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  • Mixers

    Macom Technology Solutions Holdings Inc.

    MACOM's mixers are offered as single, double balanced, and image reject covering narrow and wideband frequencies up to 64 GHz. Mixers are used in both up and down frequency conversion applications. These discrete passive mixers are offered in bare die, surface mount package, and connectorized form factors.

  • Mixer

    Chengdu KeyLink Microwave Technology Co., Ltd.

    The series of products are passive devices, which are the key units of microwave and RF up-conversion and down-conversion circuits.The products can be applied to all kinds of receiving and transmitting channels. KeyLink's mixers can be categorized as follows.

  • Mixers


    CAES designs and manufactures a broad range of custom mixer and frequency multiplication products, enabling RF signals to be converted from one frequency to another, or multiplied together to generate a new frequency.

  • Mixers

    Teledyne RF & Microwave

    Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS) offer a wide range of both double & triple balanced mixers for many different applications from commercial test equipment to space qualified units. Low conversion loss and wide bandwidths are the hallmark of the product line. The incorporation of Schottky diodes on some designs offers significant performance benefits.

  • Mixers

    Galaxy Audio Inc.

    The Multi Mixer (JIB/MM) is a great tool for live sound, home recording, field recording, audio/video, and many others. This unit features 4 inputs; Chan 1&2: XLR/1/4" combo w/ 20dB pad, Chan 3: Stereo RCA and Stereo 1/8" mini (3.5mm), Chan 4: Stereo RCA. Each channel has its own volume control.

  • DSP Mixers

    iFlex Mixers - Ivie Technologies

    The iFlex line of DSP mixers just got a whole lot bigger (and better). With the addition of the Modular Audio Platform (MAP) series to the iFlex mixer line, there are now over 16 new fixed architecture mixers, and an almost limitless number of user-selectable modular configurations, all using the SonataTM software for programming and control. iFlex mixers can now be configured with 4 channel module cards such as mic/line input, line output, dual I/O, AEC line output, AES input, AES output, and FIR DSP line output, as well as telephony, logic I/O, and relay modules. Any MAP mixer will accept any MAP module, in any configuration. This means that even a small channel count system can now have an impressive level of performance (such as AEC, or FIR DSP) at an equally impressive price.

  • Sub-Harmonic Mixers

    Analog Devices Inc.

    Subharmonic mixers are composed of a passive mixer with a subharmonically pumped (×2) local oscillator. These mixers allow designers to use low LO frequency, which eases the need to generate a high frequency LO signal. For high frequency application design, Analog Devices subharmonic mixers offer a simpler alternative to traditional mixers with no LO multiplier.

  • IQ Mixers

    Fairview Microwave Inc.

    The new MMIC IQ mixers from Fairview (also known as IQ modulators) utilize a highly reliable GaAs MESFET semiconductor process which integrates a pair of matched double balanced mixer cells, a 90-degree hybrid and a 0-degree splitter/combiner that produces exceptional amplitude and phase balance performance. This level of integration offers size and performance advantages in comparison to discrete module assemblies. With the addition of an external 90-degree IF hybrid module, these IQ mixers can be used as either a Single Sideband Up-converter Mixer or an Image Reject Down-converter Mixer. The benefit of image rejection and sideband suppression can reduce overall system cost and complexity by removing the need for pre-selection filtering. Typical applications include point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radio, VSAT, military radar, electronic warfare, satellite communications, test equipment, and sensors.

  • Hybrid Mixers

    Macom Technology Solutions Holdings Inc.

    MACOM’s hybrid mixers are widely used in aerospace and defense, wireless, test and measurements applications, and broadband communications applications. We offer a variety of connectorized, flat pack, drop-in, and surface mount packages with a broad range of operating frequency ranges and performance specifications. Our mixer products are available in subsets of the frequency range such as RF and LO: 50 kHz to 24 GHz and IF: DC to 8 GHz. These mixers leverage a variety of technologies such as GaAs pHEMT and Silicon HMIC and are available in double and triple balanced designs. These mixers are hermetically sealed and can also be screened all the way to space level.

  • Mixers And Detectors

    Smiths Interconnect

    MXP balanced mixers featuring Millitech technology are high performance broadband mixers in a very compact size. They offer low conversion loss and low noise figure over a wide range of IF and local oscillator frequencies. Series MXP covers frequencies from 26.5 to 140 GHz in seven waveguide bands.

  • I/Q Mixers

    971 Series - Milimeter Wave Products, Inc.

    Mi-wave supplies 971 series mixer withI (in phase) and Q (quadrature phase)outputs. They are offered over the RFrange of DC to 110 GHz. Good LO to RFisolation is achieved over a relatively broad RF and LO frequency ranges. Typical IF range is from DC to 5 GHz. Both waveguide and coaxial interfacesare offered as options for RF and LO ports. The mechanical design of these mixers is very compact and can be customized to suit any specific application and outline requirement. These IQ mixers find applications in communication equipment, radar sensors and instrumentation receivers

  • MR Mixers

    KPM Analytics

    MR2L and MR10L mixers are used to condition wheat before test milling, and for a wide range of other mixing applications.

  • Harmonic Mixers

    920/922 Series - Milimeter Wave Products, Inc.

    Mi-Wave’s 920 Series HarmonicMixers are used to downconvertmillimeter wave signals usinga Schottky barrier mixer diode.Measurements can be made bymixing the harmonic of the LO with the desired RF signal and observing theresulting IF.

  • Emulsion Mixers

    4818 - Parker Hannifin Corp

    Parker Conflow’s Code 4818 is a unique emulsion mixer which supplies a constant, accurate mix ratio of soluble oil and water to provide fire-resistant hydraulic fluid to power roof supports on the coal face.

  • Balanced Mixer

    MXP - Smiths Interconnect

    Smiths Interconnect's broadband Balanced Mixers featuring Millitech technology set the industry benchmark in low conversion loss and low noise figure across a wide range of IF and LO frequencies to enable the highest level of system performance.

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