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  • Memory Test System

    T5833/T5833ES - Advantest Corp.

    T5833 system is a cost-efficient, high-volume test solution capable of performing both wafer sort and final test of DRAM and NAND flash memory devices. Amid surging sales of mobile electronics, DRAMs, NAND flash memories and multi-chip packages (MCPs) — the main device types used in smart phones and tablets — are quickly evolving toward higher speeds and greater device capacity. Internet and cloud servers also are driving demand for faster, higher-capacity ICs. Yet the cost of testing today's wide array of memory devices is an obstacle for chipmakers, which urgently require solutions that can deliver high functionality, high performance and low cost of test (COT). Advantest's new, multifunctional T5833 memory test system meets these needs, delivering both wafer sort and final test capabilities for a full range of memory devices, including LPDDR3-DRAMs, high-speed NAND flash memories and next-generation non-volatile memory ICs.

  • Memory Test Systems

    T5503HS - Advantest Corp.

    With today’s mobile electronic devices and the servers that support them handling ever-increasing volumes of data, semiconductor memory manufacturers need a highly capable, cost-efficient means of testing their latest generations of high-speed, high-capacity memory ICs – including emerging DDR4-SDRAM and LPDDR4-SDRAM chips.Advantest’s T5503HS tester gives memory manufacturers that industry-leading performance and a low cost of test along with an upgradeable system design.

  • Memory Test System

    T5511 - Advantest Corp.

    Offering Multi-functionality and Industry's Top Test Speed of 8Gbps.

  • Memory Test System

    T5851/T5851ES - Advantest Corp.

    The T5851 system is designed to provide a cost-effective test solution for evaluating high-speed protocol NAND flash memories including UFS3.0 universal flash storage and PCIe Gen 4 NVMe solid-state drives (SSD), both of which are expected to be in high demand for the LTE 5G communications market.

  • Memory Test Systems

    T5503HS2 - Advantest Corp.

    Semiconductor memories are in high demand to meet the needs of fast-growing end markets such as portable electronics and servers. It has been forecasted that applications ranging from mobile devices and data centers to automobiles, gaming systems and graphics cards will consume an estimated 120 billion gigabits of DRAM capacity. To meet this market demand, new generations of memories with data-transfer speeds of 6.4 Gbps and higher are being developed. Advantest’s second-generation T5503HS2 tester is designed to handle these ultra-high-speed memory ICs.

  • Memory Test System

    T5830/T5830ES - Advantest Corp.

    Highly flexible tester which has all of the capabilities needed to perform wafer sorting and final testing of price-sensitive flash memories

  • Memory Test System

    T5831/T5831ES - Advantest Corp.

    High-productivity tester achieves low cost-of-test by performing massive parallel testing of NAND Flash and MCPs for SSDs and mobile applications

  • Flash Memory Test System

    T5830 - Advantest Corp.

    T5830 memory tester, the latest member of its T5800 product family, optimized for testing a wide range of flash memory devices used in mobile electronic devices. The highly flexible T5830 tester has all of the capabilities needed to perform wafer sorting and final testing of price-sensitive flash memories.

  • High-Speed Memory Test Solution

    UltraFLEX-M - Teradyne, Inc.

    The UltraFLEX-M builds on the advanced test technology and architecture of the proven UltraFLEX test system to ensure high test quality at the lowest cost of test for high-speed memory devices.

  • Single Event Effects Test System

    SEE-RAD - Hilevel Technology, Inc.

    The SEE-RAD test system brings together the proven features of our ETS780 tester (such as true APG memory test and powerful FA tools) with the newest technology of the Griffin III. With all new high-accuracy DC Parametrics, superior precision pin drivers, and capture memory of 64M, the Griffin SEE-RAD combines the newest innovations in the test industry with our years of experience in Radiation Test.

  • Digital Test Hammers

    James Instruments Inc.

    James Instruments? digital test hammers are an advanced, completely automated system for estimating concrete compressive strength. Its calculation, memory and recording functions allow for quick, easy and accurate test results.

  • Premier Diagnostic Test Meter

    PDSMP50-2-01-15-CAN - Parker Hannifin Corp

    Parker's SensoControl Service Master Plus diagnostic test kits are the premier choice for measuring, recording and analyzing critical system data for any hydraulic or pneumatic system. Up to 1 billion data points memory storage.

  • Flash Device Test System

    MS7208 - MiNT Systems Corporation

    The MS7208 system can test a wide range of device families including – but not limited to – NAND flash, NOR flash, multi-level flash, multi-die flash, EEPROM, RAM, and mixed-technology memory devices.

  • Cloud Semiconductor Testing Service

    CloudTesting™ - Cloud Testing Service, Inc.

    All-in-one platform for semiconductor test and measurement Extensive test and measurement library Microcontroller, Memory, Analog and more. CloudTesting™ Service is the test and measurement system that you can build your own environment by selecting and combining Testing IPs. Fees for Testing IPs are paid monthly.

  • Flex Socket Test Module

    JT 2127/Flex - JTAG Technologies Inc.

    The JT 2127/Flex STM memory socket tester is a family of hardware adapters specifically designed for the testing of of PCB-mounted DIMM & SODIMM sockets using a JTAG/boundary-scan controller and supporting software. The testing of memory sockets has always been troublesome for test and production engineers using JTAG/boundary-scan systems. Even when it is possible to create memory writes/reads from a boundary-scan compliant access device on the UUT (Unit Under Test), the initialization process may fail leaving you with little diagnostics information. What’s more it can still be uncertain whether fault lays with the DIMM module itself or the socket. Using the new JT 2127-Flex system from JTAG Technologies you get pin-point diagnostics from a known-good test interface so you can be certain that your socket is soldered correctly.

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