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EW Simulators

Simulate electronic warfare scenarios.

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  • Electronic Warfare MMI/HMI Simulators (EW IFU)

    MS1600 - Meltronics Systemtech

    The EW IFU (Electronic Warfare Interface Unit) interfaces between Cockpit electronics viz., RWR Display Unit (DU), New control Box (NCB), CMDS Control/Display units and Simulator Host Computer (HOST). The EW IFU transmits the status of the cockpit control units to the host, receives display data from the host and transfers the same to RWR DU, NCB and CMDS CCU/CDU.

  • Radar Simulator

    Ace Wavetech

    AWT's Radar Simulator can generate a various modern Radar Signal(s) and give you a variety of capabilities to test many different receivers covering 0.5 to 40 GHz such as the receivers of RWR, MWR and other EW Receivers. It generates lots of Radar signals according to the operator's intention. We have a series of Radar Simulators from Portable type to 19 rack mount types. With AWT's portable Simulator, you can use it without limitation of your test. It has internal transmit antenna and amplifier, so you can place it away from your receiver under tests. With 19rack mount types, you can make your own scenario to generate the Radar signals for your test procedures or test purpose.