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read precision values.

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  • Rapid Solution Changer.


    BioLogic’s Rapid Solution Changer (RCS-200) is a multi-channel perfusion system designed to work with patch-clamp and other biological equipment in a wide variety of electrophysiological domains including neurosciences, biotech and pharmacology. The instrument is used for changing the concentration of solutions (ions, neurotransmitters, ligands etc) or the solutions themselves.

  • Data Logger

    Humidity - Hanwell

    Has been designed to monitor CO2, temperature and humidity in one instrument for a complete air quality monitor solution. The unit was designed specifically to monitor air quality in terms of carbon dioxide in the air which has been directly linked with sick buildings syndrome (SBS).

  • Spectrum Analyzer

    E8400B - Deviser Instruments

    The E8400B Spectrum Analyzer provides all necessary measurement functions and performance to accurately characterize the signal environment in addition to clearing, detecting, identifying and locating signal interference in a lightweight, handheld instrument. Supporting up to 4 GHz, the E8400B can detect signals of GSM and CDMA 2.0.

  • Battery Fault Insertion Unit

    Bloomy Controls, Inc.

    The Battery Fault Insertion Unit (FIU) provides intelligent switching of cell-simulation channels for the Battery Simulator 1200. The switching capability enables simulation of open-circuit and short-to-rail fault conditions on any cell channel for the purposes of battery management system (BMS) testing. Additionally, a four-wire auxiliary input allows you to connect an external digital multimeter (DMM) instrument to any cell channel for very high-accuracy bypass current and cell voltage measurements. Each FIU provides 24 independently-programmable cell-switching channels for one or two 12-cell Battery Simulator 1200 units. Additional Battery Simulator 1200 and FIU instruments can extend functionality up to 120 series-connected cell channels.

  • Handheld RF Power Meter

    V3500A - Keysight Technologies

    The V3500A Handheld RF Power Meter is a compact, handheld instrument that makes accurate RF power measurements in both field and manufacturing applications. With an absolute accuracy as good as 0.21dB, a wide frequency range of 10MHz to 6GHz, and a measurement range of -63dBm to +20dBm, the V3500A is suitable for a wide variety of RF measurement applications. Its built-in power sensor eliminates the need for users to carry both an instrument and a separate sensor module. Truly portable, the V3500A fits easily into your hand or a toolkit. An optional belt loop holster or carrying case with shoulder strap is also available. To optimize flexibility, it is capable of drawing operating power from batteries, an AC-DC converter module, or a computer via USB interface.

  • Handheld RH Meter

    635-1 - Edgetech Instruments

    The Edgetech Instruments Model 635-1 is a robust and reliable measuring instrument with the protection class of IP54. The large back lit display allows the user to easily view the dew point, RH and temperature readings. The 635 offers both standard plug-in probes and optional wireless probes that can measure up to a distance of 20 meters. A maximum of 3 wireless probes can be used at one time and can be retrofitted with the 635 at anytime. All probes are equipped with a patented humidity sensor offering long term reliability and guaranteed accuracy based on results from worldwide laboratory tests. The 635 is equipped with a secured carrying strap for safe transporting and has heavy duty magnets on the back to ensure secure attachment at the measuring location.

  • Oscilloscope

    MOSTS6 - Holding Informtest

    *MOSTS6 is the first Russian instrument (oscilloscope) with a direct sampling rate (8bit ADC), 5 Gigasemp / s per channel. M-module MOSTs6 is designed to work as a part of information measuring systems based on the VXI bus magister as a digital oscilloscope. The M-module is made in the form of a triple-width mezzanine, is installed on a mezzanine carrier and is connected to it via a local information highway.*MOSTS6 is designed to convert instantaneous voltage values ​​of an electrical signal into a digital code, measure instantaneous voltage values, measure time intervals between two instantaneous voltage values ​​through two independent channels.MOSC6, according to the conditions of use, meets the requirements for measuring instruments of group 3 in accordance with GOST 22261-94.

  • Programmable DC Power Supply

    62000P - Chroma Systems Solutions, Inc.

    The 62000P Series includes 12 different models ranging from 600W to 5000W, up to 120A and up to 600V. Due to their constant power operating envelope a single instrument can provide both high voltage/low current AND low voltage/high current thereby reducing the number of supplies needed in typical ATE applications. The 62000P Series also includes 16 bit readback capability for accurate voltage and current readings. This means systems no longer need complex shunt/multiplexers to make accurate readings of the UUT's input parameters. The instruments also include I/O ports providing 8 bit TTLs, DC-ON, fault output signal and remote inhibit as well as a output trigger signal for system timing measurements.

  • Rack Type Light Source

    JW8007 - Shanghai Joinwit optoelectronic Tech,co.,Ltd

    Rack type light source is a new instrument with high output stability and good wavelength stability, which is developed by Joinwit Company using automatic optical power control (APC) technology and automatic temperature control (ATC) technology. It is an ideal instrument for measuring optical device characteristics, device aging, monitoring, experiment and other application fields in many optical device manufacturers, scientific research institutes and colleges and universities in the field of measuring optical device characteristics, device aging, monitoring and experiment. It is simple in application and design, easy to use and maintain, and widely used in the fields of optical communication, optical transmission, optical fiber sensing and other fields such as scientific research, production and engineering.

  • Ultrasonic Concrete Testing

    Qualitest International Inc.

    This category comprises the range of instruments that use sound or stress waves in order to determine the properties of concrete and other materials non-destructively. The first and most widely used System is our V-Meter, which utilizes the ultrasonic pulse velocity method for evaluating construction materials in the field. Transducers are available for a variety of frequencies from 24 KHz to 500 KHz. This unit has also been modified to suit the special needs of ceramics users and can be found as the Ultrapulse. The PIES, our revolutionary Portable Impact-Echo System, is an advanced instrument for non-destructive detection of flaws and defects in a variety of civil infrastructures ranging from bridges, parking structures and buildings to dams, piles, tunnels, tanks and marine structures.

  • Surface Roughness Tester

    MTR110 - Rhopoint Metrology Ltd

    The Surfmatic MTR110 is a pocket sized surface roughness measuring instrument ideally suited to rapid on-the-spot surface measurements. Conforms to ISO Class 3.Features• Back-light LCD• Dynamic Test Display: progress of cut-off length during testing• Li-ion rechargeable batteries• Protection slide on pick-up• Auto-off after 90 seconds• Pocket-size and economically priced• Both Ra and Rz parameters in one instrument• Features external calibration specimen• Large measuring range suitable for most materials• Piezo-electric pick-up stylus for external surfaces• Includes steel test piece• Includes charger unit• Measurements of shafts above 40mm diameter using the Vee groove in base

  • Pen-type Salinity Meters

    Bestone Industrial Ltd.

    Pen salinity meter is a precision instrument for test solution mg / l values. Mg / l value and the temperature is displayed at the same time. Its stable performance, full-featured, easy to operate and so on. Making it the wild and laboratory testing and control of enterprises and institutions mg / l values. Widely used in the monitoring of the chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, food and other industries. CT-3086 Pen salinity meter is a precision instrument for test solution % values. % value and the temperature is displayed at the same time. Its stable performance, full-featured, easy to operate and so on. Making it the wild and laboratory testing and control of enterprises and institutions % values. Widely used in the monitoring of the chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, food and other industries

  • Pressure Measurement

    AMETEK Drexelbrook

    In addition to the Drexelbrook and BW Level product brands, Ametek STC offers a wide variety of pressure instruments and supporting component products. We are proud to present this offering under our US Gauge, PMT Products and Crystal Engineering brands. Select the appropriate product category below.

  • Terahertz Time Domain Solutions

    Menlo Systems Gmbh

    The Menlo Terahertz product portfolio (THz, also known as millimeter waves) covers time domain solutions in traditional pump-probe configurations, as well as solutions for imaging. The products for the time domain are ideally suited for fingerprint spectroscopy whereas the imaging instruments find their use in quality control and inspection.

  • Dual Channel Peak Power Meter

    8502A - Spanawave Corporation

    The Spanawave/Giga-tronics 8502A Dual Channel Peak Power combine CW power measurement with the ability to make precise peak power measurements at any point on a pulsed waveform. This dual, built-in capability lets you make CW measurements and analyze pulsed waveforms with a single instrument.