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Visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from 400nm to 700nm.

See Also: Illumination, Lighting, Lightning, Lightwave, Daylight, Streetlight, Luminescence

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  • LED Light Meter

    Extech LT40 - Extech Instruments Corporation

    The LT40 LED light meter is useful for measuring and optimizing environmental light levels in a wide range of environments, including office buildings, manufacturing plants and warehouses, university campuses, schools, hospitals, and many other locations. OSHA regulates workplace lighting because illumination must be adequate for assigned tasks, and light meters are used to verify regulatory compliance, as well as state and local public safety codes and ordinances. Use of LED lighting is on the rise because it is more efficient to operate, it emits stable, high quality illumination, and the technology is dropping in price. Besides LED lighting, the LT40 can measure standard light sources fluorescent, metal halide, high pressure sodium and incandescent up to 400,000 lux (40,000 Fc). The LT40 comes with a built-in sensor with protective cover, 2 AAA batteries, storage pouch, and user manual.

  • Light Flicker Meter

    LiFli - Fauser Elektrotechnik

    The LiFli light flicker meter enables fast evaluation of light sources on the flickering part (flicker / flicker). Especially in the case of LED lamps, the flicker portion can be determined only by one measurement, since it is in the range of 0% to 100% for these luminous means.Audio features enable the flicker to be reproduced acoustically. A voltage output for further analysis by means of oscilloscope or voltage analyzer is available.

  • Light Transmittance Meters

    Shenzhen Linshang Technology Co., Ltd.

    As a manufacturer of desktop spectrum transmission meter, Linshang Technology provides you with a series of light transmittance meters, including LS108A, LS108D lens transmssion tester for testing IR holes of mobile phone covers, and LS108 blue-violet tester for eyeglass lenses. Universal desktop light transmission meter LS108H, portable optical transmission measuring instrument LS183.

  • Trailer Light Testers

    Pro-Check 725 - LITE-CHECK LLC.

    Pro-Check trailer light testers with advanced electrical diagnostics are rugged, lightweight, and economical. They independently test each electrical circuit on a trailer to ensure proper connectivity. The Pro-Check identifies each specific type of electrical wiring fault. Lite-Check’s patented active diagnostic system takes the guesswork out of identifying trailer light and electrical problems. The Pro-Check commercial trailer light tester with electrical circuit diagnostics, not only identifies faults, but the specific circuit the fault is on. Faults are identified as “Open Circuit”, “Open Ground”, “Short” (w/all circuits identified), or “Chassis Ground”. Audible alarms alert technicians to found electrical faults.

  • Ambient Light Sensors

    Renesas Electronics Corp.

    Renesas' ambient light sensors can adjust a display’s backlight, which improves user experience and power savings by optimizing the display’s viewability. Their ultra-low light sensitivity, low power consumption, ideal spectral response, and easy to use simple output algorithm make them best-in-class. We offer a full suite of light-to-analog and light-to-digital solutions to suit your applications requirements and budget.

  • Calibration Light Source

    CAL1 - Image Engineering GmbH & Co. KG

    The one light source solution in the field of camera characterization and calibration. CAL1The CAL1 calibration light source is designed to characterize and calibrate cameras in the lab or on the production line. Its compact design consists of one iQ-LED element in a 0.3 m integrating sphere that illuminates a 70 mm opening. Because of the non-reflective special diffusor filter on the sphere opening, a uniformity of more than 98% could be reached

  • Rotating Warning Light

    ND-AM1 - NDS Products, Inc.

    -Red rotating light on stand with 25 foot power cable.-Operating Temperature: -20 to 50 °C (-4 to 122 °F), Humidity: Non-Condensing 95%

  • Light Touch/Tactile Switches

    Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Company of America

    Panasonic's Tactile (Light Touch) Switches are versatile and can be used in almost any user interface application.Designed in various shapes, sizes, terminals and push forces, Panasonic’s Tactile (Light Touch) Switches offer the opportunity to select the perfect Switch for the application. Each Switch is engineered for low contact resistance, small bounce noise, high contact reliability and a sharp tactile feel. Discover how designing in Panasonic Tactile Switches can enhance the Human-To-Machine interface experience.

  • Light Metering System

    Isolight - Peripheral Vision, Inc.

    Peripheral Vision has developed the Isolight and Isolight Color light metering systems. The Isolight combines four photopic light sensors, a 100-LED chaser display, a flexible chart holding system, and multiple mounting options. The Isolight Color replaces the Isolight's luminance-only sensors with four full-color RGB sensors for measuring both illumination color and brightness. Both the Isolight and Isolight Color will greatly accelerate image quality testing and enhance the accuracy of your measurements.

  • Trailer light Tester

    LT45 - Trailer Light Tester

    The LT45 tester performs both light & electric brake function testing. It incorporates a digital display for checking voltage and current draw of tested circuit. This tester is powered by an internal battery.

  • Tower Light Monitor

    1750-TLM - Potomac Instruments, Inc.

    Designed with the Broadcaster in mind the 1750-TLM provides built in flexibility to simplify even the most complicated installations. It can even alarm for single bulb failures on towers with Beacons and Obstruction lights on a single circuit. Status oututs eliminate the worry of operator interpretation and provide definitive Good-Bad indications for the operator and your logging equipment. Don’t let tower light failures expose you to increased liability, the 1750-TLM is compatible with most existing control equipment and may well provide your best return on investment this year!

  • Optical Light Source

    CARY-LS300B - UC Instruments, Corp.

    The CARY-LS300B optical light source provide 1310/1490/1550 nm three outputwavelengths to meet specific application requirements. It is a idea solution for the fiberoptic network characterization, out-door network construction inspection and lab application.

  • Trailer Light Tester

    LT35 - Trailer Light Tester

    The LT35 performs complete testing of a trailer’s light system. Its unique design allows it to be powered by your trailer’s battery* or any 12v power source, such as a portable power pack, jump box, or battery.

  • Fluorescent Light Tester

    1000FLT - Fluke Corporation

    The Fluke 1000FLT performs all five essential tests with one compact tool. If your job requires keeping large numbers of fluorescent lights shining, the Fluke 1000FLT is an indispensable tool that saves time and money.

  • Trailer Light Tester

    Pro-Check 720 - LITE-CHECK LLC.

    Pro-Check trailer light testers with advanced electrical diagnostics are rugged, lightweight, and economical. They independently test each electrical circuit on a trailer to ensure proper connectivity. The Pro-Check identifies each specific type of electrical wiring fault.

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