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  • Cadence Litho Electrical Analyzer - Electrical DFM analysis and optimization

    Company: Cadence Design Systems

    Litho Electrical Analyzer is a complete and silicon-correlated electrical DFM analyzer that allows designers using sub-90nm processes to optimize and control the impact of lithography, mask, etch, RET, OPC, and CMP effects on chip parameters. It plugs directly into the designer's existing flows for IP, custom analog, and cell-based digital designs.

  • Electrical

    Company: American Environments

    This testing includes the simulation of conditions or events that are associated with a device's input power leads (Mains). 

  • Electrical Contacts

    Company: Aero Nav Laboratories

    The electrical contact testing is performed to determine the reliability of equipment under various contacting conditions. A few types of electrical contact tests are: contact-chatter monitoring, contact resistance, intermediate, and low level contact switching.

  • SecuTest SIII+ Safety Tester - Electrical Safety

    Company: AYA-Instruments

    The SecuTest SIII+ is a universal test instrument that is ideal for testing the electrical safety of portable electrical equipment in commercial and medical applications. In order to evaluate electrical safety, tests are performed for protective conductor connections, insulation resistance, and leakage current (differential current, equivalent leakage current, device leakage current, patient leakage current, and contact current). The SecuTest SIII+ provides test sequences per IEC 62353: Medical electrical equipment - Recurrent test and test after repair of medical electrical equipment, IEC 61010: Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use, IEC 60335: Safety of electrical household appliances, IEC 60950: Safety of information technology equipment, and IEC 60601: Medical Electrical Equipment (optional).

  • Electrical Standards

    Company: Fluke Calibration

    To verify the performance of an electrical calibrator or dc calibrator, you need an electrical standard. Fluke Calibration standards are found in primary calibration laboratories across the world. A wide range of electrical standards and frequency standards are designed to meet the needs of today’s laboratories for traceability and quality accreditation while also being portable, simple to use, and easy to support. Electrical standards include: Voltage standards; ac/dc transfer standards; ac measurement standards; resistance standards; ratio standards; current shunts.


    Company: Martin Testing Laboratories

    Our Electrical Testing group can check your products or materials to determine a number of electrical properties. In combination with our environmental testing lab, we can determine resistance to various environments and determine functionality after these tests have been performed.

  • Electrical Troubleshooting

    Company: EL-Tec

    Our complete service engineers can deliver following electrical services and maintenance activities: >Insulation test >Setup parameters for Compact NSX >Switch >Setup parameters for Impressed >Current Cathodic Protection >Preventive maintenance >Damage repair >Spare part supply >Electrical system installation Commissioning

  • R580 - Electrical Tester

    Company: W.M. Hague Company

    Nidec-Read's R580 Electrical Tester provides an affordable test system for your bare board electrical test needs. You can easily integrate the R580 with your existing manual test fixtures or select from several fixture options from Nidec-Read. The R580 is supplied with opens/leakage test ability. In addition, you can include other advanced electrical test techniques.


    Company: Environ Laboratories

    Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can destroy sensitive integrated circuits in instruments that are not properly protected. ESD is a common factor in everyday life, since even movement on a carpet can generate significant voltages which can damage equipment. In addition, short duration overvoltages on electrical power lines, caused by a variety of conditions, can seriously damage unprotected equipment. Poor insulation within a product can allow damaging short circuits which may appear only after the component is subjected to other environmental conditions. Our Electrical Testing group can check your product to determine its resistance to these and other electrical dangers, as well as determine how well the product functions after other tests have been performed.

  • Electrical Calibrators

    Company: Fluke Calibration

    An electrical calibrator, or dc calibrator from Fluke Calibration includes many innovative and multi-functional solutions to help laboratories operate efficiently, increase throughput, and comply with today’s quality standards. Versatile models and options provide a wide range of possibilities to match a variety of workloads and budgets. Electrical calibrators include: Multi-product calibrators; multifunction calibrators; oscilloscope calibrators; power calibrators; pressure/temperature calibrators.

  • Model 1090 - Electrical Ionizer

    Company: MSP

    The new Electrical Ionizer (Model 1090) shown on top of the new extended-range WPS™ (Model 1000XP) generates (+) and (-) ions by corona discharge for bi-polar aerosol charging and size analysis by electrical mobility. It eliminates the need for a source of ionizing radiation (Po-210 or Kr-85) traditionally used for the purpose. The new Model 1090 is a precision aerosol charger capable of generating measurement results nearly identical to those from a Po-210 radioactive ionizer.

  • Electrical Testing

    Company: Pacific Testing Laboratories

    Our diverse Electrical Laboratory capabilities include measurements from DC to 20 GHz. The equipment assigned to the laboratory is among the most accurate available for the specific measurements of interest. We believe it is the most comprehensive range of testing disciplines of any laboratory in our industry.

  • Electrical Safety

    Company: Cetecom GmbH

    CETECOM offers safety testing according to the latest relating Directives of the European Parliament and the CE Marking Directive of the EEC. CETECOM’s electrical safety tests contribute to obtain the certificate of conformity and CE Marking, which are required to place your product on the European market.


    Company: Wesbar

    7-Way Trailer Emulator is used for the proper installation and set-up of a brake control when a trailer is not readily available. Brake control set-up is accomplished using a built-in load module that will simulate electric magnet brakes on a trailer. (The emulator will also check electrical continuity of all circuits in the 7-Way blade style connector.)

  • Electrical Testers

    Company: Platinum Tools

    Stop guessing about live circuit issues! For the first time, you can detect the type of fault and locate the position of an electrical fault that causes intermittent or persistent circuit breaker trips, thus giving you the critical information needed to reduce call backs for circuit breaker trips.