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read precision values.

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  • VXI 16-Channel, 2-Wire LVDT/RVDT Simulation

    65DL1 - North Atlantic Industries

    NAI’s 65DL1 is a 16-channel, 2-wire, LVDT/RVDT Simulation Instrument on a VXI board. This single-slot, message-based board provides 16 independent, transformer-isolated, LVDT/RVDT, programmable 2-wire outputs (up to 34 V), wrap-around self-test, and an onboard programmable excitation supply.


    WFG 600 - FLC Electronics Inc

    The multichannel, high voltage, computer controlled Waveform Generator WFG600 is an exceptional instrument designed primarily for experiments on addressing liquid crystal devices and is most suitable for all applications where synchronized trains of pulses with variable width and amplitude are required.

  • XRF, AA & ICP sample preparation

    Claisse Range - Malvern Panalytical Ltd

    Designed for unprecedented analytical accuracy and repeatability, Claisse® electric and gas automatic instruments set new benchmarks in fusion capabilities. The same is true for Claisse pre-fused and homogeneous borate fluxes, high-quality platinumware, as well as analytical consulting services.

  • Food Grips and Fixtures

    AMETEK Sensors, Test & Calibration

    We supply material testing instruments to some of the world’s most innovative companies within the food industry. The reason for this is our extensive experience within food testing, combined with our high precision texture analysis and packaging test systems.

  • AC Power Sources


    Elgar and California Instruments Programmable AC Power Sources ranging from 800VA to 480kVA. From compliance test systems to rack-mounted industrial power subsystems, AMETEK Programmable Power is the leader in the design and manufacture of precision, programmable AC power sources used in R&D, test and measurement, avionics testing, inverter testing, arbitrary waveform generation, bulk power and power conditioning applications across a wide variety of industrial segments.The Elgar and California Instruments line includes both highly advanced AC/DC power sources with complex waveform generation, and more basic AC and AC/DC power supplies for simpler applications.

  • Materials Analysis

    Spectris plc

    Materials Analysis provides products that enable customers to determine structure, composition, quantity and quality of particles and materials, during their research and product development processes, when assessing materials before production, or during the manufacturing process. Our products help customers to improve accuracy and speed of materials analysis in the laboratory. We see a growing demand for the application of our solutions in quality and process control. Our key customers in this segment are leaders in the metals, minerals and mining, pharmaceutical and academic research industries. The operating companies in this segment are Malvern Instruments, PANalytical and Particle Measuring Systems. Malvern Instruments and PANalytical merged on 1 January 2017.

  • Open Circuit Locator

    A994 - AGM Elettronica

    The A994 is an open circuit locator for electric and telephone cables wind on the reel; it gives the position of the fault from the inside or outside end of the cable, in percentage to the total cable length. The instrument measures the ratio of the capacitances of the two sections of failed conductor using two high precision i/v converters. The advantage of this method is due to the fact that the measurement error depends almost exclusively on the dimensional inhomogeneity of the cable. The A994 has the unique feature to permit the location of fault in cables with all broken wires. This instrument locates breaks in cables with a total capacity between 2 nF and 5 uF. The distance to fault is displayed on a large LCD display.

  • Raman Spectrometers

    Anton Paar GmbH

    Cora, the compact Raman spectrometer from Anton Paar is used in analytical laboratories to identify unknown substances, to confirm the identity of substances in quality assurance, and to analyze the chemical composition of samples in academia and R&D. The Cora 5X00 series provides the performance of a benchtop instrument and is transportable due to its small size. The scope of application extends from incoming goods inspections in industry to governmental controls and academic applications. The Cora 7X00 series is designed for industrial and academic research applications. It provides spectra with high resolution and low noise despite a space-saving instrument size. This enables the measurement of samples with low Raman-scattering properties or low concentrations.

  • Short Circuit Locator

    A694 - AGM Elettronica

    The A694 is a short circuit locator designed for fault location in metallic cables. The instrument measures the ratio of the resistances of the two sections of failed conductor using a four-wire "Kelvin" connection, thus eliminating errors associated with contact resistances of the test leads. With the A694 you can determine if the cable has more than a short and locate the first and the last fault. The instrument locates fault with an insulation resistance up to 5 Mohms in cables that have a total resistance greater than 0.1 ohm and less than 40 kohms. The distance to fault is measured as a percentage of the total length of cable and is displayed on a large LCD display.

  • Spectrophotometers


    The new Specbos family offers compact, spectrometric instruments, designed to measure the color coordinates, spectral characteristics and light levels of transmissive and reflective targets. These small, modular, easy to use spectrographic systems offer accurate solutions within the UV, VIS and NIR ranges.The basic spectral diffuser used is a high quality holographic diffraction grating, which exhibits very low stray light and high dynamic range. Many instruments also incorporate built-in light sources and offer several measuring probes. All units are delivered complete with PC-compatible software, power supply, operations manual and transit case.

  • Compact IEPE Sensor Interface

    Plug.n.DAQ Lite - ROGA-Instruments

    ROGA Instruments Plug.n.DAQ Lite is a compact IEPE sensor interface for linux or windows with 2 input channels. It offers the USB PC interface and requires no drivers for installation. The operating system such as LINUX or Windows recognizes the device as an external usb audio card.

  • Modular Active Isolation Elements

    Vario Series - Accurion GmbH

    The compact dimensions and flexible application options of this product series make it ideal for OEM installations. It has been designed for the isolation of mid to large scale instruments and customer-specific applications. There are virtually no limits when it comes to the range of uses offered by Vario systems.


    MiniSim 1000 - Netech Corp.

    The MiniSim 1000 Arrhythmia Simulator is a comprehensive and powerful multi-parameter Patient Simulator in a compact case. Designed for testing the performance of patient monitoring instrumentation quickly and easily, this microprocessor based instrument is menu driven by the soft touch keypad and intuitive LCD display.

  • Advanced Rebar Corrosion Rate Determination System

    Gecor 8 - James Instruments Inc.

    James Instruments Gecor 8 represents the latest technology in steel reinforcing bar corrosion rate determination. It combines state of the art embedded microprocessor systems and computerized flash technology with the world's leading research in reinforcing bar corrosion rate analysis.

  • 9025 Mass Interconnect

    Virginia Panel Corporation

    The 9025 was developed to provide maximum versatility and easy access to instrument-side wiring and cable assemblies. Ordering is simple: the 9025 with slides is offered as a package that includes the receiver, flanges and instrument bracket. The only thing left to determine is the type of slide kit needed.