoring in a broad range of manufacturing processes. The XR is a rugged, NEMA 4 sealed single-piece system with the flexibility to handle nearly any application. Multiple extended temperature ranges, precision temperature resolution, RS-485 output and a flexible electronic platform create a single sensor that solves the most challenging application.

  • Magnetic Speed Sensors

    Allegro MicroSystems

    We offer the most comprehensive portfolio of magnetic speed sensors ICs, covering the full range of speed and speed with direction, two- and three-wire interface, magnetic encoder (ring magnet) and gear tooth sensing, Hall and GMR technology, and ASIL-compliant options for transmission, wheel speed, engine, e-motors, and many more encoder and gear tooth sensing applications.

  • Astrosystems Position Sensors

    North Atlantic Industries

    NAI offers resolver-based Astrosystems Absolute Position Sensors for the packaging, material handling, and automated manufacturing industries. Specifically designed for rugged defense and industrial applications, these highly accurate and programmable units feature standard interfaces and rugged designs. They simplify machine set-up, reduce overall costs, extend product life, and provide a very high level of application flexibility.

  • pH & ORP Sensors

    Barben Analytical

    The Barben Analytical Performance Series products are 3rd generation combination pH/ORP electrodes targeted at harsh, industrial measurement applications. High pressures, strong chemicals, and elevated temperatures typically shorten the lifespan of conventional double-junction pH probes. In these applications the Performance Series sensor offers extended sensor lifespan, as well as decreased drift, and longer calibration intervals. Each sensor is manufactured with our patented Axial Ion Path® reference technology, proprietary Low-Noise & High-Temp Signal Cable along with proprietary ruggedized, high temp and coat resistant glass formulations. A wide selection of sensor body styles and process fittings in a variety of corrosion resistant materials allow direct replacement of short-lived OEM pH/ORP sensors. Barben Performance Series sensors are compatible with all major manufacturers of pH analyzers and transmitters. Upgrade your analytical measurement without the hassle and expense of replacing costly field instruments.

  • Magnetic Field Sensors

    Balluff GmbH

    Our cylinder sensors for pull rod cylinders can be integrated into many applications. They are mounted with mounting brackets on cylinders with tie rods and DUO rails. The concept is suitable for the most common types of cylinders with any piston diameter. Features: contact-free detection of the piston position, tie rod Ø up to 17 mm, reliable switching behavior, wear-free, resistant to dirt, secure grip, easy installation.

  • Safety Proximity Sensors

    Leuze electronic GmbH + Co. KG

    With their encapsulated and contactless design, safety proximity sensors are insensitive to contamination and humidity. They operate free from wear and also have a long life expectancy, even with frequent operating cycles. They are also used wherever it is difficult to precisely guide the moveable protective device. All devices feature a high-strength plastic housing. Furthermore, the devices with RFID transponder provide maximum protection against tampering.

  • Average Power Sensors

    E9300 - Keysight Technologies

    Operates with the EPM, EPM-P and P-series power meters Wide dynamic range sensors (80 dB maximum)Accurate average power measurements on all modulation formats Wide frequency coverage from 9 kHz to 18 GHz (special option to 24 GHz)Calibration factors stored in EEPROM Fast measurement speed over the GPIB (up to 400 readings per second with the E4416A)

  • Measuring Fork Sensors

    Leuze electronic GmbH + Co. KG

    With the sensors, an infrared light-band illuminates a CCD line. A passing object can thereby be measured by its occlusion. The resolution of 14 µm and the high reproducibility enable the reliable measurement of very fine yarns and wires. The variety of implementable measurement functions enables the position detection of transparent edges, the determination of the thinnest or thickest wire and much more. The vacuum resistance of the devices also enables use in carbon fiber production.

  • Ambient Light Sensors

    Renesas Electronics Corp.

    Renesas' ambient light sensors can adjust a display’s backlight, which improves user experience and power savings by optimizing the display’s viewability. Their ultra-low light sensitivity, low power consumption, ideal spectral response, and easy to use simple output algorithm make them best-in-class. We offer a full suite of light-to-analog and light-to-digital solutions to suit your applications requirements and budget.

  • Temperature and Humidity Sensors

    Monarch Instrument

    The Portable USB Temperature and Humidity Probe combines high accuracy temperature and humidity sensors into a rugged stainless steel probe with built-in USB interface. The probe can be used with Windows based PC’s or Android devices that support On-The-Go communications. To use with an Android device simply download the free App from Google Play, plug the probe into your device with the supplied interface cables and start the application. The probe receives its power from the host USB device. Real time data is displayed and can be stored for review on the PC using a spread sheet or review data graphically using our free Track-It™ data logger software. Available in 300mm or 450mm (12” or 18”) lengths. The probe comes standard with a free flow Delrin cap. Optional sintered stainless steel filter caps are available for measuring dry bulk material or for use in dusty/dirty environments. Field pre-calibrated replacement sensors are available (with or without N.I.S.T. certificate).

  • Gas Density Sensors

    WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE & Co. KG

    For high-precision online monitoring of the gas density, temperature, pressure and humidity of SF6 gas in internal and external systems of SF6 gas-insulated equipment, WIKA gas density sensors are exceptionally suited. The instruments are notable for their high-accuracy sensor technology which guarantees very good long-term stability and EMC characteristics. Optionally, there are hybrid solutions available which combine gas density transmitters with conventional gas density monitors with switch contacts.

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