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  • Fuel Icing/Water in Fuel Testing

    National Technical Systems

    Our novel, stand-alone, water in fuel/fuel icing test stand is equipped to perform testing in accordance with SAE ARP 1401 and MIL-F-8615D on aerospace fuel system components sub-systems and systems, along with our neighboring test stand designed to run contaminated fuel testing in accordance with MIL-F-8615D and SAE ARP 8615.

  • Fuel Moisture and Fuel Temperature Sensors

    Campbell Scientific, Inc.

    Fuel moisture and fuel temperature sensors emulate and measure the moisture content and temperature of similarly sized twigs on the forest floor. The sensors are typically used as part of larger systems, such as fire weather stations with dataloggers and telemetry capability, to remotely assess changing fuel conditions and potential fire hazards.

  • Aerospace Fuel

    Eaton Corp. Electrical Group

    Eaton is a world leader in delivering an unsurpassed range of reliable, efficient fuel systems for today's commercial and military aircraft and aero-engine programs. Eaton's aerospace fuel systems portfolio includes fuel pumps, boost and transfer pumps, valves, sensors, and accessories, as well as all the components to build fuel conveyance and delivery sub-systems from the tank to the engine. Eaton's premier fuel system testing facility in Europe provides a total system capability certification for the design and development of fuel systems to suit our customer's specific requirements.

  • Fuel Analysis

    Grabner Instruments

    The GRABNER INSTRUMENTS MINISCAN IR Vision is a truly portable and fully automated FTIR fuel quality tester that allows fast and highly precise analysis of gasoline, diesel and jet fuels directly in the field. The ParaFuelTM analyzer is used specifically for process applications.

  • Fuel Cells

    balticFuelCells GmbH

    continuously variable contact pressure ensures complete reproducibility of the test conditions ● independent of the thickness of the fuel cell components due to the self-adjusting piston and special sealing concept ● no connection and disconnection of hose- or cable connections for the exchange of cellFixture necessary ● fast &Easy clamping of the cellFixture without tools and precise exchange of the internal cell components ● maximum power density by determining the optimal contact pressure on the active cell surface ● developed for high stress in the field of quality assurance and laboratory environment

  • Portable Fuel Analysis

    MINISCAN IR Vision - Grabner Instruments

    The MINISCAN IR VISION is a high speed, compact and robust FTIR fuel analyzer for the comprehensive and automatic measurement of gasoline, jet and diesel fuels. The analyzer is configured to measure more than 100 fuel parameters and components for fuel blending, for quality inspection and to check compliance with fuel specifications directly at the point of sale.

  • Fuel Tank Chamber

    Cincinnati Sub-Zero Products

    CSZ's fuel tank test chamber is designed to test the quality and reliability of automotive fuel tanks. Fuel tanks are temperature conditioned to -40C (-40F) along with a glycol mixture that is also chilled to -40C (-40F). The fuel tanks are filled with the glycol fluid and placed into the -40C (-40F) chamber. Tanks are soaked in the chamber for a predetermined length of time, removed from the chamber, raised to a specific height, and then dropped.

  • Fuel Cells Testing

    TUV Rheinland Inc

    A fuel cell is a critical device that can convert the chemical energy in liquid fuels into electrical energy. It is widely used in various industrial applications for power generation and transportation. The development and installation of fuel cells for use in portable and stationary applications is expected to help solve worldwide fuel-energy problems.

  • Fuel Quantity Testers

    Barfield Inc.

    Fuel capacitance systems are separated into two broad groupings, AC capacitance and DC capacitance. The source of these names derives from the type of signal processed by the fuel system amplifier. Barfield designs a universal tester for each type of system with the proper interface harnesses to access individual aircraft applications. Some of the various test and measurements include:*Insulation - Testing the wiring and probes*Fuel Tank Capacitance Measurement*Individual Probe Capacitance Measurement*Capacitance Simulation - Indicators and amplifiers*Indicators - Bench testing of remote units

  • Oil & Fuel Analysis

    BETA Laboratory

    BETA Laboratory is strongly positioned to supply superior analytical results foryour Insulating Oil, Lubricating Oil and Fuel Oil samples. As a provider to fossil,nuclear and alternative fuel generating facilities as well as industrial and commercialbusinesses, we deliver accurate results in accordance with ASTM Standards, driven bystringent ISO 9001 and nuclear quality control programs.

  • fuel Center Products

    AvaLAN Wireless Systems, Inc.

    Secure PCI compliant and easy to install networking solutions for all the data connections in and around your fuel center.

  • Battery Fuel Gauge

    Global Digital Instruments, LLC

    SenDEC Battery Fuel Gauges are designed to accurately monitor the charge capacity of lead acid batteries. SenDEC fuel gauges can be used to monitor DC powered equipment such as fork lifts, golf carts, floor care equipment, and any other battery powered equipment. Three battery discharge profiles are standard, plus custom profiles, and a lockout option.

  • Fuel Injection Tester

    FIT13A - Matco Tools

    This basic fuel injection tester includes large and small Schrader adapters, M6-1.00 O-ring adapter, and tee manifold. Includes everything necessary to test the following systems: American Motors; Bosch AFC, MPC European and Japanese (except CIS- use our FIT447); Chrysler Corporation; Ford Motor Company; GM (except TBI- use our FIT446); Japanese fuel injection systems; a The 2-1/2" gauge has a dual scale dial with ranges from 0-100psi and 0-7 bar.

  • PEM Fuel Cell

    48 Volt 5kW - CellCare Technologies Ltd.

    It is the aim of CellCare Technologies to continually introduce new technology that can provide significant benefits over existing solutions in specific applications. Fuel cellThe latest introduction to the product portfolio is a 5kW PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) based hydrogen fuel cell, designed to replace 48V standby batteries within remote telecoms sites, satellite base stations, ISP base stations, uplink facilities and weather data collection sites. This technology provides instant power with no hazardous waste, zero emissions, extended autonomy and a guaranteed lifetime with minimal maintenance.

  • Fuel Pressure Testers

    Snap-on Inc.

    • Developed with input from technicians on adaptor selection for 7.3 L, 6.7 L, 6.4 L and 6.0 L Ford®Power Stroke®engines• 0 100 PSI gauge and hose assembly• Low-pressure diesel-fuel delivery testing (lift pump)• Correct fuel delivery and dynamic fuel pressure are crucial to having a properly running engine• Helps prevent a lean condition that may cause burning of injectors or scorched cylinders• Convenient protective slide-lid case that will fit in a 4" drawer for easy tool access• Technical Support: 1-866-713-6007

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