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NTSC Generators

National Television Standards Committee signal generators.

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  • NTSC Test Signal Generators

    HORITA Co., Inc.

    Provides an economical means for generating the most common SD analog composite video reference timing signals required to operate various SD analog composite video switchers, effects generators, VTRs/VCRs, cameras, video edit controllers, and other professional video equipment.

  • GPS/IRIG B Video Synchronizer

    6140 - Instrumentation Technology Systems

    The unit consists of a twelve channel GPS receiver, the output of which is used to synchronize an IRIG B time code generator. The IRIG B signal is then used to drive the color and monochrome video sync generators. The 6140 provides a precise IRIG B serial time code output, an RS-170 composite video signal and an RS-170A (NTSC) composite signal with black burst. The unit automatically acquires all in-view satellites upon power up and locks the internal IRIG B time code generator to the GPS time reference. The Video Sync Generators then lock to the IRIG B. Lock status is displayed by LED indicators on the front panel. If the GPS lock is lost the 6140 will automatically switch to an internal clock and continue generating the output IRIG B signal. No discernible change in the IRIG B output or video sync will occur due to this transition.