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  • High Voltage Cable Test

    W 434 - WEETECH, INC.

    The portable W 434 can be adapted to applications in the automotive, aerospace, electronics and medical industry by different combinations of low voltage and/or high voltage generators up to 1,500 Vdc/1,060 Vac and a RLC measurement bridge. In case of changing test specification only a software update is needed.

  • high Voltage Test Set

    PGK 25 - BAUR Prüf- und Messtechnik GmbH

    Due to its built-in 12 V battery, the PGK 25 allows on-site high voltage testing up to 25 kV without mains power. The stabilized output voltage is adjustable in 2 ranges 0 - 5 kV or 0 - 25 kV DC. The incorporated timer enables pre-adjustment of test duration from 0 to 30 minutes. At the end of the test, the integrated discharging device is automatically activated.

  • High Voltage Test Sets


    Mehru manufactures high voltage Test sets from 2.5kV to 600kV(2.5kV/5kV Dual range HV sets are in portable model). Standard rating of HV sets manufactured are 100 mA for 30 minutes. Mehru can also supply on requrest HV sets with ratings higher than 100 mA.

  • High Voltage Cable Test

    W 454 - WEETECH, INC.

    The premier choice for high-end test parameters of cable assemblies and components for the aerospace, military, medical and transportation industries. The W 454 features high voltage up to 5,000 VDC and 3,600 VAC, as well as current up to 3 A. This system can distribute test points in smaller external matrix cases and offers adapter cable ID for instant recognition of device under test (DUT) insertion. Functional testing of program power, electronic controls and sub-assemblies is available.

  • Dc High Voltage Test

    GDZG-300 Series - HV Hipot Electric Co.,Ltd.

    GDZG-300 series of DC high voltage tester is used for testing DC high voltage for zinc oxide arrester, magnetic blowing arrester, power cables, generators, transformers, switches and other equipments. It is suitable for electric power branch, power department of factories, scientific research units, railway, chemical industry, and power plants.

  • High Voltage Cable Test

    W 444 - WEETECH, INC.

    The premier choice for a cost effective portable tester that includes the benefits of larger rack-mount systems. Frequently used to test safety-related cable harnesses in the aerospace, military, transportation and automotive industries, this system features powerful measurement technology, current source up to 3 A, voltage up to 2,250 VDC / 1,500 VAC, and a built-in RLC Meter.

  • High voltage Test Sets

    PGK 50 / PGK 80 - BAUR Prüf- und Messtechnik GmbH

    * DC testing of low and medium-voltage cables up to 50/80 kV * Measurement of insulation resistance * Easy portable for on-site use * Compact and extremely robust construction * 12V rechargeable battery mode and mains operation

  • GIS High Voltage Test Set

    GIT GIS - HV Hipot Electric Co.,Ltd.

    GIT GIS High Voltage Test Sets integrate the high voltage boosting, high voltage measurement, high voltage transformer,high voltage coupling capacitors and all components in a sealed space.High voltage generated with two modes:using reactor inductance and test object capacitance to realize voltage resonance test, to obtain a high voltage, high current from test object.The other one is to obtain required high voltage directly from high voltage transformer.


    International Biological Laboratories

    IBL" make High voltage testing sets are suitable for Power frequency AC high voltage test on transformers, motors, insulators, cables etc. The sets are capable of giving continuously variable AC HIGH VOLTAGE from zero to maximum rated output voltage.

  • AC High Voltage Test Sets


    These high voltage testing sets are suitable for Power frequency AC high voltage test on transformers, motors, insulators, cables etc. Further, these testing sets are capable of giving continuously variable AC HIGH VOLTAGE from zero to maximum rated output voltage.

  • High Voltage (HV) test generator

    ipTest Limited

    The HV test generator performs high voltage breakdown and low leakage current measurements. The generator has a high voltage forcing capability of up to ±2000 V and has a current measure capability with a picoampere resolution. The high voltage sources and control elements are mounted in the Mostrak system mainframe with a remote test head mounted on the handler contact (or a serial test head for wafer probe).

  • AC-DC High Voltage Test Set

    Rex Instruments

    Our conglomerate Rex Instruments is engaged in offering a superior grade range of Ac -Dc High Voltage Test Set to our esteem patrons. The AC-DC high voltage test set range that we offer is widely used in diverse electrical maintenance departments, workshops manufacturing electrical items and research laboratories.

  • High Voltage AC Test Sets

    W. S. Test Systems P.L.

    High Voltage AC Tests Sets is designed to provide a short-time or continuous high ac Voltage. The frequency is normally 50 or 60Hz, but can be higher in special cases. A typical feature is that the excitation of the low voltage winding (excitation winding) is continuously variable up to the required value and right up to the rated voltage of the Test transformer. A further feature of a Test transformer is that it is able to withstand short-circuit conditions over an arc on a great number of occasions. The time period in which a Test transformer is excited is normally short. It often amounts to one minute, sometimes up to 15 minutes. .

  • DC High Voltage Test Set


    This test set is suitable for testing electrical insulation of condensers, transformers, motors, insulators, cables, etc. It is capable of giving continuously variable DC HIGH VOLTAGE from zero to maximum rated output voltage.

  • VLF High Voltage Test Set

    HVA200 - b2 High Voltage

    The high power HVA200 Test System is capable of testing cables up to 138 kV (Test Voltage 1.7 x U0). The HVA200 is for laboratory use or can be fitted as a mobile test laboratory into a van. The smallest and lighvtest VLF unit of his class offers VLF (Very Low Frequency) 0.1 Hz standard testing as well as DC output voltage up to 200 kV. The HVA200 system can be upgraded with optional Tan Delta or Partial Discharge Diagnostics Systems.