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read precision values.

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  • Three-axis Fluxgate Magnetometer

    TFM1186 - Metrolab Technology SA

    The Three-axis Fluxgate Magnetometer TFM1186 is a member of Metrolab's THM1176 family of 3-axis handheld magnetometers. It is a lightweight, low-power, go-anywhere fluxgate magnetometer. Outstanding noise characteristics make fluxgate magnetometers the instrument of choice for measuring minute disturbances in the local magnetic field, for example due to an iron mass or AC power-line noise. The TFM1186 has a range of ±100 µT and a resolution of 4 nT. The TFM1186 simultaneously measures all three axes of the magnetic field, so you get a true field strength reading no matter how you hold the probe. The entire instrument has been reduced to a cable with a few fat spots, which can plug directly into your PC or into a battery-powered handheld computer. 3-axis Teslameter Gaussmeter

  • Variable Resistance Reference

    PAR-809C - Prostat Corporation

    Do It Yourself: Perform Functional Testing of resistance equipment instead of sending to 3rd Party Service centersReduce Equipment Needs: Eliminates the need for multiple units used to replace units sent for 3rd party ServiceEliminate Calibration Costs: Reduces Labor, freight , number of purchase orders, downtime and all related costsUse an Accurate Reference: PAR-809C uses 1% tolerance reference resisters to test PASS/FAIL settings and to confirm proper equipment operationSend 1, not many: Instead of sending a variety of your resistance PASS/FAIL instruments for annual testing, send the PAR-809 once each year to verify and certify actual resistance valuesTest Indicating Resistance Instruments: Test wrist strap and, or footwear checkers, resistance measurement devices and indicators

  • Micro-Ohmmeters

    RMO-G Series - IBEKO Power AB

    The RMO-G is a portable micro-ohmmeter designed for contact resistance measurement of non-inductive test objects and applications with increased safety requirement. It tests medium and high-voltage circuit breakers, disconnecting switches, high-current bus bar joints, cable splices, and different high-current links. Due to its Both Sides Grounded and Remote Control functionalities, the instrument accurately measures even in the most demanding environments, providing additional safety to testing personnel.The RMO800G is the most powerful portable micro-ohmmeter on the market with 800 A output current. RMO200G is our best seller in the USA. A user can choose the appropriate model depending on the output current requirement, from 100 A (RMO100G) to 800 A (RMO800G).We use an unbreakable plastic case with IP67 protective rating (with closed lid) for instruments’ housing. Although very portable and lightweight, RMO-G micro-ohmmeters have very high output power capabilities. High output voltage enables a wider measurement range at higher test currents. Consequently, it enables the usage of thinner/longer test cables. RMO-G generates a true DC ripple-free (less than 1 % ripple) current with automatically regulated test ramps. During the testing, it increases current before measuring and decreases current after the measurement. This significantly decreases magnetic transients and ensures great accuracy.Special current clamps measure a current through groundings when the instrument tests in Both Sides Grounded conditions. The instrument itself powers these clamps. If even higher safety level is required, the Remote Control feature enables the operator to perform measurements from distant locations.RMO-G instruments can store up to 500 measurements in internal memory. Also, they have a built-in thermal printer and USB flash drive available as an option. An additional option is the built-in High Precision module suitable for measurement of very low resistance, in the range from 1 to 30 µΩ, with 0,01 µΩ resolution.Our free DV Win software communicates with the RMO-G micro-ohmmeters via USB or RS232 interface. It allows a user to run the test remotely from a PC. Also, a user can download test results, analyze and generate fully configurable test reports through the software.

  • 18 GHz Up/Down Converter & Signal Conditioning

    SC2250 - SignalCraft Technologies Inc.

    The SC2250 extends the useful range of traditional 6GHz RF instruments for operation at microwave frequencies up to 18GHz. It provides excellent integration capability with other modular products such as National Instrument’s Vector Signal Transceiver (VST). Selectable filtering is provided for signal conditioning applications requiring spurious and harmonic rejection.

  • 1ch. Signal Generator

    MIT-9301 - MITech Inc.

    The MIT 9301 is an excellent 31 MHz function generator with built-in arbitrary waveform capabilities. The instruments support standard waveforms including sine, square, triangle, ramp and noise source. In addition, it has a frequency sweep function and five operating mode:Continuous, Triggered, Burst, Modulation, External Amplitude Modulation.

  • Torque Calibration

    Process Instruments Inc.

    Calibration capabilities for torque applications range from 15 inch-ounces to 2,000 foot-pounds with electronically converted readings in every common unit of measure. NIST traceable weights and torsion arms provide traceability on all Process Instruments'' Torque Calibrations. Force gauges and torque transducers can also be calibrated with this system.

  • Portable Biogas Analyzer


    Designed to meet Global Renewable Energy and Carbon Credit digester project requirements, the BIOGAS5000 is the ideal field instrument for anaerobic digester gas analysis. Easy-to-use and portable, the BIOGAS5000 measures gas composition and flow with repeatable accuracy on farms, food processing plants and waste water treatment facilities.

  • Integrated Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeter

    KATflow 210 - Katronic

    The KATflow 210 is a portable flowmeter designed for situations that require a reliable flow measurement regardless of the conditions in which it needs to be operated. With its advanced battery technology and durable waterproof housing the instrument is intended for long-term installation in remote areas where access to power is limited and exposure to the worst of elements is likely.

  • Autonomous Data Collector

    DCX-25 PVDF - KELLER AG für Druckmesstechnik

    The DCX-25 PVDF is an autonomous, battery powered instrument designed to record water depth (pressure) and temperature over long periods. The housing is made of polyvinylidene fluoride and the sensing diaphragm is available in either Hastelloy C-276 or titanium 6AL-4V. This combination of wetted materials ensures compatibility with even the most aggressive media.

  • Handheld LPR Corrosion Data Logger

    MS1500L - Metal Samples Company

    The MS1500L is a hand-held, battery-powered, intrinsically safe corrosion meter capable of measuring and storing data from all types of 2- or 3-electrode linear polarization resistance (LPR) corrosion probes. The instrument is light weight, microprocessor-based, and features a simple, menu-driven interface using a 12-key keypad and a 4-line LCD display.

  • Field-Mounted High-Resolution ER Data Logger

    MS3600E - Metal Samples Company

    The MS3600E is a battery-powered, intrinsically safe, field-mounted data logger capable of automatically measuring and storing data from all types of electrical resistance (ER) corrosion probes. The instrument is microprocessor-based and features an intuitive menu-driven interface. Additionally, the MS3600E is designed to mount directly to the ER probe which simplifies installation.

  • Acoustic Calibration Services - IEC

    Dewesoft d.o.o.

    Acoustic Calibration Services - IECMake sure you measure correctly! We offer traceable acoustic calibration services according to international IEC and ANSI standards and ensure that your instrument accurately indicates the required measurement parameters. Calibrations are documented, traceable, and digitally signed in cooperation with an accredited calibration laboratory.

  • 4-Axis Motorized Micromanipulator

    Quad - Sutter Instrument Company

    Quad, the newest Sutter Instrument motorized micromanipulator, is easy-to use and features four independent axes. Each axis has a 25 mm range of motion, a digital display of position and an ROE control. The compact, intuitive controller takes up minimal bench space, is fan free and is easy to use.

  • Advanced Electrochemical Capacitance Voltage Profiler

    ECV Pro - Nanometrics Incorporated

    The patent-pending ECV Pro is the result of a total redesign that completely redefines ECV profiling. We have taken 25 years of ECV profiling experience and coupled it with 25 years of advances in instrument control technology to produce the most precise, most reproducible, most highly-automated electrochemical CV profiler ever.

  • AFM for Optical Microscopes

    LensAFM - Nanosurf

    The Nanosurf LensAFM is an atomic force microscope that can be used insteadof a normal objective lens on almost any optical microscope or profilometer. Itgreatly extends the resolution and measuring capabilities of these instruments. The LensAFM not only provides 3D surface topography information, but can be used to analyze various physical properties of a measurement sample as well.