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  • Image Intensifiers


    Image intensifier tubes (IITs) are vacuum tubes that amplify a low light-level image to observable levels. Image intensifier tubes are the most important modules of night vision devices that play crucial role in defense/security/industrial applications.Technology of manufacturing of image intensifier tubes is very difficult and performance parameters of modern IITs varies even within the same technological process. Next, test report offered by manufacturers cannot be fully trusted because there are some differences in test methods used by different manufactures. Further on, there are literature sources presenting conflicting claims of different manufacturers. It is quite common to find on the world market two night vision devices (or two image intensifier tubes) of the same data sheet parameters but of totally different image quality. Inverse situation is possible, too. Due to reasons mentioned above testing image intensifier tubes is of critical importance for both their manufacturers, manufacturers of night vision devices (NVDs) and final users of NVDs.

  • Image Analyzers

    Morphologi Range - Malvern Panalytical Ltd

    Morphological imaging is fast becoming an essential technology in the laboratory toolkit for particle characterization.  The Morphologi 4 is a fully automated static image analysis system which provides a complete detailed description of the morphological properties of particulate materials.  The Morphologi 4-ID combines the same automated static image analysis with Raman spectroscopy in a single, integrated platform, providing component-specific morphological descriptions of chemical species within a blend.

  • Image Sensors

    CIS - SV Probe, Inc.

    CMOS Image Sensors (CIS) allow camera functions in high tech tablets and smart phones. Testing CIS devices utilizes cantilever technology and layering for high density probe layouts. SV TCL''s CIS probe card products employ a wide variety of materials ensuring they are a durable cost-saving solution that can meet the fine pitch and multi-dut challenges of these devices. Other features include:

  • Image Analysis

    Aprotec Instrumentation Ltd

    In today's demanding environment where quality assurance is an everyday requirement Aprotec have sought to find present day retrofit solutions that compliment fully functional older machinery.

  • One-Shot Image Checker

    Focus-6500IA (TASCAL) - Kyoritsu Testsystem Co., Ltd.

    This is the image checker which inspects boards by comparing pre-registered reference image with captured image of inspected board.(Pattern Matching processing)

  • Image Analysis Software

    Evident Scientific

    Olympus image analysis software turns an Olympus microscope into an effective, high-performance analysis station. Its intuitive operation enables smooth image acquisition, filtering, measurement, documentation and archiving.

  • Image Quality Analysis

    Quality Engineering Associates Inc.

    Historically, print and image quality evaluation has been hampered by reliance on subjective judgment and guesswork. But not any more. QEA has developed a full line of quantitative, reliable image analysis tools, encompassing sophisticated, fully-automated camera-based systems, automated scanner-based systems, portable hand-helds for distinctness of image (DOI) measurements, and a portable color measurement toolkit.

  • Image Color Analyzer


    *Image Color Analyzer is designed to analyze color groups in the visible spectrum (which human eyes can see).*It groups the colors and sort them from the most dominant color to the less significant. *You can select existing image or alternatively take a picture from internal camera.*It gives you all full information about the image color usage such as: color percentage, color name, RGB and Hex Code.

  • Image Processing Module

    IMP20 - Abaco Systems Inc

    The IMP20 video processing mezzanine card significantly increases the ease of acquiring and interpreting images from multiple sensors and cameras, thus speeding reaction time and potentially saving lives. The card adds image fusion capabilities to Abaco Systems’ ADEPT104 and AIM12 automatic video trackers, and allows the design of highly integrated, high performance graphics capabilities in any environment where the input from multiple devices needs to be combined in order to provide a complete, easy-to-interpret image.

  • Image Management System

    PAX-it™ 2 - Leco Corp.

    PAX-it 2 allows you to easily capture, organize, analyze, network, transmit, and print high-resolution images. Through the use of a simple "electronic filing system," millions of images can be effectively organized and shared throughout your work environment, whether within the same building or around the world.

  • Image Sensor Testing

    IP750Ex-HD Family - Teradyne, Inc.

    The IP750EX-HD has been the test platform that has enabled the industry to manufacture high quality CCD and CMOS image sensors, and it is the most economical platform to meet the needs of newer technologies such as Time of Flight (ToF) sensors. When you use a smartphone, high performance digital still camera, or in-home security and surveillance system, these applications have image sensors most likely tested by Teradyne’s IP750ExHD.

  • Image Analysis Software

    Dewinter Optical Inc.

    Offering you a complete choice of products which include brinell pro software, caliper pro software, cast iron analysis software, hardness pro image analysis software, live measurement software and material plus software.

  • Thermal Image Plates

    Macken Instruments, Inc

    No longer are the firebricks and smoldering paper "tools of the trade" for researchers working with CO2 lasers. Now it''s possible to see IR laser beams in real time and with high resolution using a Thermal Image Plate from Macken Instruments. The characteristics of this instrument enable it to solve a wide range of problems. For example:

  • HDR Image Analyzer

    AJA Video Systems, Inc.

    HDR Image Analyzer delivers a comprehensive array of tools for the effective analysis of the latest HDR standards – including HLG, PQ and Rec.2020 – from 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD content in a convenient real time 1RU device. Developed in partnership with Colorfront, AJA HDR Image Analyzer supports a wealth of inputs from camera LOG formats to SDR (REC 709), PQ (ST 2084) and HLG and offers color gamut support for BT.2020 alongside traditional BT.709. AJA hardware prowess ensures high reliability and performance, with 4x 3G-SDI input and output, and DisplayPort connections.Specifically designed to be used wherever needed, the 1RU form factor fits into a range of environments, providing the confidence you need for consistent and predictable HDR production and mastering.

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