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Visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from 400nm to 700nm.

See Also: Illumination, Lighting, Lightning, Lightwave, Daylight, Luminescence

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  • Fiber Optic Sensors

    Tri-Tronics Company Inc.

    Fiber optic sensors are a special type of sensor that uses fiber optic light guides to deliver the light to the sensing position. They work well for applications involving small targets, unfavorable conditions and tight areas. Glass fibers can be used in harsh environments without damage and are more rugged than plastic fiber optics. Plastic fiber optics are more flexible and cost-effective and can be cut to length. When applied correctly, fiber optic sensors solve many applications general purpose sensors can't solve.

  • Fiber Visualizer

    Norland Products, Inc.

    The Norland Fiber Visualizer is a unique instrument which simplifies installation and testing of fiber optic networks. This compact unit uses a 0.5 mW helium neon laser, with an ultra-precision optical adapter, to focus high intensity visible light into the core of a fiber optic connector. As the light travels down the fiber, a visible red glow is emitted anywhere discontinuity occurs. The Visualizer imitates on the visible level, what normally occurs in the invisible infrared spectrum,thereby allowing the end user to actually see any problems in the system.

  • Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectroscopy (ICP-OES/MS), ICP Analysis Services

    Evans Analytical Group®

    ICP-OES measures the light emitted at element-specific characteristic wavelengths from thermally excited analyte ions . This light emitted is separated and measured in a spectrometer, yielding an intensity measurement that can be converted to an elemental concentration by comparison with calibration standards. ICP-MS (ICP-Mass Spec) measures the masses of the element ions generated by the high temperature argon plasma. The ions created in the plasma are separated by their mass to charge ratios, enabling the identifcation and quantitation of unknown materials. ICP-MS offers extremely high sensitivity (i.e. low detection limits) for a wide range of elements


    AMS Technologies AG

    This product line of standard lamps comprises flash lamps for pulsed applications and arc lamps for cw operation of laser cavities as well as lamps for intense pulse light (IPL) systems. This extensive portfolio of over 800 different lamp types is complemented by the availability of custom designs for support of customer-specific resonator designs and other specialised applications. In all cases we can provide extensive technical assistance and we also guarantee high reliability, extended lifetime and high light output for all of our lamps.

  • LED Analyser

    Feasa - Intrinsic Quality,Inc

    Each LED Analyser allows for simultaneous measurement of up to 20 different light sources as it measures Color and Intensity – Brightness Test. Light from the LEDs is transferred by Plastic Optical Fibers and transported to the LED Analyser board for accurate measurement and analysis. The Feasa Analyser has been engineered to test LED’s and other lighting devices such as LCD Displays automatically. Intrinsic Quality offers a LED tester demo unit that can be tried out for two weeks free of charge. Currently available for purchase, call to order:

  • MPO/MTP Multi-Fiber Interferometer

    Anfkom International Co.,Limited

    It is an automatic and non contact fiber endface interferometer for both multi fiber and single fiber connectors. It can measure the geometry parameters of multi fiber connector such as fiber height,core dip, X and Y angel, radius of curvature with white light and measure geometry parameters of single fiber connector with red light. The software can display the surface of the connector in 3D image for a very short time, it need only 8s to test 12-core MT connector. It is intelligent , efficient,stable and accurate and very helpful in improving the quality of the product.

  • Photonic Hall Effect

    HMS7000 - ECOPIA

    Classic hall effect measurement system is to read voltage difference made between both diagonal sides, when flowing current and applying magnet field strength, in perpendicular to flowing current direction. - Photonic hall effect measurement is to read various electrical properties by illuminating light of “various range of wavelength” on the sample, in addition to flowing current and applying magnet field strength. - It is great to see “RGB (Red, Green, Blue), Light intensity vs carrier density, carrier mobility, resistivity, hall coefficient”

  • Solar Simulation

    Sciencetech, Inc.

    Sciencetech solar simulators produce high intensity, uniform illumination on a target area. Typically, high power solar simulators use an ellipsoidal reflector to capture light from an arc lamp source inside the reflector, an arrangement that results in a light pattern with a bright outer region and a dark center. This non-uniformity is un- acceptable in many solar simulator applications and as a result, forces many of our solar simulator competitors to use designs involving diffusers to reduce the non-uniformity. This results in a reduction of intensity and a dis- tortion of the spectrum on the target area.

  • Variable Fiber Optic Attenuator

    Huihong Fiber Inc

    Variable fiber optic attenuator could help simulate distance or actual attenuation in the fiber optic testing work by inserting a calibrated attenuation into the link. By using the variable fiber optic attenuator, technicians could verify the power margin received by testing the fiber optic link power budget. Variable fiber attenuator can help user vary the light power injected from a light source into the optical fiber. Important parameter of variable fiber attenuator include its insertion loss, reflection loss and attenuation range.

  • Linear Array

    ams AG

    Linear array sensors consist of a linear array of integrating photosensing pixels which measure incident light over a user-defined exposure time and generate a voltage or digital output which represents the light exposure at each pixel. The sensors are available in a variety of lengths and pixel resolutions. The analog output may be directly interfaced to an ADC for digital processing or for comparing black/white thresholds. Applications include contact image sensing, optical character recognition, edge detection, and object measurement in products such as copiers, document scanners and spectroscopy.

  • Hook Probe Circuit Tester

    TE6-0707 - Hangzhou Tonny Electric & Tools Co., Ltd.

    *Used to locate hot circuits and troubleshoot primary circuits on all 6, 12 and 24 volt systems.*Suitable for a broad range of household, car, trucks, boats, trailers, vans, motorcycles, industrial and commercial uses..*Convenient screwdriver-type handle*Heavy Duty probe *Heavy plastic handle and insulated ground clipTesters light up to indicate testing result*Durably designed for a long service life.*Lights for easy visibility.*Heavy duty coil cord or straight cord (optional).*Materials: plastic/metal

  • Software

    SW- 500 - OptoSurf GmbH

    The OS 500 scattered light sensor is activated via a USB interface. The measured data is transmitted to the software as data packets. The basic characteristic values Aq, I and M are calculated from this data.

  • Hot Air Pencil

    HCT2-200 Series - Metcal

    Hot Air Pencil is the latest addition to Metcal’s convection rework tools. This digital handheld convection tool is ideally suited for light rework applications, which use smaller components and integrated circuits.

  • 4 & 5 Pin Trailer Circuit Tester

    PT7866 - Matco Tools

    Traces each lighting function to the terminal in question. Plugs into the trailer plug. Each LED light corresponds to the circuit being energized. Provides an easy to connect ground terminal for trailer lighting set-up.

  • AC/DC Current Probe,DC~100KHz


    Connected with Oscilloscope and DMMAC/DC current MeasurementAmorphous Alloy CoreTest range:4A,11us,40A,6us,200A,6us100KHz Noise:20mALow battery indicationSmall size Light weightJaw size:23mm(Max)