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detect a physical event then translate to a representative analog signal.

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    Argon ST

    We design, develop and produce state-of-the-art SIGINT sensors that seek, exploit, identify, and locate sources of RF energy, underwater sound, light, heat and other complex phenomena. These sensors recognize threats, gather intelligence, and allow our customers to make informed, strategic response decisions.

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    A wide range of probes, sensors and signals is available for ALMEMO® data loggers and measuring instruments, which are connected via intelligent connectors with integrated data carrier. For common measuring tasks the connectors are configured at the factory and the measuring device automatically recognizes the connected sensor. All sensors can be calibrated, scaled and provided with a unique designation via the intelligent connectors. The programming always remains with the corresponding sensor, so that it can be connected to any input on the measuring instrument. Inaccuracies of a sensor can be corrected in the connector, thus turning simple sensors into precise transducers.

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    SparkFun Electronics

    Detect your environment with various sensors. Motion, sound, vision, temperature, and more. 203 products.

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    Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Company of America

    Panasonic Sensor Solutions offer a wide and constantly evolving range of technologies that provide design engineers with the flexibility to easily choose and implement the Sensor technology best suited for existing and ever-emerging new applications all from a single, world class supplier. Panasonic built-in Sensors contribute to energy savings, safety and comfort. With high-functionality and high-performance, Panasonic has solutions for sensing and detecting rotational speed and angle, position, flow, velocity, temperature, magnetism, currents and much more! Panasonic Sensor products combine the latest technologies with plug-and-play devices such as Grid-EYE® Thermopile Array Sensors, the Ultrasonic Gas Flow Sensor, the highly accurate and flexible 6in1 Sensor (6DoF Automotive Inertial Sensor), a wide array of Passive Infrared Motion Sensors (PIRs), and highly specialized and accurate Industrial Sensors.

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    Boltek Corp.

    Boltek lightning sensors come with all the basic hardware and software required for monitoring live lightning data right away. The short range EFM-100 sensor can easily be run along side the long range sensors (StormPCI, LD-250, and LD-350) for high accuracy short range detection with the ability to track storm movement for more advanced planning.

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    Adcon Telemetry

    Sensors for agro-meteorology, meteorology, hydrology and environmental monitoring. Best-in-class sensor solutions for the reliable measurement of various parameters.

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    Shimpo Instruments

    SHIMPO INSTRUMENTS offers a variety of sensors and rotary pulse generators to send various trigger signals to panel tachometers, counters and stroboscopes. When coupled with the appropriate SHIMPO panel meter or stroboscope, our sensors can be used in many different operating environments from laboratory to hazardous Class I -Group C&D and Class II- Group E, F, & G.

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    Seismic sensors provide a dynamic AC signal output in mV/g or mV/in/sec.  Devices with this type of output are generally intended for connection to a stand-alone vibration monitoring system rather than general automation and control instrumentation like a PLC or DCS.  Metrix offers seismic sensors with a wide variety operating temperatures, frequency responses, scale factors, case materials, connector types, mounting options, and hazardous area approvals.

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    Networked Communication Solutions, LLC

    Networked Communications Solutions (NCS) provides a wide range of low-cost wireless sensors solutions designed for commercial and industrial and consumer applications. Wi-In™ detects and monitors every function critical to your network including light, humidity, temperature and distress. NCS system Wi-In™ allows for user customization and includes free online sensor monitoring with SMS text and email alerts. NCS Wi-In™ sensors are designed for easy installation and can be remotely monitored by anyone needing to check the functionality of their networked systems.

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    MicaSense series - AgEagle

    Setting entirely new standards of excellence for multispectral imaging solutions, our innovative MicaSense sensors are the cameras of choice worldwide for advanced applications in agriculture, plant research, land management and forestry management.

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    Kaman Precision Products, Inc.

    Kaman specializes in inductive, eddy current technology. Our sensors provide non-contact indication of linear position/displacement by outputting an analog voltage, or, in some cases, a current that is proportional to the distance between the sensor face and the target being sensed.

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    DTS, Inc.

    DTS offers a full line of high performance data acquisition systems, sensors, accessories and software to meet a wide range of critical test requirements. Let the DTS team of experienced engineers and test professionals help you find the right instrumentation for your application.

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    SuessCo KG

    SuessCo Sensors is one of the leading specialists and pioneers in magnetic field sensor technology. About Univ. Prof. Dr. DI Dieter Süss, we can find excellent university graduates as new employees with excellent knowledge of the latest basic research and sensor technology, which form the basis for our ongoing development work.

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    TE Connectivity Ltd.

    Our technologies enable measurement capabilities such as pressure, temperature, position, vibration, photonics, force, and humidity.TE Connectivity offers an unmatched portfolio of intelligent and efficient sensors across patient monitoring and treatment and industrial automation applications. Browse from our portfolio to find the suitable sensor to create a safer, more productive, and reliable future together.

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    Renishaw Touch / Scan Probes - Werth Inc.

    Complete integration of TP200, SP25, SP600 and SP80PH10 integration with each individual tilt and rotary position

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