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Visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from 400nm to 700nm.

See Also: Illumination, Lighting, Lightning, Lightwave, Daylight, Streetlight, Luminescence

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  • Light Meter with Connectivity to ExView® App

    Extech LT250W - Teledyne FLIR

    The LT250W is a compact light meter with Bluetooth® connectivity, which allows building and maintenance professionals to view and share light intensity data directly from a mobile device using the free ExView app. With the capability to capture data, display trends, set visual and audio alarms, and create and send reports, users can gain deeper insights on workplace comfort and building health. The LT250W is part of the Extech 250W Connected Series of products that can improve your ability to evaluate problems and report on them from the field. This allows you to improve the speed and quality of decisions to address critical issues immediately.

  • Mini Light Source and Optical Power Meters

    AE100 and LS200 Series - Deviser Instruments

    The AE100 and LS200 series of light sources and optical power meters are perfect for installation and verification of fiber optics networks. These miniature units fit in even the smallest of test locations, enabling users to run optical loss tests, which is a basic test required for all turn-up and maintenance of optical networks.

  • Towing Dynos for Full-Sized Cars & Light Trucks

    Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.

    Designed to maintain 2,248 to 5,620 lb (10,000 to 25,000 N) of constant drawbar pull, our towing dynamometers for full-sized cars to light trucks are powered by an industrial generator to provide unlimited testing at low speeds. Each model features aluminum frame, independent suspension, aero dynamic body and wireless touchscreen controller.

  • EasyView™ Wide Range Light Meter

    Extech EA30 - Extech Instruments Corporation

    The EA30 Light meter sports a compact and rugged design and features a large display. Multiple wide measuring ranges: 40,000Fc in 4 ranges and 400,000Lux in 5. Data hold freezes reading on display MIN/MAX readings. Zero function Cosine and color corrected measurements. Low battery and overrange indication. Auto power off to save battery life. Meter utilizes precision silicon photodiode sensor with 3ft coiled cable for easy storage. Complete with built-in stand, remote sensor with protective cover, protective rubber holster and 6 AAA batteries.

  • MPO Power Meter, MPO Light Source

    JW3224. JW3124 - Shanghai Joinwit optoelectronic Tech,co.,Ltd

    JW3224MPO Optical Power Meter and JW3124MPO Optical Light Source is special for testing MPO fiber. At recent years, as the rapid development of data centre and cloud computing, also with rapid growth of multi fibers” (MPO) requirement. However, on the site of measurement process, traditional single channel Optical power meter with complex measurement and low credibility. Based on this, JW3224&JW3124 MPO products arises at this monment. The product can test the insertion loss of MPO fibers and polarity with only one key, And the integration of a variety of data storage, threshold analysis, data export and other applications,Compared with the traditional instrument, the test efficiency of JW3224 & JW3124 is more than 10 times,it is the best choice for field application of MPO room test、calibration of production line、Determination of polarity.

  • Si1145 UV / Ambient Light / Proximity Sensor

    SEN-36002 - Playing With Fusion Inc

    SEN-36002 is a highly integrated carrier board designed for the Si1145 UV, Ambient Light and Proximity sensor IC from Silicon Labs. This sensor has 100mLUX resolution, and has a dynamic range of 1 LUX to 128 kLUX with IR correction. This means that whether your application is indoors in poor lighting conditions or outside in full sunlight, this sensor has you covered. In addition, we added a high power LED (150mA max, 20 degree) to take full advantage of the proximity sensing capability of this IC - something you won't see on most competitive carrier boards. Integration is easy with 4 x 4-40 sized mounting holes at the corners of the PCB and signal translation to handle interface voltages from 3V to 5V. The board is interfaced via an I2C interface and function pins have been broken out to a 0.1" pin header. The INT pin is also broken out for interrupt capability.

  • Light Meter / Lux Meter / Illumination Meter

    DER EE Electrical Instrument

    Indication3 Digits LCD Readings With Maximum Value 2000. Overload"OL" Display On LCD Photometer Range(nm)400~700 Sensitivity Peak Wavelength(nm)500 Photometer UnitsLUX or Foot-Candle (FC); 1FC=10.76 LUX. Measuring Range Scale0.1~19990 LUX. 0.01~1999 FC

  • Circuit Tester "Light and Sound" Hook Probe

    TE6-0708C - Hangzhou Tonny Electric & Tools Co., Ltd.

    *Tests 6/12 volt circuits with POWER ON.*Interchangeable tips allow tool to be used as a probe- or pierce-type tester.*Retains wire for perfect pierce with one hand.*Hook grabs hard-to-reach wires.*Durable insulated clip and heavy-duty cord for professional use.*Spring loaded strain relief prevents cord pull out and damage.*High intensity glow for under hood and under dash visibility.*Easy-to-hear buzzer provides quick circuit test confirmation.

  • C+L Band Broadband Light Source

    S-103 - Notice

    ASE broadband source slot module of FOTS system can offer special function that is able to change optical output spectral feature variously, which is change optical output spectral feature variously, which is followed by user’s driving embedded pump LD freely. The output power of each pump LD is controlled separately by the program that is set up by user. In the case optimum ASE source output features such as wide broadband (> 80 nm @ -10 dBm/nm) and stable output power (< 0.02 dB) is needed, it is made up so that the provided Default mode along with User mode can be chosen and set up. More stable application of ASE source is possible through the combination of monitoring of ASE output power, alarm status and pump LD status with real-time optimal feedback. The embedded FPGA processor makes high speed control possible and enables monitoring and feedback routine operated stably.

  • C+L Band Broadband Light Source

    OPTOWARE-B200 - Notice

    Bench top ASE broadband source system with built-in ASE source module has particularities that it can be operated easily and enables its output spectral feature changed variously by controlling pump LDs inside the module. The output of ASE source can be set to the customized feature by controlling the output power of embedded pump LD individually through the provided program. In case optimum ASE output features such as wide broadband (>80nm@-10dBm/nm) and stable output power (<0.02dB) is needed, it is made up so that the provided Default mode along with User mode can be chosen and set up. Through the micro processor and FPGA inside, more stable application is possible by combining the real-time monitoring of output power and pump LD status with the high speed feedback routine.

  • High Power Tuneable Light Source (280-1100nm)

    TLS120Xe - Bentham Instruments Ltd

    This compact solution easily fits into a wide range of applications in spectroscopy and spectrophotometry and delivers superlative stability and continuous tuning over 280-1100nm. The wavelength agile TLS120Xe offers a high power monochromatic beam suited to a wide range of materials and photodetector characterisation applications in research, industry and OEM, including: Fluorescence imaging, Photoluminescence / fluorimeter excitation, Detector responsivity / QE evaluation ...

  • Trailer Light and Air Brake System Tester

    Express Mobile - Square Wheel Industries, Inc.

    The Express Mobile eliminates most of the walkingassociated with trailer servicing. When you eliminate all that non-productive time and effort, you can easily check all lighting functions and the air brake system (including brake adjustment) in just two minutes, start to finish.

  • Trailer Light & Air Brake System Tester

    Express Garage - Square Wheel Industries, Inc.

    The Express Garage Trailer Air and Electrical Systems Tester is a tool that anyone with even basic air brake knowledge can look at and instantly know how to use.

  • Heavy Duty Light Meter with PC Interface - Light Meter with Four Lighting Types Tungsten/Daylight, Fluorescent, Sodium, and Mercury

    Extech 407026 - Extech Instruments Corporation

    This 407026 Heavy Duty Light Meter has 4 lighting type settings for enhanced accuracy (Tungsten/Daylight, Fluorescent, Sodium, Mercury). Additional features include Data Hold, Min/Max/Average, Auto power off and a % reading of the differential from a reference point. Built-in RS-232 interface with optional Data Acquisition Software and Data logger. Complete with 9V battery, light sensor with 45" (1.1m) cable, protective cover, and holster with stand.

  • Spectral Light And Color Meter w/ Flicker measurement

    BTS256-EF - Gigahertz-Optik GmbH

    Spectroradiometer for the illuminance (photopic, scotopic, melanopic), spectrum, light color, color rendering index, and flicker. Cosine field of view illuminance measurement for accurate evaluation of extended illumination. Flicker measurement. Spectral measurement technology, required for LED light, color, color rendering, color effects. Photodiode for synchronization to pulse width modulated light and flicker measurement.

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