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  • Infrared Cameras

    Fluke Corporation

    Get the infrared cameras that are built on 65+ years of industrial experience. Each camera is built without compromise to the Fluke standard of "ruggedness, reliability and accuracy". Designed for everyday use, in any environment for thorough and accurate inspections. Choose from the affordable and versatile Performance Series, the Professional Series that offers superior image quality, or the Expert Series that gives you up to 1024 x 768 resolution on the industry's largest screen.

  • Linear High Efficiency Power Amplifier

    Chengdu KeyLink Microwave Technology Co., Ltd.

    Keylink's high efficiency linear power amplifiers are available for operating frequencies from 1MHz to1 GHz with output power from 1 to 100 watts. Combined with linear design, these linear power amplifiers provide ultra low distortion, suitable for multi-band, multi-mode communication applications. With built-in monitor circuits, Keylink's power amplifier assure consistent performance in terms of reliability. KeyLink's linear power amplifiers can be categorized as follows:

  • Low Profile PCI 4-Port RS-232 Serial Interface

    7406 - Sealevel Systems, Inc.

    The 7406 Low Profile PCI serial interface provides four RS-232 serial ports, each capable of data rates to 460.8K bps. Each RS-232 port implements all modem control signals for maximum compatibility with a wide range of peripherals. The board is MD1 Low Profile and Universal Bus (3.3V and 5V) compatible and utilizes a 16C864 UART to provide 128-byte Tx/Rx FIFOs for maximum reliability in data intensive applications.

  • MG Test Fixtures

    MG Products

    Because of the miniaturization of modern electronics , it is important to ensure quality and care with electrical testing. Reliable electrical contact between the test equipment and the testobject (UUT , Unit Under Test) is essential. Specifically for these tests MG Products has developed a series of linear test adapters ( textfixtures ) the MG series. The reliability and accuracy of a contact test adapter is strongly determined by the mechanical construction. Therefore MG Products uses solid aluminum parts.

  • m&h Laser Tool Setters

    Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

    Non-contact tool measurement allows automatic checks for tool wear or breakage. Constant production quality requires the use of reliable accurate tooling. One vital requirement is precise tool data. The data is automatically transferred to the tool table of the control. Periodic tool checks for broken tools or wear create additional production safety. The Laser Tool Setter from m&h will do this job, saving time and increasing reliability.

  • Optical Channel Performance Monitors

    BaySpec, Inc.

    The device covers C and L band wavelength ranges and provides simultaneous measurements of up to 160 channels spaced 50 GHz apart. High reliability (GR-63/1209/1221 qualified) is achieved through a rugged mechanical design with no moving parts. Periodic calibration is not required. Input/Output (I/O) is provided through a dual port RAM interface accessed through ADD/DAT bus direct connection or serial (RS232 or USB) communications.

  • PXI Microwave Switches

    Keysight Technologies

    Keysight designs and manufacturers a comprehensive range of RF and microwave switches to meet your switching requirements. Other than connectorized switches, Keysight also offers switch modules that operate across a broad frequency range and come in a variety of configurations. Designed with high accuracy and repeatability for automated test and measurement, signal monitoring and routing applications, Keysight switches have a proven track record for high performance, quality and reliability.

  • Satellite Test Equipment

    WaveCore PTS - Textron Systems Corporation

    The WaveCore PTS is part of Textron Systems' WaveCore family of standard test systems with a primary application of satellite payload lab testing. The WaveCore PTS is designed to provide the lowest level of measurement uncertainty with unprecedented reliability, maintainability and supportability. The systems can be deployed affordably for both production and engineering applications, providing industry-leading levels of data correlation with high system mean time between failures and low mean time to repair.

  • Semiconductor & Electronic Systems Test and Diagnostics Services

    MASER Engineering B.V.

    Reliability Test and Diagnostic services are offered to a wide range of customers that are active as Fabless Semiconductor or Integrated Device Manufacturers, automotive electronics supplier, Telecom and ICT application specialists, Industrial and Medical electronic system manufacturers or in Aerospace and Space applications. Independent high tech test and diagnostic service laboratory. IC and electronic module qualification. ESD and Latch Up testing. Design assessment by HALT/HASS. Failure and construction analysis.

  • Software Defined Airborne Radio

    SOVERON® AR - Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

    Information superiority is vital to effectiveness and survivability during missions. Key factors to mission success are the reliability, security, flexibility and system capability of the deployed communications solution. SOVERON® provides secure and reliable communications networks for all branches and command and control levels of the armed forces to help you carry out your missions. The SOVERON® AR airborne radio is a member of the SOVERON® software defined radio family.

  • Stability Chambers

    PH Series - Darwin Chambers Company

    The Darwin Chambers PH Series Stability Chambers are designed for performance specifications exceeding FDA and ICH requirements. For GMP studies, ultrasonic humidification provides excellent humidity control and avoids hot spots during mapping. Thermoelectric cooling provides more stable temperature control than equivalent refrigeration systems. All PH series chambers incorporate inherent cooling redundancy, quiet operation, simple serviceability and excellent reliability.

  • Telemetry Data Recorder

    Reach Technologies Inc.

    Reach Technologies' high-performance Telemetry Recorders are available in several standard configurations and offer all of the advantages of disk-based recorders, including random access to data, high capacity, network data transfer, and media reliability. Our data recorders provide the capability to manipulate and process data using processing applications. Processing applications take telemetry data from a source application (Transport or Interface), manipulate the data, and pass it on to a destination application.

  • Vacuum Robots

    MagnaTran® Product Family - Brooks Automation, Inc.

    Brooks Automation offers the industry’s most advanced and reliable robots for operation in vacuum and isolation environments. Setting the industry standard for vacuum robot automation, Brooks’ MagnaTran family of robots deliver unparalleled cleanliness, repeatability and throughput. These state-of-the-art vacuum robots, designed specifically for tool automation in semiconductor wafer processing and other complex manufacturing environments, enable OEMs to build proven reliability and performance into their automation platforms.

  • Performance Testing & Load Testing Services

    Enhops Solutions Pvt Ltd.

    We at Enhops offer end-to-end performance testing services that ensure availability, robustness, reliability, scalability and speed of our clients’ systems and applications. Our Performance Testing Center of Excellence analyzes our client’s performance requirements, defines performance test strategies, roadmap and metrics, assesses reports and provides recommendations. Our testing team has in-depth expertise across various open-source and commercial performance testing tools.

  • Network Testing

    Enghouse Networks

    Service Providers are under significant pressure as service revenues plateau, competition intensifies and traffic growth skyrockets. Service Providers have relied on Enghouse Networks automated network testing for decades because this mission-critical solution adds significant and tangible business value. The solution enables Service Providers to improve network reliability and performance, accelerate time to revenue for new services, minimize expensive truck rolls and improve customer satisfaction.