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  • Telephone Line Tester for ISDN Lines

    1EA065 - Le-tehnika, d.o.o.

    ISDN line checker shows the correctness of your ISDN So bus line connections. Indication of the problem is presented with 4 LED (combination of them shows different states and working conditions of the ISDN So bus). The tester uses Phantom power - no need for additional power supplay.

  • Line Tester

    LT2000 - ATEN S.r.l.

    Advanced Line Tester for copper lines & AF channels qualification and maintenance up to 2.2 MHz

  • Line Impedance

    KIT - Altanova Group

    The Line impedance kit is composed of two modules, STLG and STSG. The kit is meant to be used with STS 5000, STS 4000 and eKAM in order to perform Line Impedance test.

  • Line Testers

    GAO Tek Inc.

    GAOTek provides a large collection of certified and feature-rich line testers for sale to the United States, Canada and Globally. These devices are mainly used for line installation, line performance testing, inspection, and maintenance of the telecommunication networks. They are particularly designed to accelerate telecom trouble shooting and with the help of latest technology they are equipped with a smart CPU, IC, and SMT. These devices have some unique features such as caller ID display and last number redial. Moreover, it can also be used for multi-line testing, wire pair checking, inspection of line insulation and test for breaks and faults.

  • Loop A Line

    TX916 - Aegis Pty. Ltd.

    The Loop a Line has been a Telstra standard for 20 years. It is probably the simplest time saving device available for contractors and technicians. Once fitted to the far end of a line you can switch between Open, Short, Connect, 600 ohm, and Tone modes allowing all installation and fault location to be performed from the one end without having to go back and forward from one end of the line to the other.

  • Line Monitor

    LE-120SA - LINEEYE Co., Ltd.

    LE-120SA is a handheld line monitor specialized for ASYNC communication which is widely used in the industry. You can control the line monitor by soft screen touch as you do for smart phones. The light weight (300g including batteries) helps you for the field maintenance besides the system developments.

  • Line Monitor

    LE-110SA - LINEEYE Co., Ltd.

    LE-110SA is a handheld line monitor specialized for ASYNC communication which is widely used in the industry. You can control the line monitor by soft screen touch as you do for smart phones. The light weight (300g including batteries) helps you for the field maintenance besides the system developments.

  • Line Tester

    LT51 - H Heuer Instruments Pty Ltd.

    The LT51 Line Tester is a portable handheld battery powered instrument for Data, DSL, Telephone, Voice Copper Line testing. It combines the features of several pieces of test equipment such as a Level Meter / Spectrum Analyser, Distortion Analyser, Oscillator, Handheld DMM and TDR in the one small lightweight package.

  • Transmission Lines

    Naprotek, LLC.

    SemiGens 50-ohm Transmission Lines offer the RF/microwave designer complete flexibility and repeatability for the most challenging applications.

  • Line Drivers

    East Coast DataCom, Inc.

    The Asynchronous Line Driver (ALD-19.2) utilizes state of the art digital CMOS technology to provide a feature filled product at a very affordable price. The ALD-19.2 transmits and receives data bi-directional at data rates up to 19.2kbps. The unit is designed for asynchronous Point-to-Point operation.

  • Line Monitor

    LE-170SA - LINEEYE Co., Ltd.

    LE-170SA is a compact hand-held size line monitor for CAN/LIN. It has a touch screen and can be control as for smartfones. It has 1 CAN channel and 1 LIN channel and it can monitor both CAN and LIN communication thus monitoring of the network which has both CAN and LIN is available. The monitor function can diplay the communication data in real-time while saving it. The simulation function can send/receive the test data instead of the original communication partner. The ID filtering and trigger function make your development/evaluation more efficient. It also can measure 4 external signals as degital signals or analog signals while monitoring the communication data.It is light (300g) and convenient for field testing. The line monitor is useful for not only development but also maintenance.

  • SAM Line

    PVA TePla Analytical Systems GmbH

    The SAM Line offers easy-to-use scanning acoustic microscopes for process control and quality assurance as well as for research applications. The individual models are derived from a component platform that complies with industry standards and incorporates cutting-edge production and manufacturing technologies. Thanks to their new high-frequency and transducer technology, our acoustic microscopes enable detailed acoustic analysis in the ultrasound range up to 400 MHz.

  • Line Injector

    J2120A - PICOTEST Corp.

    While the injection transformer is a very wideband adapter, it is not useful for measuring ripple rejection (PSRR) of a power supply or even an opamp. This is because the attributes that make the injection transformer perform so well also result in a transformer that is intolerant of DC current. Even very small DC currents (5mA or less) can greatly reduce the signal capacity or even totally saturate the transformer. For this reason, the Picotest line injector (J2120A) is another essential test adapter.

  • M-Power-line

    FuG Elektronik GmbH

    The M-Power-Line convinces with its robust design, high efficiency, compact dimensions and excellent price-performance ratio. By using a Power Factor Controller (PFC) the input voltage may vary from 100V to 254V. This means that the devices can be used anywhere in the world regardless of the typical national power supply system. The simple operation and easy readability of relevant characteristic values (target/actual/state/alarm message) make the devices particularly attractive for use in many branches of industry as well as research institutes.

  • Line Tester

    CAT 1 TEST - Monacor International GmbH & Co. KG

    Line tester for continuity testing of Cat 5, Cat 6 and ISDN network cables*Connection test with LED display for 8 individual wires and shielding*Continuity, miswire, open, short, crossover, and ground detection*Connector compatibility with the following modular plugs: RJ45 (8P8C), RJ12 (6P6C), RJ11(6P4C, 6P2C)*Network standards supported: Token Ring, 10Base-T, 10Base-T2, 285A, TIA568A/568B*Separate receiver for particularly long and complex cables*The main unit and separate receiver can be attached to one another using a guide rail on the side*Power supply via 9 V block battery (not included)*Supplied with protective bag

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