B.Hagner AB

B Hagner AB was founded in 1962 by Bo Hagner who at the time was head of the lighting laboratory at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Although various types of luxmeters were frequently available on the market, Bo and some of his colleagues saw the need for a simple but accurate luminance meter with a narrow measuring angle. Extensive development work took place and within a year the first prototype was ready; a luminance meter with a measuring angle of 1ยบ with an optics that made it possible to not only see what area was measured but at the same time read the luminance value. There was a small void within the casing; a cable connected detector for measurement of illuminance was placed there and the first Hagner Universal Photometer was born.

  • +46 8 83 61 50
  • +46 8 83 93 57
  • hagner@hagner.se
  • Box 2256
    Solna, SE-169 02

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