Power Analyzers: Measure the quantity, quality, and frequency of electric power.

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  • Power Analyzers

    Company: Scientech Technologies

    Scientech offers wide range of high-performance power analyzers including quality power loggers and more at the best price in India. The power analyzer is a multi-function power analyser device that measure precisely direct current, alternating current, AC-voltage, DC-voltage the intensity of DC or AC, phase rotation and idle, apparent and effective power.


    Company: Infratek AG

    Power Analyzer can be used in any company that produces equipment consuming electric energy. Optimizing energy consumption not only protects the environment but also results in higher product quality. Power Analyzer are therefore excellent tools for research, development, quality control, maintenance and education.

  • Power Analyzers

    Company: Keithley

    Tektronix power analyzers are optimized for fast, accurate, and complete testing of power conversion efficiency, energy consumption, and electrical performance to the latest regional and international standards, including Level VI, Energy Star, CEC, IEC/EN, CQC, and more. Whether you need a single-channel, single-phase solution for analyzing harmonics or standby power, or a multi-channel, multi-phase solution for testing multiple stages of power conversion systems, Tektronix power analyzers are equipped to test today’s high-efficiency products and designs.

  • M9 - Power Analyzer

    Company: NAAC

    M9 Power Analyzer has been designed to meet the technical requirements of modern power distribution systems or electric installations. This measuring device can also be used in co-generation power systems, stand-by generating sets or production machinery.

  • Power Analyzers

    Company: Newtons4th Ltd

    The N4L Power Analyzer range utilises the latest signal processing technology. Providing fast, accurate and repeatable measurement in the most demanding of applications. Whether you need to measure the efficiency of a variable speed motor drive or the losses in a transformer, N4L have a power analyzer measurement solution for you. We’ve combined years of experience in high frequency measurement instrumentation with innovative developments in analog and digital design techniques to produce a new generation of class leading precision power analyzer. Combining real-time no gap analysis with high sampling rates throughout all fundamental frequencies, the PPA series of power analyzer’s provide true wideband gapless measurements on any input waveform. All Power Analyzers are provided with a UKAS ISO17025 calibration certificate, issued by our internal UKAS Laboratory (Calibration Laboratory No. 7949)

  • Power Analyzer

    Company: Shenzhen Graigar

    This power analyzer is used for single-phase or three-phase measurements of the active, reactive and apparent power, power factor, phase angle, energy, voltage, current as well as peaks and harmonics up to 50º of the harmonic waveform. The power analyser clamp is equipped with data logger.

  • Power Analyzers

    Company: Dewetron GesmbH

    Real drive and test bench applicationMultiple power analyzer in one instrumentUltra flexible channel configurationWide range of fundamental frequencyCAN interface for automotive and test bench linkInternal current transducer supply and TEDS support

  • CP-600 - Power Analyzer

    Company: Chyng Hong Electronic

    CP-660 Power and harmonic analyzer : Voltage 6 ranges; current 7 ranges; watt 42 ranges; DC/AC measure; auto/manual range select; 4-1/2 place resolution. Inrush current measure. More over 30 kind function.


    Company: Yokogawa Meters &

    The WT500 Power Analyzer is a Mid Range product for single-phase and three-phase power measurements. It is designed into a compact half-rack size chassis which can also be double rack mounted. Standard features include a color TFT display and USB interface for communications and memory. The instrument has a basic accuracy of 0.1%, maximum inputs of 1000 Vrms, 40 Arms and a measurement bandwidth of DC to 100 kHz.

  • C80 Series - Power Analyzers

    Company: Circutor Sa

    C80 Series Analyzers

  • Power Analyzers

    Company: MRC Ltd

    Multi-functions : WATT, VA, Whr, Power factor, ACV, * Built-in data hold function.ACA, Hz. * RS-232 output interface.* True AC power ( Watt ) & apparent power ( VA ) * Exclusive custom exclusive design LSI circuit, provides highmeasurement. accuracy, reliability and durability.* True rms display for ACV, ACA. * Built-in over input indication.* Supper large LCD, easy to read-out, display the Watt, * Power supply by batteries.Power factor, Voltage & Current value at the same time. * Built-in low battery indicator .* Auto range. * Durable plastic housing case with handle.

  • Nanovip Plus MEM - Power Analyzers

    Company: Duncan Instruments

    1 Mb internal memory can store 4032 records, More than 100 parametersincluding harmonic analysis up to 24th.

  • Power Analyzers

    Company: Extech Instruments

    True RMS AC voltage and current data logger. Data log up to 100,000 readings of TRMS AC Voltage (600) or Current (200 Amp) with a user programmable sample rate from 1 second to 24 hours. LCD displays time/date, current reading, min/max, and if the user settable high/low alarms have been exceeded. Readings can be downloaded to your PC via the USB interface. Featuring Normal, Peak, and Capture (user specified trigger level) recording modes. Complete with current clamp, test leads, alligator clips, software, USB cable, 110-Volt AC Adapter, and 3.6V Lithium Battery.

  • Power Analyzers

    Company: Shanghai Beihan Electronics

    Comprehensive real time monitoring, recording and analysis of three-phase power systems• True RMS Voltage measurement • True RMS Current measurement • Power Factor measurement• Harmonic Analysis• Harmonic analysis for voltage and current up to 63rd harmonic• Power Analysis (apparent, active and reactive power)

  • Power Analyzers

    Company: Ainuo Instrument

    Power meter adopts ARM7 series controller as the core,using direct sampling and intellignet indentification technology,widely used for single-phase electrical equipments test,such as voltage,current,power,power factor,frequency,electric energy,time etc,Highlighted LED 3-window display ,simple and fast operation,serial communication,over limit alarm,voltage/current ratio setings and other functions,prcise and durable.